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Cant Kill the Zil

Last updated on August 30, 2010
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Cant kill the Zil

This is my first ever build, so id appreciate comments and suggestions. Im creating this build because i always see ppl playing zil AP. This is an excellent choice, but there are other fun options that i use all the time that can make a very rewarding zil. Sit back and enjoy making your team love you, and your enemies hate you!

The focus on this build is clearly tanky, max CD (infact, think you waste 3% but u need the archaic knowledge.. worth it), strong late game and able to bait with yourself or an ally.. comeback with chronoshift. Then slow, flash, double bomb, slow etc.

Mastery Tree
Start with picking up archaic knowledge thru Sorcery (magic pen 15% and 3% CD) in offensive. The Magic pen and Ability power runes will make you nasty to deal with to anyone, farming is piece of cake @ lvl 5 generally. Next is 21 Utility, where you take everything except intelligence & Utility Mastery (CD & Neutral Buff). Now, i play with teleport and flash with Zil (Ill explain later, but your preference).. If you dont ghost is good choice, but play to your liking. I would not recommend intelligence, you will not need anymore CD after items are maxed! Take advantage of his CD ability rewind.

Summoner Spells
Teleport & Flash if u read whole guide you will understand (helps masterys, and will save yourself and towers all day long)..
Good alternatives as Summoner Spells: If your not fan of teleport or flash
Ghost~this gives you easy masterys and dont have to waste on spawn time, you will not need this mastery as you shouldn't die.. ever.
Heal~this one really surprised me.. when laning with side lane and teammate, can help with early win or kill. Plus with revive is pretty awesome, plz cast after reviving tho..
From there its all preference:
If your good with clairvoyance by all means..
exhaust is nice too (get cripple) can save some mastery CD, plus -10 magic resist
rally ive never tried buy could see its benefits actually.
maybe fortify or ignite (i would rather survivability than these two tho)
Every thing else a waste of time really (smite, clarity, cleanse, revive)

Skill sequence
Level up ChronoShift, Timebombs, rewind, then timewarp. I do put 1 level in timewarp @ level 4 (great for ganks and stopping theirs.. but very expensive early game). Time bombs are your bread and butter so get that going, only offensive spell he has. Once your level 5 your ready for the farming to begun! Timewarp, is important to focus mid game so u can spam chronoshift!

Time Bomb~ This move makes you a force to be reckoned with. This move I recommend saving for champs first few lvls. If your full of mana, might as well use some to level against creep. Remember that the best thing to do is be creative with bombs. Once your Timebomb is maxed, this move really shines.. try to follow some tricks i like to use with Timebombs.
1. Always place bombs on back creeps, this allows (if laning) your teammate to farm and generally they have less resistance to magic.
2. When you are ahead of lane and creeps are coming in a line towards you, run past the first creeps and stand next to back creeps, Next you fire your bread and butter double bomb when all creeps are next to each other.You should also attack the same creep twice so he will die from bomb faster.
3. Look for back minions with some health missing, when laning with enemy. Place a bomb on that minion, wait for enemy champ comes close to my bomby creep and rewind bomb again. This will set off both bombs if first bomb kills creep.. & youre farming the whole time and harrassing.
4. My favorite is to kill Trynd.. with his Ult, thinkin hes the master of survival! Place a bomb when he is already started ult and place bomb, if timed he will run away just to be killed after spell is over.
5. @ Level 5 timebomb, you can usually place a bomb on back creeps attack each back creep one time and the bomb will go off seconds later killing back row.
6. Once you have Chalice, Cast this spell all day long! This is spell is pretty expensive Since your casting two at a time usually. That is why i focused alot on masterys and runes too.

Rewind~ This works in sink obviously with timebomb, but also serves a great purpose with Chronoshift. Once ChronoShift is cast constantly cast this spell (especially if @ fountain), make Chronoshift always avail and stay in group fights Saving people is your job with this build once you hit level 6 (more realistically 10, need mana to spam with).. & the greatest thing is that it always costs 50 mana! abuse it.

Timewarp~ This spell is great for ganking and avoiding them.. remember this can save a friend so always stay with team member even when low health(within reason, even if your low on health). Also use this spell to slow opponent and help team get kill, or take it myself.

