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General Guide by hennus

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author hennus

Carry guide

hennus Last updated on July 17, 2011
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This is a guide about how to play carrys. Carrys are very strong late-game chars, they deal a lot of damage but are very squishy. Almost all carrys are ranged DPS. Many people say that they are "caster carrys", but casters are also good in early and mid game but not as strong in late-game as a ranged DPS.

In this guide i focus on vayne, ashe and corki.

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The runes are for all carrys almost same.

marks: armor pen

seals: mana reg at 18/attackspeed

glyphs: mana reg at 18/attackspeed

quintessence: armor pen

Marks and quintessence armor pen is bedder than flat damage!

For corki i focus on mana reg glyphs and seals cause all of his skills cost mana and his ulti is important to use often for trinity force.

Vayne donnot need any mana. You use condemn not often and tumble has a 12 sec cd if you donnot max it.

Ashe runes are difficult. You need a bit mana reg because of volley and the 200 mana ult, but if you donnot wast volley skill you only need mana reg seals.

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Masteries for carrys are very easy 21 0 9!

The only difference is corki: he needs the magic pen in offense.

Important is forw vayne and corki that your lizzard buffs durration is longer. I explain it later in "teamwork".

For vayne one skill point goes in the bin if you donnot play exhaust(you donnot need exhaust cause of the frosen mallet).

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First you buy a dorans blade you need to go back until you can buy boots and another dorans blade.

The 3 important items are the bloodthirster phantom dancer and infinity edge.

For corki trinity force is important too cause of his low cooldown ult (you buy sheen not until you have your ult). Trinity force is not in the wayne items because i max e before q.
If you max q first with the 2 sec cooldown trinity force is nice too.

I build berserkers greaves with ashe cause when you have phantom dancer you have a 425 movement.

With every carry you need one tank item, in most cases banshees is the best option but with wayne i would buy a frosen mallet for the health and the slow.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is the best summonner spell and i think you need to play it with all chars.

Second is ghost ignite or exhaust. These are all great spells and you can pick one off them.
At the top is only written whitch spell is a little more bedder for the champ in my oppinion.

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Farming is most important for carrys. If you will be good you need more than 200 minion kills in a 40 min game. If you have a lot of minion kills you have more items and this such important for carrys.

Farm until you have your first good item after boots than harass the enemy for more lane controll and farming. For safe farming it is important to go on botlane with a supporter. You can go midlane but carry-support-lane is much bedder.

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Team Work

Team play is very important for a carry. Because of the week early and mid game phase you need a supporter on you lane which have no minion kills (you need ALL minion kills).
You also need all campion kills you can get (say it to your team).

A special trick is the early red buff for a carry. With your team you go to your or to the enemy red buff and get it than you have a very strong early game harassment. Red buff is your buff!

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Team fight

Before you get your second good item after boots donnot go agressiv in teamfights stay behind and shoot normal hits or missils (or you go farming and let your team fight but say it to your team, if not they are angry after the clash!). In lategame you are very important in teamfight attack the

squishy first

AP nuke after

carry finaly

With your heavy 1000! crit you kill all squishy targets with about 4 hits!

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Wayne is a special carry cause of her strong early game.
Harassment is very easy: 1. go in bush
2. normal attack
3. tumble
4. condemn (or normal attack)

Assasin with your ulti: 1. go in bush and make you ult on
2. tumble behind the enemy into right position (use fash if need)
3. condemn and kick the enemy in your team or against a wall
4. after that heavy normal attacks and ignite

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Ashe is weeker in mid and early game than other carrys. Be very carefull if your first tower is down.Cause of her low movement early game harasment is difficult. When you have your infinity edge all changes, than you have great damage output and harass the enemy then dwith you slow shots.

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Corki is more difficult than other carrys cause of his skillshots.

Start to harass the enemy when you are level 6 and have your sheen.
Than you shoot a missile and a normal hit with sheen.
If you want to attack somebody by hard start with walkyrie over the minions and than gatling gun, phosphorus bomb, exhaust and a lot of missils and normal attacks.

Be carefull with your mana at the beginning. Never use your gatling gun in early game and use your walkyrie only to escape.

Corki do not need last whisper cause his damage is also magic damage.

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Now you know: carrys are important for the team and with the right farming you will "carry" your team to the victory!


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