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Teemo Build Guide by Walsu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Walsu

[C]astronaut teemo: Cut your enemies balls off! [SOLOTOP]

Walsu Last updated on September 17, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Me Teemo and this guide

Hello, welcome to my Teemo guide! :) (And forgive me for my bad english:D)

Its my first guide and I made it because there are alot of good Teemo builds in mobafire, but none of them completely fit my playstyle.


I'm not a 2k elo ranked player, but I still think that all those bad teemo players can learn something from this.

Hope you enjoy it! And remember: everything is situational!

I like to play teemo as a solotop. Not many champions counter teemo if you know how to play him right, I'm just sad that there are alot of bad players out there playing teemo and ruining his reputation, it's usual that when I pick teemo, someone will go "NO, NOT TEEMO" "TEEMO USELESS".

Teemo is a huge advantage to your team if he knows how to place Noxious Trap in tactical places and use his abilities in teamfights.

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Pros / Cons

- An exceptional farmer!
- Free small wards with Noxious Trap
- Drops tanks with Madreds bloodrazor
- With good positioning, very hard to kill
- Cute :3
- Useful passive Camouflage
- Anti AD-carry

- Squishy
- Easily focused
- Pretty useless against MRES tanks
- Noxious Trap countered with oracle, same with passive

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Masteries and Runes

I like to put alot of points in the offensive masteries, because with good ( Noxious Trap) placement you are very hard to catch, but if with teammates, he deals a s***load of damage to a single target.

AP masteries help teemo hit with his Toxic Shot and also Blinding Dart deals more damage to enemies.

I also pick Veteran Scars (+30 health) that helps alot in the early game.

Other masteries are kind of self explanatory.

I like to build teemo somewhat tanky when it comes to runes, Greater Seal of Armor and Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist help him survive early - and lategame.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed gives teemo some extra attackspeed, 15% is alot when teemos AS is getting higher troughout the game. Helps him last hit and harass in the early game too.

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power gives teemo some extra damage (noticeable in early game) with his abilities. Extra harrass damage with Toxic Shot is useful!

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You want to upgrage these pretty quickly,
depending on the situation, to one of these:

Pick these if you are dominating your lane, or just need that extra bit of damage output. (To farm or poke faster etc.)

Pick these if your enemy team/laning opponent has AP damage and stuns/slows/snares or whatever. Usually my choice as it helps me stay on my lane longer and helps in teamfights.

I usually buy this after boots, because with my early farming money I can afford daggers, that are decent earlygame items. Malady is good early game because you get AS and ability for poking, also lowers your enemys magic resist when you hit him.

Buy this item early, as it usually gives you early kills and helps alot in chasing.
I will go trough this item in the harrassing section. Also gives some hp that gives sustain. The extra AD wont hurt either.
(Your slow will occur often because of your attackspeed.)

Gives magic resist and attack speed, both useful in early-mid game laning and teamfights.
The passive also gives you extra magic resist if you hit the enemy, the passive also deals nice magic damage with each hit.

After purchasing Wit's End you want to complete your frozen mallet giving you even more hp and your slow occurs more often. Remember to slow enemy key players when your team is chasing them!

THE TANK SHREDDER! Deals damage equal to 4% of enemys max health, that is a huge amount, if the enemy cho gath with 6 warmogs comes to challenge you. The item also gives you some extra armour AD and AS

This item is great for hybrids, like AS onhit teemo. It gives you some extra AP and AD, but I buy it because teemo needs some lifesteal. Lifesteal and Spell Vamb leech you some extra HP, spell vamb from magic damage, and lifesteal from AD.
The active is useful too, slows and damages the target enemy, very good for escaping though situations or saving your teammates in the lategame.

Other items you can use

Useful early game item, I usually buy 1-2 of these if im loosing my lane or haven't got much farm.

I sometime buy this item if I need some extra protection. Counters stuns and slows every 45 seconds, so if you get caught off-guard, you can still escape.

Buy this instead of Banshee's veil if you have extra money and need someone more defensive, helps alot in teamfights if teemo gets focused, also buys time for carry to damage enemies in that case.

sorcerers shoes
U can buy these boots if the enemies have alot of magic resist.

Because teemos ultra fast attack speed, the passive will trigger around every 1,5sec and it deals 125 damage to multiple targets. I don't personally use this item but I can imagine the splash damage is useful when going 1v5 to penta! :3

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Skill Sequence

This is pretty simple, first max you toxic shot for extra damage.

Max your move quick second so you can escape and split push better, also helps you with slowing enemies with your Phage, because you can keep up with them easier.

Put an early point in blinding dart and max it last, 1 point in it will still help you blind your enemies.

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Summoner spells

Here are some summoner spells I like to use with teemo.

Flash is the summoner spell that you SHOULD use with teemo, it's great in every way. Use this to go trough walls, gain some extra space between you and your enemy, securing enemy kills by catching up etc.

I like to use ignite for securing kills, works pretty much the same way with poison, but only stronger. Also reduces healing effects, counters mundos ulti pretty well etc. remember to use it in other ways too than securing kills, useful in 1v1's if the enemy has heal or lifesteal etc.

Some other summoner spells you could use

Heal is useful if you are a beginner in LOL, saves you or your teammates. Use this if you are not familiar or do not like ignite.

