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Brolaf: rampaging and pludering!

Last updated on October 27, 2012
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this ia a hardcore Olaf build for thosee with balls of steel. you kick *** with your axes, and no one will live to tell the tale :D

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Pros / Cons

he is a viking, how awesome is that?
undertow, awesome ability
reckless swing, 340 true damage and lo cooldown
ragnarok, immune to disables
great passive
good damage
great sustain

reckless swing costs health
undertow can be difficult to land/ pick up the axe
can get low on mana if you spam undertow (get blue buff)
you are not invincible

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my runes give a bit of hp, who doesn't like that? some armor (lovely) good extra damage and som lifesteal for that good feeling of drinking you opponments blood :D

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hardcore damage and some sustain, what more can i say?

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Skill Sequence

many olaf builds focuses on reckless swing as his main ability, but undertow is just even more awesome if you have som damage. seriously, over 500 damage, slow and low cooldown if you pick up the axe? not to mention that it also has a decent range. that is why it shall be maxed first. then max reckless swing, which also is great, but in my opinion not as potent as undertow. max vicious strikes last, which is an ability i only feel is useful when attacking turrets. dont think it is neccesary to say that you rank your ulti whenever it is possible, because it is that spell which makes it possible for you to destroy the enemy team wen they have used all of their cc abilities

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withn this build you get tons of damage, and great sustain, so you can not just start the fight, but also end it in style. boots and pots are pretty standard, then a quick dorans blade for a bit of damage and hp, then add a vampiric scepter for jungling if neccesary. throw in phage for that slow and hp, and you start to become OP. bloodthirster is just a fantastic item, because of the lifesteal, but also the stacks that can massivly boost a already potent item. frozen mallet mostley for the hp and slow, which will allow you to catch up with your enemies. attack speed, health cdr, AND lifesteal, what great item is that? Zeke's herald gentlemen, lovely item, and a nice aura to. warmogs armor for that massive hp, which will allow you to also get the best out of Olafs passive, and then end it all with an infinity edge for that massive damage and crit. chance

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farming is a breeze, just throw an axe and do some last hitting, the throw axe again, easy ****

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Summoner Spells

heal to live longer, to push the abosolute max out of his o***ive, and flash for the ability to escape from danger

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Olaf/ Brolaf is so freakin awesome it hurts. get to the fields of justce and plunder!!! and remember beards ARE awesome!