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bruiser taric

Last updated on January 20, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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this is how i made an AP off tank out of taric that didnt leave him as a support.
ill do my best to tell you how i did it and show you how you can too

1st: farm and poke at enemy champs with your stun. make sure to let the carry do some work dont sit there and absorb damage.

2nd: you need to play semi-aggressively for you to be able to win dont forget you can ks with your W

3rd: during your end game you'll have a decent burst and will make ignite a damage tool not really as a finishing ability this is to help mediate the loss of burst during cooldowns

Finally: during team fights your stun will help initiate and single out the carry for the love of god do just that when your team mates are using ad then your W will flourish and with your ult you give a decent enough buff to make your auto attacks beefy

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the runes chosen are to help you remain alive since mr is very effective tell let game its not a big worry your items can take care of it.

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your naturally tanky so build offensively like this will help to become the off tank "bruiser" your trying to be.

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these items have been chosen so you can push more effectively and take on enemy champions and not be a walking ward or one trick pony. in late game you will need to play aggressively for your items to be used to their fullest. remember the items will wont be able to save you all the time so you have to remember your limits.

on another note ohmwrecker will let you either tower dive or take a turret might even save an ally's live.
if you need dmg get void staff before rylai's but if you want that extra health and the slow (however small) get rylai's first
finally if your against an all AP team swap Ohmwrecker for banshee's veil. against an all ad team try to build frostborn gauntlets in place of wit's end

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Skill Sequence

your E will be the core of your abilities allowing your W and R to take maximum effect making your auto attacks a real threat. with your heal primarily used on yourself your skill make great for team fights now because your a greedy taric now. your Q will scale nicely now thx to your high ap from Rylai's crystal staff and void staff along with your all your other abilities. truely the "taric for men."

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just like all the rest of the player you use flash and ignite for obvious reasons. flash will save you or allow for easier chases. because your early and midgame damage is weak you'll need ignite to help finish off your enemy. ignite become a viable source of damage in late game allowing you to burst down the enemy.

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its a risk due to you have to be able to farm enough to build and you sometimes have to kill steal other wise the build will remain incomplete. I suggest not rushing for items because the build only works when in unison. further more this build is not one others enjoy especially when the "support" has more kills then the carry. if the build doesnt exactly fit your play style modify it with accommodates your style this again is how i see a good non-support taric that is viable

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Pros / Cons

great farmer
great burst damage
good in team fights
can lane well
slow early game
easily kited
only has burst damage
will be focused easily if team fights go bad

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Team Work

when working with others you have a nice stun to single out enemy champs, with that combing your W and R you give that edge to your team. with a frozen mallet you have that slow and with the high ap from other items your heal now can keep your carry alive. with your arsenal your able to do due burst and deal damage and if necessary you can stall out a fight until your team arrives.

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with rather short CDs your able to farm well. I recommend using your W to help your farm. when your carry is off at the shop having your W help your farm will resupply your mana this makes you well stocked for your next engagement with the enemy