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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Bruce Lee's Lee Sin Guide For Top & Mid

Last updated on October 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why Play Bruce Lee?


Great Versatility,
Safe early pick
FUN AS ****
Manaless (can spam)
Able to stomp any matchup if played right early game
Good roam for ganks/objectives after taking turret
Gets stronger as opponent gets weaker in duels, can bait people into deaths
Everybody loves Bruce Lee


Gets stomped in a lot of matchups if you give up an early kill
Mediocre late game
Skill Shot Based
You can't redeem yourself in games where you fail an important kick

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For most matchups:
Red Pot + 4 Pots (wait for the 4th pot)

For people that aren't used to lee sin:
Cloth Armor 5 Pots

If you're scared of ganks:
Rejuv Bead + 5 Pots + 1 Ward

2 Dorans, Hydra/BT, Merc/Ionian/Ninja Tabi

Split Push Core:

Hydra, Spirit Visage

Good Split Push Items:
BT, LW, BOTRK, TriForce, Randuins, Black Cleaver, GA (situational)

Team Fight Core:

BT/Hydra, Randuins (unless against double AP, then Spirit Visage)

Good Team Fight Items:

LW, Black Cleaver, Spirit Visage, Maw, Frozen Mallet, GA

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21/9/0 is best because it gives the most kill potential. if you're not used to lee sin 9/21/0 makes you safer and gives you more defense if you want to "play safe" and "max w for life steal" and "farm because it gives you more money"

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2 Typical Rune pages.

1: Flat AD with Flat Armor Yellows and Flat MR blues

2: Flat AD with Scaling HP Yellows and Flat MR blues

usually I will use the second page for mid against AP champs that don't build any dorans at the start (mostly anybody but kennen) or who don't do any physical damage at all. it seems insignificant but you'll notice the difference in health as you start to level up. when you're getting your BT finished you'll notice you're a lot tankier than usual.

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Skill Order


This is the best skill order in the majority of situations. it allows for the maximum amount of harass and damage overall. it robs you of some sustain not getting your early W, and some pushing not getting your early E, but generally it's what you'll find the most success maxing, now that W doesn't give an armour boost.

I often run 2 points into W if I'm expecting to get harassed, and I'll max E occasionally against shyvana if I need the pushing power. I'll max W against Renekton or any character that I expect I'm going to be just spam pushing into tower.

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Item Explanation

Red Pot 4 Pot

This is my Standard start against most characters. Lee Sin is very snowball oriented, and this will help start you out. It's a bit of a gamble, but your burst as well as your ability to surprise opponents with your damage with a red pot on lee is just insane

Merc Treads:
Good against APs and teams with CC. I build this most of the time.

Ninja Tabi:
Good against a lot of top laners and helps you tank a bit more against their ADC in team fights.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity:
Good boots for split pushing. usually won't get these but if i'm destroying my lane i sometimes like to have max CDR.

Ravenous Hydra:
Easily the best split push item in the game. Lee can wave clear full waves with E+Hydra Active. This item gives lee a ton of pushing power where usually he's pretty slow at pushing. I'm undecided on this item for team fights though. the active does make a huge difference, but in team fighting it's questionable. I'll get this item 90% of the time I'm top lane whether i'm split pushing or not It's just strong in the long lane.

Blood Thirster:
One of the best items on lee hands down. Gives amazing burst and amazing sustain. get this nearly 100% of the time I play him mid lane or plan on grouping a lot in the game.

Last Whisperer:
Good to maximize your burst as well as helps as in team fights you'll mostly be targetting a lot of tanky characters unless you initiate.

Okay item for the slow and for pushing in general against some characters. I usually only build this when I plan on split pushing against a Vlad, or if I play against shyvana in lane.

Frozen Mallet:
Pretty good stats as well as a perma slow. Not an item I build often, but it can work.

Black Cleaver:
Good to shred tanks if you're playing against a tanky team, gives good stats in terms of CDR and health. all around a good item, I don't build it as much as I should.

One of the better items in the game for lee. Health, tankiness, and a good slow. Really helps him get in and out or assassinate ADCs.

Spirit Visage:
One of my most common items for split pushing against many ADs. helps a ton for regen, gives good stats in terms of health, and has a ridiculous amount of CDR.

Guardian Angel:
I used to buy this item a lot more than I do now. It helps a lot if you get caught or get into a bad position in team fights. can let you be more crazy with your initiates as well.

Very underrated item on lee sin. I don't build it too much but it's good for tower damage and it combines well with other split pushing items to make lee push towers incredibly quickly.

Good against burst mages. especially good against burst mages if you get behind early. gives good stats in terms of AD and MR with an awesome passive. Build this a lot when I go mid lane.

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Early Game

Your level 3 is pretty insane so far as damage and mobility goes. I'm not sure if there's a champion in the game that can safely duel a level 3 Lee if you hit all of your abilities right (assuming you're going red pot). if you can force someone to duel you at lvl 3-4, generally it's the right idea to just go for it.

