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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hansenight

Brolaf! The Jungle Tank

Hansenight Last updated on December 8, 2010
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Hello mobafire, im Hansenight bringing your my 1st guide. Today we will talk about Brolaf! the Jungle tank.

So you may be wondering, Hansenight why play olaf as a jungle tank? Well there are a couple main reasons for this. First off olaf like many other melee champs is plagued with the unfortunate case of terrible lane presence. His only form of harass is his q and you don't have the mana to be spamming it to make a difference. Another problem melee champs have is the fact that they get blown up in the initial burst of teamfights leaving them close to dead after it, so we build tanky to make up for that.

So 1st off lets talk about his skills

Berzerker's rage(passive)- For each 1% of health missing, Olaf's attack speed is increased by 1%.

This is the skill that allows us to jungle, since the lower we are on hp the faster we attack and clear the jungle.

Undertow- Olaf throws an axe to a target location, dealing 65-245 (+0.3 per physical attack damage) magic damage to units it passes through and slowing them by 24-40% for 2.5 seconds. If Olaf picks up the axe, the ability's cooldown is reduced by 6 seconds.

This is what allows us to gank out of the jungle due to the slow. Unfortunately its pretty slow and easily dodged, the dmg is lackluster along with the scaling and you wont have the mana to spam this all the time.

Vicious Strikes- For 6 seconds, Olaf's attack damage is increased by 12-36+0.3-1.5% max health (12-36 base damage plus 0.3-1.5% of his max health). While active, Olaf gains 9-21% lifesteal and spell vamp.

This is the other skill that allows us to jungle. It give everything you could want ad, life steal and spell vamp. Its good to know that the spell vamp aspect works with smite so always try to smite with this skill up. We will max this second.

Reckless swing- Olaf deals 100-340 true damage to his target and inflicts 40-136 true damage to himself.

This is the bread and butter of jungle tank brolaf. If you didnt already know, true dmg as the name suggests ignores all armor and magic resist mitigation and does dmg straight to health. With the skill olaf is the bane of squishies and tanks wont like him too much either. Its also on a pretty short cd of 2.5 seconds. We max this 1st after lv 4 since it doesnt help at all in the early lvl jungling.

Active: For 5-8 seconds, Olaf is immune to disables and reduces incoming damage by 25-65.

Passive: Olaf has 10-30 increased armor penetration.

Olaf ultimate ability. Lemme just say its pretty damn awesome. This will allow you to initiate fights if needed and laugh at the enemy cc. You can also use this in a pinch to escape the worst of ganks. Unfortunately there is still 1 debuff that affects you and that is blind. So things like exhaust can mess you up a bit but dont worry reckless swing hits regardless.

Runes and masteries:
So i went 0/21/9 in the masteries simply because 1. your a tank so you need the extra armor and magic resist from the defense tree. also the extra exp gain from the utility tree is a MUST and extended buff duration is always good.

For runes we go armor pen marks cuz you wanna cut through armor when auto attacking and stacks with your ult's passive. Flat armor on yellows is nice it helps in early level jungling and more armor is always nice. Then flat magic resist on blues once again you can never go wrong with more magic resist.

Starting: Cloth armor +5 hp pots these will allow us to jungle to our fullest potential
-Lvel 1 boots- help us get around faster.
-wriggle's lantern- helps us jungler faster, lifesteal, and a free ward
-lvel 2 boots- merc treds or ninja tabi depending on the other team
-randuins/banshee's- get which ever you need more 1st depending on the other team
-finally atam's for that extra dmg and armor

Play style~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~``

Pre game:
Well before the game even starts you need to decide what route you want to take while jungling. If you have a good team or at least 1 buddy i suggest you start at blue buff and take that. If you dont i suggest starting at the smaller golems.

Early To Mid game:
Obviously buy that cloth armor and 5 hp pots and get to where you are going to start as fast as possible. if you start with blue buff you can do the whole jungle without backing as long as you pot at each camp. you order will be Blue>wolves>wraiths>golems>lizard. Always remember to smite when a buff creep is low to prevent steals. I cant count the number of dragons ive stolen due to poor smites. At level 1 your smite does around 550 dmg and increases every level. After that you can either counter jungle, back and continue to jungle, or gank a lane that has over extended. Continue to do this until late game with team fights start. Also always remember to try and grab dragon when you can.

Late game:
So by this point hopefully you have at least 1 tank items if not both of your main items. Basically in teamfights you job is to wait for your main tank to initiate, pop your ult and bee line it for their carry. You wanna reck them so that your team can easily defeat the rest of their team and win the game. If you die, don't get discouraged. You make it a lot easier for your team team gets an ace even if you dont kill their carry they will probably have to run from the fight and take away a significant about of the enemy dmg. Know that your sacrifice was not in vain.

Closing thoughts:
Well that's about it boys and girls for brolaf! the jungle tank. I hope this guide helps you during your games. Please leave comments so i can help make this build better. Thanks for reading!

Also i cannot stress how important warding is!!!!!! Wards win games idc what anyone says. They do so much and help with map control and will save your *** as the jungler. You can see a gank from a mile away, you can steal buffs from enemies and are overall amazing items all for 90 gold.