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League of Legends Build Guide Author DBL_RAINB0W

Caitlyn The Trap Setter

DBL_RAINB0W Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Hello members of Mobafire this is Dubs here with my first ever build/guide for my favorite champion Caitlyn. I'm an avid Caitlyn player and like most have both my good and bad games with her, I have played her enough to know the build I am showing now is the most effective I have tried thus far. I tend to stick with this build with most teams I am matched against seeing as how diverse it is, I am able to take down multiple team comps with this very build. In this build/guide I will be going over many different topics such as Runes, Masteries, Items, Skill Sequence, Summoner Spells, Pros/Cons, Creeping, Team Work, Unique Skills, and Farming with Caitlyn as I normally would during a game. Please remember this is more of a guideline for those who are new to Caitlyn and you don't need to follow me to the letter, and enjoy the amazing Caitlyn.

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My rune setup for Caitlyn is basic but effective seeing as most AD Carries would be using Armor Pen. However I like to mix it up with Attack Speed also, from experience I have noticed it helps early game and those before minion spawn bush fights. Attack Speed runes are crucial on Caitlyn especially when it boils down to early game, creep farming and charging your passive is a must and the faster the better. However I highly recommend switching it up a bit, certain runes may be more suited for someone like Caitlyn, even those not normally used in ranked matches. I myself switch back and forth from Attack Speed Seals to Mana Regen Seals due to the heavy mana consumption of a actively harassing Caitlyn such as myself.

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Masteries are something I am very iffy about and would also like to say one should experiment with them as they get more used to the play style Caitlyn brings forth. Personally I have always been a fan of the very basic but effective masteries used by most going with the standard 21/0/9 type mastery builds. In this build/guide I gave a basic Att Speed/Damage, Mana/Health Regen mastery page which is basic and effective in the upmost. These specific masteries focus mostly on minion farming and active harassment within a laning period time frame. Although as previous stated once you have found yourself understanding the basics of Caitlyn and her playstyle I would switch this up accordingly or in such a way that it works best for you.

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In the item build I chose I actually found it to be one of the more effective builds I have mustered with Caityln thus far. Patience and prolongation is key with this particular build seeing as it is highly late game considering the way I play Caitlyn she is a heavy early game champion. Once the build is finished or nearing its end however you fill find yourself capable of chopping down tanks health in seconds and being basically unstoppable in a one versus one situation. I still recommend using the long attack range Caitlyn was gifted with to your advantage and staying on the sideline of team fights, being focused is never a good thing. Now to a key part of this weapon build, I have many people question my rushing of Trinity Force on Caitlyn and question my first prerequisite being Sheen even more. Now to clear this up quickly I will explain my reasoning for this particular item, it is highly dependent on how you play Caitlyn. As Caitlyn I focus more on ability harassment and trapping the opponent, often placing traps and firing off Piltover Peacemaker whenever possible. With this in mind sheen is always great if used properly with Caitlyn and now to explain what I mean. You will first want to charge up your passive, then quickly try to effectively catch your opponent with a shot from Piltover Peacemaker to proc your Sheen's unique ability before firing your passive buffed and sheen buffed shot to your opponent for the full effect. Also creating Sheen into something more such as Trinity Force helps for the numerous attributes it gives, as well as the Ability Power given, seeing as I make sure to max Caitlyn's Yordle Snap Traps second. Now as you may have noticed I have far to many items above, this is because I have learned something, well its something I learned long ago and that is that if you start with both a Doran's Item and a type of Boots and find yourself playing an AD Carry you should sell them. In my case I almost always find myself selling both my Doran's Item and my Boots for two Phantom Dancers, and why?. Well because two Phantom Dancers give the much needed attack speed and critical damage Caitlyn could use to kill tanks in the lowest time frame, as well as give her more movement speed then she would have had with boots even without any kind of boot.

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Skill Sequence

Skill Sequence is something that is important but not important as well with someone like Caitlyn, it really boils down to the player in the end. I myself love to use skills to harass during early game but once my build begins to get further I prefer to auto attack in those big team fight moments. Although there are certain aspects of Caitlyn which need to be acknowledged and used avidly such as her Yordle Snap Traps and her Piltover Peacemaker. My pet peeve with Caitlyn players are the genuine misuse of her traps, most don't even use them at all and it really bothers me seeing as I know how effective they really are. So to begin with make sure your traps are always laid down somewhere, and make the spots useful please! only put them in lane if you make some sort of line that is nearly uncrossable. Other spots are river bushes, river connectors, mid lane bushes, jungle entrance/exits, dragon, or baron. All there really is to Caitlyn's abilities besides that is to make sure nothings on cool down during lane phase but your ultimate and your 90. Caliber Net. When going into a team fight try placing a trap in between the enemy mass to see if you can catch one in the fray, or even initiate this way and possibly get lucky. You could even shoot your Piltover Peacemaker off into the fray trying to harass before the battle, but I would stick to auto-attacking once the true battle begins, and keep your distance. Finally save your ultimate for those few who may have escaped, or so they thought, try to target the target not being chased by your team or with the lowest health, make sure nobody they are running by may have enough health to tank your ultimate.

