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Akali General Guide by cellius

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cellius

Bringing Akali To The Top Lane

cellius Last updated on August 24, 2013
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Akali is my favorite champion. She is a very good champion for solo queue however she may NOT always be the best pick.


[1] If the enemy team is full of tanks
[2] If You have to Be a Tank
[3] If your team is "AP heavy"

In Laning Phase it's best not to make trades with the enemy pre-6. And if they counter you, don't make a trade unless its free, or you know something they don't (your jungler is near and your enemy has no summoner spells) Moving on to Akali's abilities.

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Here are some of Akali's Abilities

Twin Disciplines
Discipline of Force: Akali's auto attacks deal 6% (+ 1% per 6 AP) bonus magic damage.
Discipline of Might: Akali gains 6% (+ 1% per 6 bonus AD) spell vamp.
Not much to say about this ability.. It's her passive and it just gives you a little boost of power ;)

Mark of the Assassin
Active: Akali throws her kama at a target enemy, dealing magic damage and marking the target for 6 seconds.
Akali's basic attacks or Crescent Slashes against a marked target will consume the mark, dealing additional magic damage again and restoring energy.
Double Proc Is shown in this video. It's when you use Mark of the Assassin
and wait about 3 secconds then basic attack then use Mark of the Assassin again and basic attack the enemy again. This video should help you out ;)
Twilight Shroud
Active: Akali creates a vision-granting smoke cloud in a 300-radius area for 8 seconds. While within the cloud, Akali is stealthed and gains bonus armor and magic resistance. Attacking or using abilities reveals her for 0.65 seconds. Enemies inside the smoke are slowed.
Crescent Slash
Active: Akali flourishes her kamas, dealing physical damage and triggering any Marks of the Assassin on nearby enemies.
Shadow Dance
Active: Akali uses an Essence of Shadow, dashing to and dealing magic damage to a target enemy. Akali gains an Essence of Shadow periodically, affected by cooldown reduction, up to a maximum of 3. Additionally, gaining a kill or assist will restore an Essence of Shadow.

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Positioning: Laning Phase

In this Chapter I will explain positioning during the laning phase of the game.

1. If your opponent has ANY AOE abilities they love to spam, stay behind minions so they push the lane.
2. If your opponent has ANY skill shots, stay behind minions.
3. If your opponent likes to push, let them. Akali is easy to farm under tower with.
4. Never push without a ward.
5. Exception to number 4. if you're on purple team with no tri-bush warded. the enemy jungler may want to gank from the tri-bush after level 6. at this point. you can use Shadow Dance and be near your turret and safe.
6. If your enemy has abilities that can target you. (ex. Kayle Annie OR anything you cannot dodge) try to take control of your bush. if they come into your bush. use you Twilight Shroud Use your combo on them.
7. its almost NEVER good to push top lane. And because Akali is so good at farming under her tower. its best to let them push. often you will find yourself with more CS then them.
8. When your enemy freezes lane and is zoning you. If this happens you have 2 options.
8.1 Ask for a gank.
8.2 Gank mid.
9. Taking down the enemies tower. If you kill the enemy. the best thing to do is to shove lane to their tower then back. Attacking the tower leaves you in a bad position and you may get ganked. its best to just push and let the enemy lose all of your creeps to tower. and also you can spend all the extra gold you have. then apply it at top even STRONGER ;)

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Some people think that having a Rejuvenation Bead and not building it into anything is not a good idea. But I did some math and as it turns out if you have a Rejuvenation Bead active (lower than 100% hp) for more than FOUR minutes it's more cost efficient than buying Health Potion. So you may even want two Rejuvenation Bead. It's all personal preference. I like to buy it then sell it later when I need a little extra boost of gold to get an item. It helps that I got all that extra HP from it, without having to constantly buy potions.

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The play style triangle

Watch this Video. It explains all! ;)

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You can use your Mark of the Assassin to farm minions but if an enemy is in front of you its not wise to waste an ability.

You should have about 35-55 cs right when you hit level 6 if you have this then that's how you can tell that game is a good game, if you can back and buy your Hextech Revolver on the first back.

