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Bush Garen is back!

Last updated on December 15, 2013
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Patch 3.15

The most recent patch has greatly affected garen, his signature spin is now does normal damage to monsters, but still reduced for minions. Even though jungling is becoming slightly unpopular right now, this guide will help you spin to win.

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Pros and cons

Monster late game
High sustainability and survivability in the jungle
Cannot be killed if being counter jungled
Sick Passive, makes him the bush master

Clear time is appalling until level 3
Requires a bit of help in ganking mid lane
Can mess up combo move
Weak against anyone who can out run him and is a counter jungler, shyvana and udyr

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Why the build?

It seems weird to be building yomumu's and atma's considering the fact that they are very rare buys. The next chapter will go into that a bit more, but this chapter will revolve around the obvious choices.

Wiggles is currently the only jungle item that makes any sense. Ancient Golem give you poor health stats right now, so its mostly useless and lizard doesn't give any tankiness. Wiggles gives small sustain, gold income for your late game items, and wards so you don't get counter jungled early.

Sunfire and randuins are standard, but can be replaced with warmogs, frozen mallet, spirit visage, and (for tons of damage) a triforce.

The boot choice varies. Snares and stuns, mercs. Slows, swiftness. Move speed escapers, mobi's, 5 ad carries, ninja tabis

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Combo moves!!!!

Garen's q removes slows, but is also his engage. This makes it hard to actually do anything while ganking. Yomumu's fixes this problem. Popping yomumu's to engage lives you with options. Auto attacking then q, for burst. Pressing q early to screw over nasus. Or having an escape if you are being focused.

Atma's is for damage. Garen scales insanely well, but has to be tanky. So atma's is perfect.

Due to the fact that avarice blade gives a passive gold but isn't counted as a gold income item, you get rich really fast with wiggles and avarice. The moment you get yomumu's get a avarice blade immediately then go to randuins. Money is your best friend after all

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At the end

If it gets to late game, you are in your prime except for one thing. Wiggles. Get rid of this item at the end. Gold isn't useful, your mild sustain problem is gone, and attack speed isn't that good. Sell it for spirit visage, guardian angel, triforce, it no matter. Just get rid of it.