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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spells much like the rest of my build/guide can be changed accordingly to fit your play style or what you may find more effective. Another acceptable and helpful summoner spell which is normally overlooked is Clairvoyance. I know its not the best summoner spell one could be using with a champion such as Caitlyn but it helps with those stranglers who just leave your line of sight while trying to use Ace In The Hole. Now to my specific selection, Ghost, Flash, two overused but overly effective summoner spells which can really get you out of tight situations. This particular Caitlyn build is rather squishy and Caitlyn in general is squishy throughout most of the game, therefore survivability is key. Ghost and Flash give both amazing chasing ability as well as survivability and escape ability in fights and tough spots. I would normally go in the order of 90. Caliber Net, and if that doesn't cut it Flash, and finally Ghost if needed as it will leave you virtually unscathed.

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Laning Phase

Laning phase is a very important time in the game for Caitlyn, being fed early is always a plus for Caitlyn or any carry champion. Try laning with someone who could best compliment Caitlyn's abilities such as a champion with a stun or some sort of crowd control. Going into your lane as Caitlyn with your first ability being Yordle Snap Trap you should head for your lanes bush immediately and place a trap at the end of your bush closest to the opponents and wait. If rushed begin auto attacking with your laning partner and you should acquire a kill if they hit your trap and they are focused down. If not caught in the bush you should place your second trap in their bush while still inside your bush to check for any opponent who may be there before proceeding forward. Once minions begin to spawn and the beginning fight has ended be sure to quickly stop by river bush and place a trap at the far end of the bush in case of a jungle attack or a good old gank. Once that is finished begin attacking minions with last hits and harassing with your Piltover Peacemaker until a fight breaks out or a kill. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to run, make sure to head through the lane bushes and try to catch your opponent in one of your traps. If they successfully hit both you could more than likely turn it around on them and easily secure a kill with your Piltover Peacemaker or auto attacks. Continue fighting like this until your laning phase is over, if you indeed act like me and use abilities often and need mana try getting someone to help you with blue and grab that to keep yourself in lane.

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Pros / Cons

Caitlyn has many of both Pro's and Con's much like any champion in League of Legends.
And for this part I will keep it short and sweet in point form for everyone.

Great farming capabilities
Amazing cleanup ability and chasing abilities
Capable of cutting down any champion when fully built

Incredibly squishy minus life steal, don't get focused
Late game build with this specific guide
Limited crowd control

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Creeping / Jungling

Although this specific build/guide doesn't involve jungling its always nice for almost any champion to go for any camps throughout the game for that extra gold. Make sure your not stealing jungle from someone who needs it more, like say an actual jungling champion or a caster who may need blue. If the team doesn't ask then don't give, take blue buff and red buff if you get so lucky, both are useful no matter how you look at it. Jungle provides a lot of escaping capability for you as well, make sure to run for the forest if your being chased. Flash over walls, 40. Caliber Net from dragon, Ghost from there? Always works.

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Team Work

There is many ways for Caitlyn to function within a team role, Supporting Damage, Ranged DPS, and such. For maximum team work make sure to try to catch your opponents with your active traps as much as possible, the damage is rather drastic during mid game. Try initiating a few team fights for your team if need be, make sure to stay at a safe distance and try dishing out the damage with Piltover Peacemaker. If it comes down to it you can also play the role of back dooring, or defending depending on what your teams needs are. Back dooring is a role Caitlyn can fulfil very well as she dishes out amazing damage and has the attack speed to end towers, and inhibitors accordingly, with the right creep wave behind her. With this specific build back dooring should be relatively easy seeing as she has the max escape ability for Caitlyn, Flash, Ghost, 90. Caliber Net is a great combination for getting out quickly. Defending is something Caitlyn has a strong point for as well seeing as her massive damage and attack speed gives her great creep farming abilities allowing her to dish out enough damage to end those nasty super minions in seconds.

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Farming with Caitlyn is crucial, it will be the time you use auto attacks during early game seeing as ability harassment with deal with your opponent well enough. Make sure to always be getting creep kills, the sooner you get Trinity Force out of your way the better. Be sure to only last hit and use your passive proc on your opponent only and not to waste it on a minion. As Caitlyn you should be actively minion farming throughout the whole game whether it be in lane, back dooring, or in jungle on wolves, wraiths, or etc. By the end of the game if you have been actively farming minions throughout your journey you should have at least 200 creep kills if not more.

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That's all I can think to say about Caitlyn for the time being, and once more this is more of a guideline for beginner Caitlyn's, I don't claim to be a pro. The build is fairly effective and I hope it helps you and your Caitlyn needs out as best it can. This is my first build created on Mobafire so please give me feedback if you think you could improve anything. If you do think this build is rather good and it will help other Caitlyn players in League of Legends then please vote and try to keep the build up there so it may help others.