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Jinx General Guide by Razorredge

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Razorredge

Buildings are useles

Razorredge Last updated on December 13, 2016
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First at all, who I am?

In Game, I'm Miki Miura, on EuW, of course. I'm a main supp/adc/jungler, and a French Player. My main ADC is Jinx, my main supp is Sona, and my main jungle is Vi. Why Jinx? Because she's, for me, one of the best adc of this game, and by far, my favourite. I hope you'll like my guide, and of course, every criticisms are welcome.

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Pros / Cons

+ Great waveclear
+ Huge amount of dmg with her ult
+ Great attack speed
+ Easy farming
+ Interesting stunt spell

- She losts her mana quickly with Fishbones. Use it only for waveclear and in teamfight. Never use it in 1V1 if you have low mana.
- Lack of mobility without passive
- Weak without support
- You must be precise with your abilities.

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Summoner Spells

Probably the best summoner spell. You know that Jinx have a lack of mobility. So, it gives you some escape, you can chase an ennemy with this, and dodge some skillshots, CC or ults. So, use it, it will be one of your best friends IG.

If you don't have a support who can heal with you, as Sona or Soraka for example, Heal is once again one of your best friends. It's a really good spell for all the ADCs. It permits you to heal you, and win a small account of movement speed. But it also permits to save your support during teamfights. You must have it.

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18 into Cunning and 12 into resolve. Why?

I have choose the Cunning tree for Thunderlord's Decree . Why? Because every third attack or spell, you deal 10 dmg per lvl + 30% of your Bonus Attack Damage + 10% of your Ability power as magic damages to ennemies in the area of the shock. Trust me, it's a truly op mastery. I think that all the ADCs needs Thunderlord.

Savagery for farming, Merciless to deal even damages to low life champions, Dangerous Game to restore your life, Recovery to have a better health regen, Runic Armor to have better heal on you, it includes lifesteal and regen, and finally Insight to have reduced cooldown. Of course, it's just my tree, and it works, for me.

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