Try not to use your E too much. one mistake I made when I first started laning as lee was spamming my E for harass and getting the lane pushing into his tower when I didn't want it to be. try to utilize them running in to get CS to land your Q as much as possible, and if they run near a minion your W to minion to jump on them combo is very good. Just make sure there's no jungler around when you W in like that.

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Mid Game

If you're against a squishy lane or one that you beat, just bully them. If you're against a strong lane then try to get as much harass off as possible with your Q-W combo. Lee Sin is amazing with ganks. if you're haviing problems ask for a gank and you synergize well with almost all junglers. When you get your tower down (if you do) roam around and get **** done. early and early-mid game is where lee shines.

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Late Game/Team Fights

Lee Sin in the late game is very different depending on what you've made your role. if you're planning on split pushing, you can take down towers incredibly quickly, and you can duel most champions in the game, depending on who you're playing against. Lee Sin in team fights is mostly going to either be initiate, or protect the ADC. Lee Sin's initiate is insane if you can hit a Q onto their ADC and flash or ward jump kick. People are also often thrown off by hitting a Q e behind the ADC, then just Q kicking right away. very strong. Lee's protect is also some of the strongest in the game as you have a move speed/atk speed slow, pretty good damage output, a shield, and a strong disengage.

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Split Pushing

I've tried split pushing a lot against a variety of different laners, and lee really shines in terms of split pushing against high damage low health characters. Lee has a very good ability to harass under tower and force these people to back quickly and in succession. Lee also after several items is good against split pushers like vlad as 3 Life Steal items and a spirit visage gives him ~90% life steal and still very good dps. Lee pushes towers really quickly. If you can get your team distracting bot while you split top, it's not uncommon for me to get a nexus tower before they come back to get me (or after i've already killed the guy they sent).

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Smart Cast

Set one of your slots to smart cast and put all your wards in there. I changed my 6 to my C, and i've never turned back. one of the best decisions i've made so far.

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Lane Matchups

I say this not in that she's necessarily hard to beat (I generall do beat her) but you need to know what you're doing. she's got a strong early game but yours is stronger. her ult is where she out shines you. Try to get a kill pre-7 and you'll be able to beat her for most of the game, but when she has her ult up she'll be able to damage you hard and chase you unless you ult her away. Your ults are on similar cooldowns.
Force early engages to get ahead with red pot, continue to snowball the lane.

He's very easy to stick on to and kill, but his burst with his ult is surprising. when he comes up to kill a minion, W to a melee near him, E-E, then jump on him. The only way to beat vlad is to go all out then sustain back with your high sustain while he can't come near the minions. against vlad you want to get 2 points in W before maxing Q so you have a bit more sustain. Past a certain point unless you continue to snowball he'll be able to out sustain you, but once you get 3 items (if you're split pushing against him, usually hydra/spirit visage/BOTRK or LW, you'll be able to out sustain him for the rest of the game in a 1v1

If you give this guy any advantage early, you're boned. you need to play early game very aggressively and make sure to W away as soon as he uses his counter strike. If he jumps to you when he uses it, he's mostly wasting mana if he backs away, and he's giving you an opportunity to trade well if he stays. you're pretty strong against him pre-6, try to make use of that. post-6 he's going to out damage you significantly, and there's not much you can do about it unless you get ahead early.

Havent played against him in a while, but his only real chance to beat you is to get ganks. his taunt is strong for ganks especially if you've already used it for sustain, and he can get away to other lanes easily. he can't trade with you until he has items, so abuse that and try your best to harass him with your Q-W when you inevitably push him under tower.

I can see how this champion can be hard, but his early game is just too poor. he has no form of sustain and you can pretty easily keep his passive from coming up very much. Like usual, get him down early before he has any items and any way to sustain your damage, and then continue to snowball the game. go for an LW and stomp him.

You're generally stronger than zed. if he ults you, you have ways to escape, and otherwise you have better damage potential than him. if you play it wrong he'll beat you, but if you both play well you should be able to beat him in general.

His ult is a scary threat, but the rest of his kit is weak. get some engages early and force him to back when he doesn't want to and you'll beat him for the rest of the game pretty easily. Just try not to get caught with your W down when he throws his ult on you. that can be scary.

His pre-6 is incredibly weak. you can easily force him out of lane or potentially get a kill early. once he hits 6, he starts to get fairly scary but it isn't until lv 8-9 that he actually gets true kill potential against you. get a giant's belt early-ish and beat him into the ground with a lamp post. make sure you get merc treads and learn to evade his knockup as well.

his damage isn't actually that high. get 2-3 points in W while you max Q and you'll be able to trade with him fairly well even if he hits his Q. my item build vs garen usually goes: Cloth 5 -> Doran -> Warden's Mail: Vamp Sceptor (or 2nd doran), Hydra, Randuins. you should be able to trade well with him if you force him to push the lane with his E (sit in minions a little bit), and you should be able to easily outright beat him in trades if he can't land his Q on you.

