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Caitlyn Build Guide by fujiZERO

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fujiZERO

Caitlyn-What a Headshot!

fujiZERO Last updated on November 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there guys i just wanted to create this build because latly ive been watching many caitlyns in ranked games that just don't know how to build properly. I created this build to help many people who are in need of a good build. Personally i think this is the best build i can come up with for now and i hope you guys will enjoy it aswell.

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Item Build.

I like to start off with a dorans blade if i have a healing support otherwise i will go boots and three health pots if my support doesn't have a heal. For example (Blitz,Lux,Morgana etc.) I rush an early B.f sword at about 9 mins considering the fact that you farmed enough. after my bf sword depending on how good i am doing i will go for the zerkers boots or finish the bf sword into a blood thirster. Once i complete my blood thirster what i like to do is farm tthe 40 stacks asap then quickly finish my boots if i havn't yet or get a zeal. Once you get full thirster stacks and zeal your pretty much hurting at this point and as soon as you get your phantom dancer your gunna dominate early game. After you completed that i like to go straight for a last whisper instead of an infity edge because what most people do is they build armor against you becuase they know that you will drain there hp if they don't build any armor. Once you get your last whisper its pretty much GG. If the game isn't over at that point grab an infinity edge and banshies and you should pretty much be unstopable and hopefully win your game.

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Skill Sequence Summary.

I like to start off with my W at level one because this helps the team wether we are invading or if i need 2 protect my jungler from being invaded i will go set up traps around my jungler. What you want to do is Max out your Q (Piltover Peacemaker) because this skill is like your Dps Nuke. This skill does a lot of damage and good for farming creeps. After you max out Q go ahead and max out E( 90 Caliber Net) I max this out second because its the second most damaging skill i have plus the cool down is reduced just in case i need to get away from a sticky situation. After that I max out my R( Ace in the Hole) you pretty much want to max out your ulti Asap because this skill is great for killing those Lit kills that always happen to get away with flash. Lastly you max out your Yordle traps ( W).

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How to play Caitlyn in ranked games.

Basically what you want to do in a ranked game with Caitlyn is farm as much as you can early game so late game you will be a total "b i t c h" because late game you will focus down enemy carries so quickly they won't know what to do. So what I like to do is farm bot as much as I can then help my team with dragon/team fights then go back to bot and farm up. Once you get to the point where baron needs defending stick with your team and be very careful not to get caught. What you wanna do is stay in the back and shoot down there carries. Most people in ranked just go for the closest target and since your going to be in the back they probably won't focus you as much as they are to the closest person next to them. What i would recomend is shooting down the person that does the most damage on the enemy team. Shoot a couple of Qs in team fights if you see them all grouped up. After your team fight if you see some one trying to run away this is where you shine because of your Ulti (R) you just simply target him and Boom he's dead. Once you know your pretty much doing well try to get a team fight in while your team is ahead that way you will have an advantage of either pushing mid or any other lane or taking baron after you win a team fight. After this you pretty much should win the game if you have a solid team to back up your dps damage.
:D GL and have fun guys!