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Caitlyn: the Rage Quitter

Last updated on January 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Cait the Rage Quiter:

I have been playing with her since release an i am tired of watching people play in a none aggressive manor. What im trying to say is her ult is to be "SPAMed". She is the only champ in the game that if you are laneing with her u have to take that damage from that ult (theres no evasion in any manor unless they wana walk a mile away from you). its plain an simple save 150 mana an spam the ult at your target when it comes up. you will ether kill someone who has too much pride to leave, send them home or set up an easy gank.

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Mana Consuption:

to keep ult spaming pressure up you have to have the runes and skill points. Ive tryed it without an my ult stays on cool down. another thing about mana, spaming q is un-acceptable cait is one of the few champs that can get away with just auto-attacks like Ashe to farm an harass. Save ur mana for when u exhaust or a team mate helps snare or slow. By all means if thier ******ed take advantage of that too.

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Vampiric Scepter: Laneing Phase

this is all under the assumption that you can properly use your vampiric scepter to effectively harass laneing phase don't be afraid to take a few hits from minions. If u get below 3/4 back off heal up even if it means tower hugging then proceed to keep harassing.

A perfect example of good harassing is fighting vald mid its good training because you have to constantly beat on him too keep him down even if he gets health every time if you can keep the pressure on you take more health than he can get back.

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Item Progresstion:

your life steal should keep cait in lane a long time she does hella damage to minions = massive life steal. If u find yourself going back early and you don't have enough for the +50 (Blood Thurster) work on the last whisper. after one of these are complete or its already mid game go for the speed boots.

Cait is soooooo easy to kill so after boots get a phantom dancer because laneing is probably over by now an u need to be faster than everyone else on the map. Why? your supper weak ill explain latter.

after phantom its open to whatever you think is best me personally i would just stack damage. I almost never make it to phantom dancer before the game is over

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After laneing, what do i do?

if you did your job right, the other team wants to focus you bad. Why not your the weakest and with a damage based aoe. this is where your boots phantom and e skill come into play. during team fights if a dps or tank singles you out instantly e him then q THEN RUN and repeat. Kite away as far as u can (with auto atks as u feel comfortable). If ur with a good team they will focus them down as they chase the best kiteing champ in the game or notice they have over extended an retreat.

If your not the focus then that is pretty easy, you deal damage.

One last thing Open before the fight starts with your ult its useless to use it after your team has won. If its an ambush use it last because the channel hinders you as a dps or if you know u can get an easy kill in a massive team fight (wont happen.... ok mabe 1 out of 100 times).

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Side Notes:

As any traper should, currently Nid and Cait (temmo doesnt count). If you have a jungler trap both entrances to the blue golem. Self explanatory.

Like any weak carry even tho it says easy it takes alot of awareness to keep your self safe that you will learn with time.

I'm open for any suggestions or ?'s.