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Caitlyn - Making Bushes Even Less Safe

Last updated on January 5, 2011
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Caitlyn - Making Bushes Even Less Safe

Hey, Notice some decent builds with caitlyn so far and decided i wanted to make my own. Been using with a few changes quite a few builds from here so i felt it would be fair to add one of my own.


The Runes I select are to support her Q and R, Since this is what the build is based after. The Quints are simply because it doesn't hurt for carries to have thaaat much more hp. Hasn't been the first time that i've came from a gank with 17 HP and a double kill still running for my life. Cooldown Runes are awesome on almost any character, Marks support the AD Spec and the Seals support her mana destruction Mid Game.


Since Caitlyn's Ult and main farming move are both Physical, The masteries i chose support it. The 9 Selected in Utility is also to support her mana. There's Nothing worse than losing a kill because you needed 10 more mana which we've all experienced at least once before.


The items took me a minute, After reading her passive and building this build with my friend i decided that an early bloodthirster (due to it's passive) and beserker greaves for attack speed, damage and life steal were a good idea. If you're a good player you can get that tears earlier but i personally prefer to hit a bit harder in order to get that gold for it quicker. The ENTIRE point on Manamune is simply because she kills her mana quite quickly. 1 Tears and you're free to harrass much better. Let alone Cait's Range, being able to harrass is great until you have no mana and that pesky garen who was sitting in the bush next to you makes his move. Manamune itself is just to finish off Tears, no point just leaving it like that.

Getting a black cleaver earlier than in most builds seemed more benefitial due to it's new patch changes. That attack speed for your Passive, and your range is super useful. And since it only needs 3 stacks for -45 enemy armor you should be able to do this well. Check your team though! if your team isn't very physical you may just want to save this for later and work on an early Madred's Bloodrazor instead.

Phantom Dancer was a choice i had to think about with this build, I decided it was useful in the end since the Movement speed allows you to finish off enemies and get out quickly, The attack speed from the last patch has also increased to 55% which is rediculous. The more you abuse that passive the more damage you do, so the more you can hit them the better. Crit chance just supports that statement too.

The last item in this build is Madred's Bloodrazor. Now i wouldn't say that Madreds is the best LAST item to get, you may want to rush it depending on the champions you are currently against. The attack speed and even more damage will crush your enemies. Madreds + Attack speed + Crit + Cait's Passive = easy 1k Normal hits without even using skills late game.

Depending On your enemies, you could swap that PD for a Frozen Mallet or something else useful, a survivability item, or just anything else that you think would work better for you than what i have put. Remember this is the first build i've ever written so it's sure to be flawed. I'll also be looking on any positive feedback to see if there's something to improve on :)


This should help clarify Manamune and a few other things. As i witnessed in my matches with my friend, Caitlyn seems to run out of mana quite quickly, even late game. Since you want to stay at far back as possible when in team fights (and just in general) you'll need that extra mana for your net to simply run away if needed. The extra mana and damage also help her farm quickly, push lanes and towers, jungle and so on.

For the skilling order i go with Piltover first, The other two moves are a bad choice since keeping an enemy still and visible for a short period of time or slowing them (and knocking yourself backwards) for a very short period of time don't seem very useful as your first skill to get.

Unless you're ally is going in for a kill, don't waste your Q too much. Use it on small groups of low hp Minions, angling yourself to maybe hit ally champions while doing it. Don't always stay in a bush also if you're on a side lane. Just because you're in it hitting minions doesn't mean they're not waiting in the other one to kill you, Once you're level 3 you can place your Traps in strategic locations to hit enemies, see in bushes, use them to run away and a bunch of other things. They're more of a Support/Free Ward IMO though.

90 Cal. Net
This move is not the best move to slow people with, but is quite underestimated. You can use it to get away or towards your enemies much quicker to get in those key hits and just over thin walls with it, making it very deadly.

Your Ult is a bit tricky since an enemy can walk in front of it to take the shot to save their ally from taking the damage. If you're in the middle lane, You should be fine with using it (unless that warwick just happened to come out to take it just to piss you off) On side lanes, see if your ally can keep them away from it while you shoot it, angle yourself so that it's hard for it to be intercepted, or use it as a scare tactic and completely switch your focus fire (unless that person comes back. be careful with your strategy since my build makes you very squishy)

Summoner Skills

There's Quite a few summoner skills that would work will with Caitlyn, Exhaust and Ghost have just always been my favourites especially with Exhaust's current change that made it much more useful. I'm not going to talk much about summoner spells though since you're probably heard the same opinions in the last 4 builds you checked anyways for basic summoner skillings.

Pro's and Con's


Your damage will be so ******ed against enemies carries (and most tanks) that as long as you aren't focused you'll shred them
Easily able to support and get away
Has great range
Is useful in almost any situation

Very very Squishy
If you're focused your allies probably wont be able to save you

In Conclusion Snipers are overpowered.... no well, it depends on you and how you play. I'm not going to force you to read all of this, to follow everything, to use this build or anything. This is just how i play her. Since this is also done off my account (can't register atm for some reason) i'll probably be unable to edit it until i can get home, copy this and add user comments to increase this guide's usefulness. Goodluck and happy killing!


PS I have no idea how to update the stats uptop to fill me in and i'll look at it when i'm able to repost and edit this since i can't save it at my current location.