ChronoShift~ When you have mastered this build and play style, you will be making so many rage quits and quick wins, u'll be swimmin in IP. Here are some useful tips:
1. Cast chrono constantly; on yourself, on your team. With this build by lvl 14 you should have full CD reduction 40% (i think/100 secs.. from 160 @ 2nd lvl), plus rewind.. you can cast every 6 seconds!! Ive revived twice in one team fight, and so can you!
2. Bait for your team, or have someone else bait with u hiding in brush (then revive, flash slow, double bombs etc).. i even usually let "dead" teammate pickup kill, u farm plenty and your assists will be super high!
3. If a turret is really close to dying dont be afraid to stick around, tank the turret with this build and chrono yourself.. if youre smart abt it it can be that last hit that helps.
4. If Summoners Rift, use spell to claim mid game baron, if u communicate it with team, you can make a big impact on getting nashor with revive (you do no damage to nashor practically with timebombs) and u can scout well with slow/haste.
Remember it has huge range, so cast through walls.
5. I take teleport with me because you can make some sweet saves with teleport and Chronoshift. If you see a bad situation with ally and see some creeps around, teleport in. Cast chronoshift immediately (slow, double bomb etc).
6. Plus, if youve read Morthos's "Oh no, not HIM...", you should be familiar with the revive, flash through wall and haste away laughing.. It is true and i laugh everytime, thanx Morthos! Ive survived 5v1 many times with this technique.
7. When Reviving, Favor: Carry>anyone with buff>anyone with escape>anyone with CC>the friend you invited but sucks>tank.. you yourself are right around "anyone with escape" depending on situation.

Magic Pen marks, ability power quints (i like one flat health, but all AP good)(also 2%exp can be ridiculous with zil, but will be wasted late game), AP qlyphs and mana regen (ur choice flat/perlvl), but u dont need all just 3 or 4 and whatever else you like/have. I do health/lvl, dodge it actually pretty fun too (i like primarys).

Item Purchase
This is where my build really stands out, Im always seeing archangel staff, lichbane, mejai's.. this is great build for Zil also really helps timebomb (obviously) and chronoshift (500/750/1000 +300%AP). Zil is very versatile and id like to prove it with this build.. its played different, but can be helpful as you are tanky and later on do some decent damage, constantly pushing creeps and constantly reviving. (ive even played dps zil and did okay {bonus build chalice, boots, quinsoos rageblade, nashorstooth, lichbane... whatever else})

Boots: I never have set boots for any character, always adjust to situation.. Heavy CCs/Mercury Treads, both swiftness and movement speed+3 is great, ive even played afew with ninja tobi, you can argue sorcerers boots but i rather go with survivability with this build.

Begin game with Meki pendant and two health pots, u can also start with boots and 2 mana pots and possibly health, but id only recommend this if you have teleport to get right back in farming early game.. you need to go where you are needed. If you can mid take it, but helping a side lane is just as good. Side lane is especially good if u have champ that has hard time farming early, zil can harass extremely well. Dont be greedy, but dont be afraid to go in for kill, or assist with slow. Also Zil is amazing @ solo side lane if you have a jungle character!
You can return to get full boots whenever since you have teleport, but its a usually a good idea to get simple boots and get chalice.. once you have chalice you can cast bombs all day long!
You Should then get either: glacial shroud (20% CD, plus armor and mana.. all will be needed and welcomed!) or Soul Shroud (start with giants belt, allows you to play mid game with great survivability) both give good CD reduction which is key to this. Once one is done, get the other. You now have 38%CD and sit on it that way for awhile! Your job is to run between lanes blowing up whole groups of creep pushing towers, be in every team fight while spamming Chronoshift (when casting revive.. dont just leave them, bomb or hast them) and generally baiting opponents into bad moves that get them killed.

Mid Game
You should be either finished up with Glacial shroud and Soul Shroud or close too it. Now you have some more fun options.. you can save up for needlessly large rod and aim for Zhong's or you can get another giants belt and aim for rylai's sceptor. Both are great, zhongs will make you nasty with bombs, and chronoshift will heal much more! Rylais sceptor is more survivability and gives you even more slows! Remember you have teleport too and can grab sight wards and drop them on the way, save towers that are 4vtower by teleporting and casting chrono (whoever needs it) and then aim for nearest minion that is centered and hurt alittle double bomb the same one, this will cause turret to target champs that are left and u can slow!

You should be supporting a teammate carry that will push through any and all lanes! If the game makes it long enough to finish ult build (chalice,boots,frozen heart,soul shroud,zhongs,rylai's), u should be ridiculous @ this point able to cast Chrono in less than a minute! Your AP thanks to zhong and rylais is something to be feared and slows too boot.

Final Thoughts~~
Im not saying this is best Zil, i have played hundreds with this or similiar builds and it takes practice but is very rewarding build. Remember that since you start by getting chalice and boots, you have time to decide if this is the right build for the game you are playing, if your a killer go AP/if you have weak tank or good communication with allies go my Cant kill the Zil!
Also take advantage of Zil's passive! It is always a great idea to have a jungle (if someone can) so you all take the most advantage of extra exp% (8%) and zil is perfect solo side-laner.
This build may not work if you do not get runes (at least marks, quints and glyphs), they are vital to your farming and killing since you buy no AP until mid-game or even late mid-game.
Also, dont need buffs really that much, so help teammates that need buffs by letting them have it. Mana regen and CD are high enough. You dont need exp, you should be way ahead so no need to jungle for exp.