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Udyr Build Guide by Slou

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Slou


Slou Last updated on May 28, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, my name is Slou, I play on EU-West around 1,4k ELO and my main position is jungle. I have decided to make a quick guide about Udyr jungle. Udyr is just great jungler thanks to his fast clear time and great ganks. Because of his working with stances and the passive it needs a little bit of practice, but after this, you will be king of your jungle. The first thing you need to notice is that I use in jungle Pheonix stance. The difference between Pheonix and Tiger is that if you go Tiger, you need to scale through attack damage and when you go for Pheonix your primary stat is going to be attack speed. You may ask - Why Pheonix, when with Tiger I can deal tons of damage? The answer is that with proper runes you can with Pheonix stance clear jungle faster as with Tiger. Also you have more powerful ganks and can be more useful in teamfights. There are some situations and set-ups, when going Tiger is just better but in general Pheonix>Tiger (in jungle, ofc).

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The runes I choose are according to things in Introduction senction pretty obvious. Since you need for Pheonix stance attack speed, you cannot choose any others marks, than Alacrity. Seals and Glyphs are for deffence, since you are more tank than damage dealer and you just need that bonus armor and magic resist when you are jungeling and ganking. I preffer Quintessence for movement speed since in my opinion, it makes your ganks even stronger and with that bonus mobility you are just gonna be even more powerful. But choosing of the Quintessences is more according to your playstyle, if you feel like you need more armor, go for it, if you think you need even faster clearing jungle, you can run another Alacrity. But just in my opinion, movement speed is just best for Udyr, I dont think he needs any bonus armor or attack speed.

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Masteries are pretty obvious. You jsut dont need bonus dmg from Offense tree. You are not supposed to be dmg dealer, Udyr is more like a tank. And with that Defense tree and Turtle you just gonna be extremly tanky in early levels. So just go for this defense tree. I decided to put 9 points in Utility instead of Offense, since as I said you dont need any aditional damage or attack speed from first tree, and Mana regen is always good, also as I previously explained bonus movement speed is always good on Udyr and if you pick point in longer buffs it just cannot be bad, since you are jungler.

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I like to start with boots, since it gives me another movement. You dont need to start with cloth armor in my opinions, since you are tanky enough. Next one you should go for Heart of Gold, since it gives you health, gold per level and later on you can build from it Randuim (which you gonna build for 90% in every game). Then you should get Wits end, since it just has all the stats you need - bonus attack speed and magic resist. With this you gonna deal also enough damage and in my opinion you are not gonna need any additional source of damage from items. Sometimes it is good to build Phage, if the enemy has many escape abilities and you can later on get from it Frozen Mallet which gives you a lot of HP. After Wits end you need to build according to the set-up. I often get a Aegis right after it, since thanks to it I am pretty tanky and also I help my team. You should decide if you want to build magic resist or armor, depending on it you should go for Randuim, Banshees, Force of Nature and stuff. You will see, what you need. In 99% i take Mercury boots, since nearly every team has a lot of CC. You should consider Ninja Tabi only if their AP carry isnt threat for you, or they have full AD team. If they have lot of wards and you cant gank properly, get Oracles for sure.

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Ganking with Udyr is pretty easy. You just need to pop up your Bear stance and try to get a stun on enemy. Then you just need to deal some damage with your Pheonix and if enemy is running just stun him once again. Often they just flash away, since they dont want to be stunned. When you are ganking as Udyr there will be many burned summoner spells and guaranteed kills.

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Udyr has in my opinion great counterjungeling potential. He is tanky and mobile, which are the stats you need for counterjungeling. You can steal buffs pretty quickly, and if you get spotted you should not have many problems to escape. I do not like counterjungeling Mundo or Shyvana, since the first one has great slow ability and Shyvana has great movement speed so she is moving around jungle pretty quickly. But if you have against yourself some slower jungler, you can make him even slower pretty easy.

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So in the end, I hope you learned something from my guide :) Feel free to ask something in comments. Best wishes to all of you!