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Brolaf the Nord

Last updated on April 9, 2012
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Olaf is a fearsome enemy if used properly with a solid build. This is because he is a nord and nords are mad.

His abilities can turn a 1v4 fight into a 1v4 victory when used with right build. This is due to his E and his passive which will be explained later in the guide. I havent figured out any masteries or runes yet, this is because im level 17. But this will be edited and included later one when I develop one.

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Summoner Spells

Olaf benefits greatly from summoner spells that enable him to move around freely throughout the map giving him the advantage of minion farming. Flash is a strong one because it gives Olaf that extra freedom to either escape from a fight or speed him up to a running champion and allowing a throw of his axe to get a kill.

Teleport is another great summoner spell to use because it gives him the chance to move around the map and farm minions quicker giving him the advantage of the recommended build earlier in the game, with devastating effects. This also allows him to save lanes and even pick up a few extra champion kills.

Now I know there are those people who will use heal. I tell you right now, there is just no need for it. This proves practical as Olaf's passive increases attack speed with the loss of health as 1:1 (1 % of HP is equal to 1% of AS). Even though heal may feel somewhat "practical" in aiding in fights or escaping death, it's effects are not great on Olaf.

Other Viable options

The only other summoner spell in my opinion that gives Olaf an advantage would be Ghost. This is exactly alike flash although flash is much more effective due to its blink effect as opposed to the 10 second boost.

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Pros / Cons

Now your obviously wondering what are the pros and cons of Olaf. These are just a few that I have noticed.


    At low health, Olaf is extremely strong due to his abilites
    Olaf benefits greatly from HP and DPS items
    Can solo top and jungle