He's weak pre-6, but not that weak. you can beat him if you get into an outright trade but it's hard to do that against a darius that will just Q you whenever he wants. his pull prevents you from ever using your W for sustain and his burst is crazy. Generally I'll go red pot 4 pot and hope to snowball pre-6, and then go for a sunfire cape first. you won't have much kill potential against him, but at least you can survive and win in team fights.

Pretty easy lane in general. He has good sustain but so do you. he relies on auto attacks and you have an auto attack slow. He's weak early and you're lee sin. you shouldn't have much of a problem with him. Try your best to avoid his Qs and Es and you'll win the lane with ease.
he'll probably want to fight you early to "bait you" with his passive (or at least the few i've played have). you can just take down his passive, time it right, and Q onto him again to take him down again before he can do anything, or if he's got low enough health pool just ignite him as soon as he's up.

People think this matchup is a lot easier than it really is. She has decent AOE, and very good burst. just being able to see her in her shroud isn't enough to call this an easy matchup now that your W doesn't give armor/mr. just bully her pre-6 and get a hexdrinker for her burst. you should be able to win, but she can take you out if you come back to lane a little bit low.

She has good push, and high burst DPS. her dragon is very strong against you. For this lane I get 2 points into E to try to combat her push if she's going for it, and I go BOTRK first to slow her if I need to catch up and/or get away. She's strong but your Q-W harass will be able to out damage her early, andyou have decent kill potential pre-6. once she has her dragon, she's pretty scary but you can still get away. play this lane cautious if you don't know lee sin well enough. she's pretty scary. If she gets ahead, she'll probably snowball and you want to get something tankier first.


it'll be very hard for you to CS vs him, and he can dodge your Qs with his speed. that being said, if you ever land a Q its very easy for you to get the kill on him, and if he gets close to a minion you can try to W to it and get a hard engage going. Ask for a gank or 2 pre-6, and try your best to lane skillshots. if you can, you'll win. if you can't, you'll lose.

Just like aatrox, he relies on auto attacks and you can slow his attack speed. He has good sustain and surprising burst with his crits, but you're very scary for him. if you use your q-kick-q or just your kick right on him, you can kill him without him realising he has to use his ult, or you can often scare his ult out of him without using that, and get a huge advantage on him. his peacock over your heard ******** won't work too well because you can W away. I suggest getting 2 points into E for a bit more slow, and trying your best to beat him down early. same as most matchups.

Renektons are used to being aggressive early game which will allow you to get a huge advantage on them. you will destroy any renekton early game if you go cloth 5 or red pot 4 pot. use that to your advantage to get ahead. if oyu don't get ahead in the early game, max your W and prepare for a farm fest. he'll have kill potential on you and you won't necessarily have much kill potential on him, but if you play smart he won't be able to kill you at all. farm golems/wolves from your jungle if you need to regen, and go hydra first. once you finish your tiamat you should be able to trade with him, and once you finish your hydra you should be able to solidly beat him in trades.

This isn't a common matchup, but it's one of the hardest. he can harass you like crazy if he's going AD, and he can avoid your Q or jump away with his E once you go onto him. if you get this matchup, hope he sucks and doesn't use his arcane shift right, or hope he's going AP. AP ezreal has significantly less kill potential on you and is probably going to be more squishy than AD. if he's going AD, just try to push and farm your jungle as much as possible or, like I said, hope he sucks.

Be very aware of his insane level 2 burst with bear and tiger form. don't let him get that off on you ESPECIALLY if he starts red pot or dorans. if he starts with either of those items he can flash stun you and get an instant kill on you fairly easily. try to hit 2 before him, but if he beats you to it just play incredibly passive and let him push you into turret. his damage on you is really high. if he's going phoenix (nobody does this) go hydra first to counter his pushing. if he's going tiger I'd suggest going an early chain vest at which point you can trade decently. if he continues to be ahead, go for an early sunfire, but if you can get a kill off on him at 6 (you start to get stronger than him due to him having no real ult) then start to build hydra or BT and beat him into the ground.

He has good kill potential on you at lv 6, but before that you, as usual, have good kill potential on him. build a chain vest or warden's mail and potentially a giant's belt if you need it, and he starts to suck. if you build bruiser he has almost no kill potential on you as he's an assassin. play smart and knock him down. if he doesn't get a kill on you by the time you have your first bit of armor/health, he'll be weak all game.

She is decently strong against you until you hit 6. let her push as she's going to try while trying to get some damage off on her. eventually the lane is going to start pushing very hard. don't engage on her in all of those minions because she does do decent damage. after you hit 6 you have insane kill potential on her and she doesn't have much on you because you can jump away or kick her away from her ult. just play smart pre-6 and you'll win this lane easily. BT first.

Red Pot 4 Pots
He has no kill potential at all on your pre-6. if you hit 2 before him go all in for at least half of his health. pre-6 engage as much as you want to get way ahead. post 6 make sure your W is up to jump away from his ult at all times and you should be mostly safe. he has high damage with his ult combo but you still beat him up. make sure not to waste your Q or he can harass you fairly well but if he jumps on you with your Q up you'll win the trade incredibly hard.