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Bruiser Ziggs (Top lane)

Last updated on September 30, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hiya, welcome to my Bruiser Ziggs guide. Bruiser Ziggs is a decent way to build Ziggs as it allows him to melt a frontline, dealing considerable damage while also being very tanky. This build grants over 3000 health, over 200 armour and almost 100 magic resist. The reason that Bruiser Ziggs works so well is because he can shred tanks with his Q, as it is AOE and with a Liandry's it will melt a frontline very quickly. He also has decent cc when using IBG, which is essential to this build. Bruiser Ziggs can protect the ADC fairly well, even offering a heal and CC removal. I hope you enjoy this guide. Please keep in mind that I am Silver 4, so I'm not the best player and any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks for clicking on my guide! ^_^

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Alright, let's begin with runes. The runes that Bruiser Ziggs uses are almost indifferent to those that a standard AP mid laner would use. This is because these runes boost Ziggs strong laning phase. The rune page I use for Bruiser Ziggs is below.

Although you will be fighting an AD champion in the top lane most of the time, it is still fine and possibly even better to take scaling armour over flat armour as seals. The enemy laner will very rarely be able to touch you in the laning phase as you are ranged and can poke from a distance. The scaling armour allows you to be more durable against the enemy ADC in the late game. Flat Ability Power quints are used to help you maintain your strong presence throughout your laning phase and scaling AP quints are used to keep your damage relevant. I think it is fine to swap these out for scaling magic resist if the enemy team is heavy with magical damage. Also, if you wish to do more damage and want more cc, it is fine to swap out the scaling armour seals for scaling health. You will still have approximately 195 armour at level 18. If you swap out your seals for scaling health, you can buy Rylai's Crystal Sceptor instead of Warmog's Armour. Obviously, this will boost your damage as it gives AP but it will also allow you to melt tanks better as the slow will double the Liandry's proc. Warmog's in general is versatile and could be swapped out for another health item, such as Randuin's Omen or Banshee's Vail.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence for Bruiser Ziggs is very self explanatory. Take Q at level one and max it first. Max your ultimate whenever you can and max E before W. The ability you choose at level two is situational. Typically, you should get your W so you can escape ganks and knock up the enemy laner if you're planning to all in them but you should get E if you find the enemy minions are pushing towards your tower and you need waveclear.

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In my opinion, there are only three viable spells for Bruiser Ziggs. Teleport is for securing objectives and flash is just gr8. Ghost is an alternative to flash but I think flash is better in almost every circumstance.

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ok wen u waant to kil u pres q and then aa then kite!!!!!!!!

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ceebs making the rest of this guide!!!!

thx 4 reading lol