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Caitlyn Build Guide by Jessegirl2012

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jessegirl2012

Caitlyn Dominion Build

Jessegirl2012 Last updated on February 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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There doesn't seem to be to many Cait builds for Dom up yet so I thought I would post mine.

With Cait basically you want to do a lot of damage very quickly. Cait has a decent range but she is very squishy, so try to keep as much distance between you and your opponent as possible. Especially with characters such as Akali, Irelia, Jax, Tryndamere, Xin...or characters with stuns and hard hits, because they will stomp on Cait. Cait can be very good top or bottom of dom. Personally I prefer bottom because of the location of the grass, because Cait's passive occurs more if you are in the grass. This is also a great place to hide traps while ur shooting other champs and creeps to help with getaways.

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Basically you want Attack damage, Attack speed and Critical damage. This is so you hit hard and fast, this also helps with your regeneration rate which can determine the outcome of a 1v1 or even a 2v1. If you have a good rune, mastery, and item build you can take on 3+ with practice of course...

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Stress as much damage as possible, this is for your late game. Often by late game I am hitting so hard so fast the other champs can not keep up especially if they are not built. Usually by the end game I have double the damage dealt than the runner up.

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This is basically the same as the runes and want alot of AD, AS, and CD! This is usually the order that I get my items in, if you find yourself dying first but barely in 1v1 before you get Infinity Edge maybe get Sanguine Blade first for that life steal then work on Infinity Edge. Sometimes it really depends on how the game is going and what characters you are going against for what items you need sooner.

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Skill Sequence

I just used the order for the last game that I played but like the items it can change with each game. I always do the first 7 the same but after that I grab spells as I need them. Usually I try to max Q then E with W (traps) trailing in the end.

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This is mostly for bottom lane but can be helpful if pushing another lane and find yourself alone. Kill creeps! They help you capture a point much faster. Also if your in the middle of capturing a point and find yourself getting jumped by another champion the creeps will continue to capture while u fight off the champion, this could be life saving if the creeps can get it to neutral fast enough. Let the minions do the work...If you see more than one enemy coming to stop u from capturing a point run away, the creeps will get some and will be more of an annoyance, thus distracting them from other points, no use in dying for no reason.

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Watch out for this, I have killed myself many a time because of thornmail. Because Caitlyns fastest method of killing is basically auto attack thornmail can be deadly because 30% of auto attack damage comes back onto yourself. Sanguine blade cannot keep up with it so don't try. If it is a real issue you can get Executioners Calling with another 18% life steal but usually I try to avoid the players that have thornmail. Usually the character I see get this item is Rammus so watch him :p. Though others might get this if you start becoming to hard to kill or go against.

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Team Work

Well obviously LoL is all about team work doesn't matter if it is classic or dom. In dom bot is the new mid. Claim it and own it, if you do well at bot then the other team would probably bring a second or even a third down to help push you back and probably try to take your tower. While this could mean death for you which sucks it creates opportunity for your team to push other towers.

If you happen to capture their bot then awesome, lay some traps and hang for a bit. This will most likely draw a few of them your way so get ready to get the heck out of there because you weren't meant to hold their bot your meant to distract them down there.

Lastly, and hopefully obviously if you see someone in your R range with a sliver of health about to get away, don't worry about KSing...a death is a death, if you kill them they aren't around to capture/defend points.

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This is what works for me, I don't expect it to be everyone's favorite :). Cait can be amazing under the right circumstances. I hope you use this as a base to start and experiment with your own builds, as I am sure there are others out there. I am open to any suggestions to make mine better also, just leave me a comment :).