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In This Chapter I will be explaining the difficulty of each match up and what you can do to better your success.Difficulty: Medium-Easy Wait until Aatrox uses an ability and misses. If Aatrox uses his jump ability then its a wise idea to trade with him if he misses it. Also if Aatrox uses his ult, back off use Twilight Shroud if you have no where to run. Don't tower dive him unless his jump and passive are on CD

Difficulty: Easy When she misses charm engage her. You counter ahri. easy win. not sure why you would lose or even see her in the top lane.
Difficulty: Skill Based Zone her with your Mark of the Assassin always use Mark of the Assassin don't waste your Mark of the Assassin On Creeps. If the enemy Akali wastes Her Q engage.
Difficulty: Easy Stay in the wave of minions so if she uses her stun. Do your best to dodge her stun and you should easily win.
Difficulty: Medium Annie may zone Akali out of lane so Akali should focus on hitting 6 and then asking their jungle for some help after backing and coming back with Hextech Revolver.
Difficulty: Easy Dodge his Abilities and a 6 back and buy your items. Should be an easy victory.
Difficulty: Medium If she's smart she will zone you, if not wait till 6 then back and get your Hextech Revolver and it should be an easy win if she doesn't ult you under tower.
Difficulty: Medium If he misses any of his abilities then engage but shortly after disengage after one or two Mark of the Assassin procs. After he gets his rod you can't really 1v1 him.
Difficulty= Hard Try not to get pulled. If you do get pulled then there's not much you can do. About the best thing you can do here is use Twilight Shroud and then Mark of the Assassin auto attack him wait a few secconds then do it again (Q and aa). Also never push in this lane UNLESS you are about to hit 6 and hes not yet 6. If he hits 6 before you, play super defensive. he can kill you in almost one combo.
Don't fight him before you back, don't fight him if he has a hex drinker and is ahead.
Difficulty: Medium~Hard Dodge her Q and when she shields wait for it to run out quickly engage her then back off after a Mark of the Assassin then auto attack. Ask jungle for help.
Difficulty: Easy-Medium Elise doesn't do very much damage early. Stay behind minions so she can't stun you. When you're 6 go aggressive.
Difficulty: Easy If She ults you IMMEDIATELY use Twilight Shroud and her ult will stop.
Difficulty: Medium Stay back if your scared. If you're winning then stand in your minions so his E does splash damage and pushes the wave. when fizz jumps on you Twilight Shroud and Mark of the Assassin. Try to get a gank on him ;).
Difficulty: Medium Try not to let him harass you a lot with his Q wait till 6 then kill him after you got your Hextech Revolver If he keeps poking you, use your Twilight Shroud to get CS. If he comes in then proc your Mark of the Assassin and run away. Take as little damage as possible.
Difficulty= Hard If he comes to silence you and you're too far away from your tower just to run back, then Twilight Shroud he may spin inside your Twilight Shroud, if this happens then use Mark of the Assassin and aa him, if you dont feel like trading with him at all you have the option to use Shadow Dance and flee, this puts you in a dangerous spot though :( It's best to just run back to tower and shroud before he hits you with his Q. 95% of the time he will win this lane. You need a junglers assistance to win this.
Difficulty: Easy Stay in your minions so if he attacks you it pushes your wave.
Difficulty: Medium Here you should play agressive. Irelia isn't that strong early game. Try to harass her with your Q and stay in the minion wave. If she comes to CS then just proc your Q off on her.
Difficulty: Medium If you can dodge most of his abilities then you will win. but if not you will lose. Its mostly a matter of checking if he has pink wards before you go in, and dodging his abilities.
Difficulty: Easy Dodge his Q and you should win. if you let him keep poking you, you will lose. use your Twilight Shroud to trade him then back off unless there is kill potential.
Difficulty: Easy Farm till 6 back, buy and trade her. pre-6 don't let her poke you.
Difficulty: Easy Don't let him poke you, get to 6 and gg. You counter him.
Difficulty: Medium May be difficult. Don't let him keep harassing you. this fight is pretty even and it may be determined by skill. ask the jungler for help if he is pushing/giving you issues.
Difficulty: Easy Trade Q's hers is weaker and it pushes the lane slightly. What ever she does isn't good. If she ults you can jump away with Shadow Dance or just try and kill her. Its up to you to make the call.
Difficulty: Medium A good Kayle will harass you REALLY hard so if you need to use your shroud to get CS that's fine as long as she doesn't follow up on that and use it as a way to attack you AFTER your shroud is done. Try to farm with Q till 6 and don't tower dive unless you know you can.
Difficulty: Medium/Hard STAY BEHIND MINIONS!!! It helps loads! if Kennen wants to trade before you're 6 then don't! Kennen wins an early fight unless you have a lead!
Difficulty: Easy Farm with Q till you're 6. Don't over extend and make sure he doesn't have a pink before you engage him. If he has a pink ask for a gank.
Don't trade with him until your 6+ even then. when he ults you should leave it with your ult. dont stay in the scary circle of death. if he has a pink you should NOT fight him.

Difficulty: Impossible. FARM LANE, VERY PASSIVE Never fight him. Afk in base till 20 then surrender.
Moving on. Lee sin wins EVERY trade. You cant win. He has a sheild and can see you while your invisible with his E. Even if you do some how win the fight he can just kick you away.


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