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Nasus Build Guide by Ktvlv

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ktvlv

Bungling Jungling Nasus

Ktvlv Last updated on April 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is an introduction.

Greetings everyone, and thank you for giving my Nasus build/guide a run down, do please leave comments if there would be a way to improve the build/guide. Since this is my first attempt at making a guide I'm open to most suggestions, outside of flaming of course, and I like to imagine I react well to criticism. But enough about me and my noob glory, lets get down to what we came here for.

Nasus the Curator of the Sands

and what would a guide be with out.......

PROS and..... CONS

+ Great jungle runs - there are better junglers
+ can be extremely tanky - team may QQ if you go jungle
+ deals great damage if farmed right - ganks rely on Wither

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Lets talk runes

Due to being technologically illiterate, i have no clue how to put in rune images so ill just label them for you guys as good as possible.

lets start with QUINTS my preferred quintessences are: 1x Malice and 2x Alacrity

Marks 9x Malice
Seals Guess what they are... YUP 9x MALICE :P
Glyphs bet you cant guess this one... no its not malice :P.. its 9x alacrity

Now most people would say, "why not tanky runes" and to be honest i have no answer for them, these runes work extremely well and increase jungle running and over all farming exponentially, and the build is extremely expensive so really anything to help with farming is a plus

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On to masteries

all right bear with me here, like i said idk how to put images up yet I'll learn that later and update the guide.

1 point in offense.. grab Summoners Wrath just in case you decide not to carry heal and smite or adjust that extra point where ever it'll be of use to you... actually, make your mastery page however it'll benefit you and your team best bc these masteries are not set in stone

however I'll explain why i chose the masteries i did now. 29 points in defense helps you cover what my rune page dropped off and gives you some nice damage resistance overall. the one "floating" point allows you to mastery any summoner spell you decide to use while not taking from the main focus.

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this is sure to turn some heads XD.. let me start by saying, yes this is an extremely expensive build for a tanky toon (around 13,500), however once you've achieved this build you're nigh unstoppable with a farmed SS.

the build sequence is really dependent upon the enemy team and the last item is always optional, i put Frozen Mallet there for extra survivability and cc, most times I build either Trinity Force, or Infin. Edge. but at that point people are /surrender-ing.

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Skill Sequence

all right there are two skill sequences I go for, Farming or Ganking,

Farm Skill sequence: for the first 6 levels it looks like Q > E > Q > W > Q > R after that its optional
Explanation: this maximizes your farming but minimizes your use for the team only use this when you're team is doing well by lvl 3 adjust as needed

Ganking Skill sequence: again first 6 looks like: Q > W > Q > W > E > R drops a bit of damage for the cc but its worth it when you get two assists.
Explanation: this is more often than not what I build, i gank what ever lane I'm close to after calling it out, if they ping ill jump in if not I'll move on to the next camp, basically looks like

wraith/wolf camp : gank mid and the golems and wolfs flop so whichever lane they're close to i go for.

WARNING: your main objective is to acquire gold, if you're not sure you can get a successful gank out of it, don't go, its costing you money :P

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Summoner spells

I use HEAL and SMITE for two reasons, extra farm from SMITE and it allows jungling to go smoothly, HEAL to deny enemy kills,

**DISCLAIMER** I am not responsible for hurt feelings from being called a noob for using heal if you are called such, remind them that it is in the game to be used and if they cant compensate for it that's their own fault for being bad at judging their capabilities

Exhaust, Ignite also work well, Flash and ghost are not quite as useful as simpler abilities but to each his own

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Let me Break this down EARLY GAME

prob the most important part for Nasus, it'll make or break your overall efficiency, start off with a cloth armor, 2 health pots and 1 cheap ward and head to blue, ward the jungle route close to mid and sit in the bush to watch the other side, this will save you if people go for a counter jungle, nasus doesn't need the standard 5 health pots when you have heal and smite, so i buy a ward or two if I'm feeling paranoid :)
Note: make sure to last hit with SS, take more damage if you have to his passive will compensate for it,
You want a wriggles Lantern by as early as 6/7 mins, but if it doesn't look like it'll happen, just grab Madred's Razors, and proceed, you should be able to clear your side of the jungle in one run then run through wraith and wolfs again, golems on the roundabout are optional, if you b out before picking up golems the second time, start there and continue that way, continue with your preferred jungle rout until about 13 mins in the game, by then try to have Boots of Lucidity and chain vest this will allow you to be more aggressive with jungling/ganking while giving you SS more often. Depending on what your definition of "early game" is you can continue this way, I stop at 15/16 mins.

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Mid Game

now this is where Nasus comes to life for me at least, SS should be hitting for around 350 by now on an extremely short CD as well, this is when i start aggressively ganking/pushing ulting to escape bad situations popping HEAL when needed should be able to rack up some nice assists or kills between the 15 and 25 min mark which allows you buy more stuff to roflstomp with. however, you're very team dependent at the moment so if they're a little lacking maybe just farming would be better or your gold per minute will drop exponentially.
i try to have top pushed by two turrets by the time 25:00 comes around, bot and mid should be down 1 or 2 apiece, but that's just a preference

Item build by 18:00-21:00 consists of Wriggles Lantern, Boots of Lucidity, Thorn-mail, Negatron Cloak, don't worry if it doesn't look exactly like that, some may have better some may have worse but as long as its along those lines you'll be fine

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Late Game

now is your teams time to shine, bc your SS is getting a lil wimpy compared to their abilities ( if you play aggressively Mid Game) however you're not useless, Tank a turret, initiate a team fight, HAVE FUN, if you see dragon up, kill it, you should be able to solo him by lvl 8, if not sooner XD, Heal gives you versatility in team fights, watch as they over extend to get a kill only for you to charge in Heal and then the team turns on their pursuers and ACE them Wither their ad carries and watch them be useless, spirit fire into the group to watch their tanks armor drop and him die with only a "WTF how'd i drop so fast"... remember if you're having fun, you're playing nasus right :)

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That's all i have at the moment don't have time for better work, but feel free to address issues you have or questions about the build, remember this build is optional, Dont play with it if its not your style it works for me so i figured i'd share it with everyone here, if this does well ill expand it into jungle/lane build and possibly a maokai build, but if its garbage im not going to :P.

i tried to not create a generic Nasus build and add some flavor to his play style while giving him great damage while making him insanely hard to kill, lets face it, some items are MUST HAVES, to achieve that goal :P

thanks again for giving this a shot. Have fun errbody