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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrStyx

Caitlyn: Whispering death

MrStyx Last updated on January 9, 2011
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Hey, I have noticed some decent builds with Caitlyn so far and decided I wanted to make my own. My build is similar to most of the Caitlyn builds I have seen but I hope that mine will be a help to all of you future Caitlyn players.

Caitlyn is a very awesome Champion you just need to be smart with her passive. Make sure that where ever you lane with he that you sit in brush or at least try to so that Headshot stacks way faster.

Now without further ado I present my Caitlyn guide. I hope you enjoy.

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The Runes I select are to support her Q and R, Since this is what the build is based after. The Quints are simply because it doesn't hurt to have Armor Pen. I mean really who doesn't want it when your playing a physical champion. Mana Regen per level Glyphs are awesome on almost any character, Marks support the AD Spec just as the Quints and the Seals support her mana destruction Mid Game (once again like the Glyphs).

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Since Caitlyn's Ult and main farming move are both Physical I chose to head down the physical tree. The 9 Selected in Utility is also to support her mana. There's Nothing worse than losing a kill because you needed 10 more mana which we've all experienced at least once before.

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This items I choose to get for this character are similar to some builds and I'm sorry if that annoys any of you. Im not trying to copy anybodys build I am just trying to post a build of my own that I want to help you all.
First . The reason I get this is because it is a pretty good for any Physical Damage champion. I mean since when did Health/Lifesteal/Damage hurt? Plus a is always good.
Second . This item is very good because the more armor they stack the more you penetrate. Plus 40 attack damage on top of that is amazing.
Third . These boots will truly help you for the whole game. These will make your ulti spammable just like Lux and hee Lazor!
Fourth . This item will help with the CD reduction even more and give you bonus damage and can be bought for a low price and then it can be upgraded later so it is a very helpful item.
Fifth . This will help you soooo much. The lifesteal is amazing with Headshot. It will give you a little burst of health every few attacks!!!!!
Sixth . This will help you survive for when something bad happens to you. Having this is helpful for nearly every Champion.
Seventh . This will help with your survivability and your chasing you can get this earlier if you are against a team of big runners. I would probably recommend it actually.
Last . This is just the upgrade to . I would not rush this if I were you but it is all up to you

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Early/Mid/Late Game


Early game you should be dominating the game field! You have an amazing damage output compared to most champions at low level. Abuse this!!! Do not be a nice person with your spells. Just your words!


Your DPS should still be dominating anyone who attacks you. You should be exploding people. Use your spells wisely and take them out and if your aiming for the snipe make sure that it wont be intercepted.


Late game (if it lasts long enough) Your damage will be slowing down but not tooo much. That is why you want survivability more towards late game because this is when you will not be able to dominate so easily.

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Skill Sequence

This is not a big part of the build just me stating why.
I get Q First because it is her main damage spell. You will want to spam this on minions but try to hit the champions too. You can use this to do some funny stuff that you'll see as you play. I max E next because the trap to me is just like Nidalee's traps. I use them to spot gankers and also use it on champions running remember to put it in front of them. Her ulti you will level up when ever you can.

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Your damage will be so ******ed against enemies carries (and most tanks) that as long as you aren't focused you'll shred them
Easily able to support and get away
Has great range
Is useful in almost any situation


Very very Squishy
If you're focused your allies probably wont be able to save you

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I hope you all will like my build and give me a +1. Im sorry if the pictures were not working. This is my very first time using them. I hope you all enjoy this build and please leave me comments telling me how your games worked out following this build.
Yours Truely,