Cleanse is often underestimated, though I don't use it, it can be very useful if the enemy has alot of CC.

Exhaust is a good spell for your team, but teemo doesn't need it that much, with all the slows from Noxious Trap and Frozen Mallet, he can easily reach the enemy without slows with Move Quick so I wouldn't recommend exhaust.

Ghost can be good in certain situations and some people pick it over flash, but in my opinion its kinda useless with teemos slows and speedboosts, only pick it if you prefer it over flash.

I would'nt really recommend any other summoner spells, but in the end, it's up to you.

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Harrassing on lane

Now this is an important chapter.

Against melee enemies with ranged abilities or dashes(like Gangplank)

-You can harass alot, but if the enemy has slows or stuns you must be careful, teemos range is relatively small so use the brush and move quick to your advantage.

-Move in and out to harass, mostly with toxic shot, the poison stays on the enemy so you will mostly win every trade if the enemy has no abilities to hurt you.

-If the enemy, in this case Gangplank uses his Parrrley, you can move in, blind him and tag him with your toxic shot, he cannot auto-attack you and Parrrley is on CD, so you can hit him with 2-3 auto-attack for free. Keep using your blinding dart to your advantage.

-Its important to ward the river near the dragon to see early when the enemy jungle is ganking.

-Against AD carries harrassing is easy, just tag them with blinding dart and hit them with a couple of auto-attacks. Poison will do it's thing.

-If the enemy has alot of sustain, try not to compromise your health by harrassing too agressively, just stand back and when they are off guard, or damage abilities are on cd, hit them with Blinding Dart and Toxic Shot.

-When you reach level 6, make sure to Noxious Trap the river bush for gankers etc.

-Use Noxious Trap to shroom the top and river bushes, that makes it easy for you to escape.

-You can lure enemies to the shrooms in the bushes and then blinding dart and ignite for an easy kill if the enemy isn't fed as f***.

-When your jungler comes to gank you, go to the top bushes and try to force the enemy into the riverbush, use your shrooms too.

Against ranged champions or champions with insane poking

- Just stay back if you know they can outpoke you, try to get as much farm as you can while staying safe, tell your jungler to gank you alot.

-If they are AD, you can counter their pokes by blinding darts and auto-attacks.

If they dive

Place a Noxious Trap under their feet, Blinding Dart them and use Move Quick to walk around your turret while the enemy is slowed, you can also use ignite. I like to shroom the bushes near the turret so that when an enemy is getting away with <100hp after diving, they will still die.

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Teemo is an exceptionally good farmer, use that to your advantage, if you don't farm alot, then teemo falls behind very easily, usually you have to have around 200-300 last hits at the 30minute mark.

-I like to keep the lane pushed to my turret, it makes it easier to farm, and u don't need to be afraid of enemies and ganking.

-For the caster minions you wait till the turret hits them one time, and take the last hit. For melee minions you wait till they get hit 2 times.

-If you push a lane, leave mushrooms in the middle of the lane so that you can get free minionkills when they push the lane forward, and you don't have to babysit the lane everytime enemy minions push it forward.

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I usually try to disable and take down the enemy carry during teamfight.
0. If you see a fight coming, plant shrooms in the area.
1. Try to blind and take down the enemy carry,
2. If there is only a tank, dont worry! Your madred will drill trough his armour!
3. Try to slow any escaping enemies for your team, and maybe even grab a couple of kills.
4. Safe teammates that are dieing by blinding any AD's that are hitting them hard!
5. Maybe even ignite the carry if he has alot of lifesteal.

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Noxious Trap is a powerful ultimate that has many uses!

You can use it as:
-A small ward
-Safety measure if you are taking a buff or afraid of ganks
-Easy kills on escaping 100hp enemies
-1v1 fight extra damage
-Just helping you escape (slowing enemies)
-Automatic creep farmer/lane holder

Use Noxious Trap to ward/trap important paths, like enemy jungle, dragon and baron entrance, middle bushes and basically the whole river.

I usually like to shroom the paths from enemy jungle to the river, paths to top lane, and later in the game paths to dragon and baron. I think it's pretty self explanatory, just think where people will walk, and plant shrooms there.

Try to place them under the enemy in 1v1's and if you are being chased, enable your Move Quick and then plant a shroom in the enemys way, it will buy you some time. Remember that shrooms will also slow multiple targets!

I am too lazy to add pictures, maybe i'll do it later.

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Teemo has awesome escaping abilities, some people just use them wrong.

First of all:
When you are escaping, everytime you get a chance to place one without the enemy knowing, do so! when you flash over a wall, immediately place a shroom so the enemy will get slows, when you come to a bush, place a shroom. when you get into the fog of war, place a shroom. you can gain some distance with Move Quick to make it easier.
Your passive is also good when escaping enemies. If you get stuck in the enemy jungle just place a shroom and let your passive activate on top of it. When its safe you just recall away. Remember that if the enemy doesnt have much health left, you can easily kill him if he hits the shroom, just blind him and start attacking, when you leave your passive you gain a short attack speed boost.

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Summary A.K.A TL;DR

Place your shrooms alot, in tactical places.

You can sh*t on ad carries when you blind them.

While escaping use your shrooms.

Toxic shot = awesome poke damage.

Leave shrooms on lanes to get free farm.

In teamfights blind the AD-carry.

In teamfights you can drop tanks easily with madred.