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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DanDugg


DanDugg Last updated on December 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First off, this is my first build, so please don't bash me too hard. I have also only been playing for about a month (only lvl 20), so I still have a lot to learn. Feel free to comment and criticize. Comments and criticism will be taken into strong consideration to help this build become more viable than it probably is as of now.

Goal and Overview:
I was playing magewick one day when I suddenly had a revelation. Deathfire's does % damage... wanna know what else does % damage? Madred's Blood Razor. So here is my attempt to combine the two into one massive burst that can take out 53.5% of an enemy champions health just in % damage alone. You also still have to factor in the damage that infinite duress does normally as well as the hungering strike (also % damage... 20% to be more exact) that can be used to clean up. So basically, all you need is for you ult to normally do 26.5% of the enemy champ's max health and its done.

Another fun perk is that since Deathfire's is magic damage those pesky thornmails wont get in the way as much. No WW likes thornmails, and I have found this to be a nice way to get around them a little bit.

This is pretty much a build I would use when I see a tank that loves to stack health (no cho'gath likes to see about 75% of his 4000+ hp dissolve in less than 2 seconds.) and for teams that you know are going to use thornmails on you. Thornmails are no fun, and this will help you minimize the damage you take from those vile items.
Summoner Spells:
Good ones to take include Smite, Exhaust, and Flash. You could also take Heal or Rally, but I think they are less effective. Heal won't heal much end game, and the cooldown on rally is long enough to discourage me from taking it; but they are both still viable options. I would always take Smite, and then it is personal preference between Flash and Exhaust. I like Exhaust because of the blind and its ability to take out dps carries, but Flash can really get you out of trouble.

If you do go Flash, I would strongly consider Boots of Mobility over Boots of Swiftness. This also frees up another mastery point for you to put where ever your heart desires.
Masteries Build:
I went 19-0-11 here for fairly obvious reasons. Most WWs have something fairly similar. One thing that this build has that most other WW builds do not is the 3 points in archmage's savvy. This is to bump your AP over the 100 hump to get your Deathfire's to do that extra 3.5% health damage. I then took Greed in the Utility tree just for the extra gold. Everything else in this build should be pretty standard for WW.
Eternal Thirst (Innate Passive): A wonderful passive that will help immensely in the early/mid game. especially if you are looking to jungle a lot.
Hungering Strike (Q): Another skill that will help with jungling and can also be used to harass enemy champions in lanes. It doesn't have the biggest range, but the 100% life steal on it is wonderful. Use this after you use Infinite Duress and watch yourself steal a huge chunk of the enemy's health bar. If it doesn't kill them, it should get them far below 50% health which is enough for Blood Scent to pretty much do the rest.
Hunter's Call (W): Another good skill. Just a single point into it gives you a 40% bonus in attack speed, and 20% to nearby allies. This is a great tool for taking down towers, and giving other dps chars on your team even more dps.
Blood Scent (E): One of the best chase moves in the game. With boots of swiftness, you'll be over 500 speed when an enemy champ is below 50% health... which isn't horribly hard to do when you have a Deathfire hitting for 33.5%, and your Madred Blood razor and your ult being able to pretty much instantly take out another 20% (just from Madred's.) Can also be used to escape. If it is looking like you won't win the fight, live to fight another day by fighting, getting an enemy champ below 50% and booking it out of there.
Infinite Duress (R): This is WW's bread and butter. I like to hide in bushes, pop my Deathfire, and then instantly use my ult. If they arent dead yet, use Hungering Strike. If they still aren't dead yet, they should be pretty close to it. You have about 2.0 attack speed so just auto attack them. or use Hunter's Call for an even faster attack speed. They should go down without too much of a fight.
Item Build:
Now for a more depth look at the item build. I go for an amplifying tome first. I know it looks bad. People might call you a noob, but we can show them later when our death fire staff is tearing them to pieces. I then upgrade it to kage's lucky pick asap for the extra income. it hurts your jungling (if you choose to go that route), but it will pay off in the end since this build is a bit on the expensive side. I then buy a Dagger for the attack speed, and then Boots of Speed for the extra little mobility. Then comes Malady. I then build a Madred's Razor. FINALLY! now we can jungle fairly well with the passive of having a chance to do 500 dmg to monsters and minions. Then I upgrade the Dagger into a Malady, and then finish off Madred's Blood Razor starting with the recurve bow. The reason I go with Malady over before the Blood razor is the added attack speed, it still stacks well with your ult, and it makes hungering strike that much better when used after your ult. Then, I take my boots and upgrade them to boots of swiftness. I love these things. They give good map control, and with blood scent, nothing is getting away. I would go with mobility except I also like the escape aspect of the boots of swiftness. Mobility will only give you 2 if you have been in combat in the past 2 seconds. Swiftness will give you that little extra oomph to help get away. Then comes the fun part. Remember the lucky pick we got in the beginning? Of course you do. You're team mates are still probably making fun of you for it. Go ahead and start building your Deathfire's Grasp. After Deathfire's, I go for the Black Cleaver.

After that, there is a variety of ways you can do. I like Banshee's if for no other reason that it gives you more time to launch your ult after you use your Deathfire's or can help you cancel out some of the CC that will undoubtedly be coming your way every time someone sees you. Other options are Wit's End (added pwnage to your ult), Guardian Angel (he will just revive anyways...), Thornmail (for dps heavy teams), Stark's Fervor (life leech and Ar is a nice touch. do not get this if another champion on your team has it already), Blood Thirster (for extra life leech and damage), Randuin's (another solid option against dps heavy teams. When you ult in, you are likely be targeted, so this can help slow the damage intake), Quicksilver Sash (to help you get away from slows if the enemy is adept at that), Hextech Gun Blade (life leech, spell vamp, and extra damage are all nice touches. The active isn't terrible either, but we won't have too many issues with chasing anyways.) and Tiamat (I have to test this one, but if your ult can splash to other nearby enemy champs then your Malady and Black Cleaver can really go to work.)

You could also go for Wit's End instead of Malady in the beginning and have Malady as an optional item, but I like Malady for the Mr reduction. Wit's End is nice, however, for the Mr, so consider it if you see a heavy caster team.

tl;dr version: Amplifying Tome --> Kage's Lucky Pick --> Dagger --> Boots of Speed --> Cloth Armor --> Long Sword --> Madred's Razor --> Amplifying Tome --> Malady --> Recurve Bow --> Pick Axe --> Madred's Blood Razor --> Boots of Swiftness --> Meki Pendant --> Amplifying Tome --> Deathfire Grasp --> Long Sword --> B.F. Sword --> Black Cleaver --> Situational/Preference Items.
Play style:
This plays just like any other WW build. Be sneaky, hide in bushes and gank every chance you get. Be the d-bag that always shows up at the wrong time for the other team.

I usually start in a lane because this build's jungling is very weak early game. But once you get Madred's Razor, I have found that you can jungle fairly effortlessly. Mix up Jungling and laning so that the enemy has a hard time figuring out where you are. Surprise is your ally. The more clueless they are about your location, the better you will do.

It also is not always a good idea to pop your ult right away after Deathfire. Deathfire always goes first just because it does % damage based on current health, but sometimes it is best to pop Deathfire, hop into the fray with Hunter's call, and then use your ult and take advantage of its life leech and scare other enemy champs away.