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Carry nocturne

Last updated on November 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi this is my nocturne build and i hope you like it.
This nocturne build is a DPS damage build whit much crit.

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Pros / Cons

much attack damage,crit,can jump to an enemy whit his ulti (paranoia)
strong opponent and get much kills i get 29/7/10 but much are ks.....

However, Nocturne isn't ALL double rainbows and unicorns. There are many ways for an experienced opponent to counter even the best of Nocturnes. First of all, buying armour items spell the demise of any AD champion, including Nocturne. Also, his ganking ability becomes very limited if your opponent is smart about not overextending, and calling MIA's if you are playing Lane Nocturne.

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Your Role on the Team

As Nocturne, your role is to keep your enemies on their toes with ganks and harassment. Make your opponent scared of you, and make them scared of overextending. Punish them whenever they do something stupid, and you will be in good shape going into the mid/late game.

YOU NEED TO GET FED AS NOCTURNE. Either farm well, or get fed with kills, otherwise you will just be a joke to the enemy team instead of the unstoppable force that you are supposed to be.

Nocturne is generally not the best initiator for teamfights. Get your Tank/Off-Tank to do that. You role in a teamfight is to swoop in with your Paranoia after the fight has started, and to pick off whoever is either most important on the enemy team, or the easiest to kill. However, you should wait until the teamfight has fully erupted before you ult in, because if your enemies focus you down then you are pretty screwed, even if you are a Tanky Nocturne. When you ulti into the fight, try to hit as many opponents with Duskbringer as you can, because this will make them paint the entire floor and you wont have to just stay in one spot to deal damage. In most cases, you will be the main damage dealer next to your AP carry, so stay alive and do your job: DO AS MUCH DAMAGE AS YOU CAN.

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As Nocturne, as well as most other DPS's, your basic attacks are your best friends. Unlike some AD champions, your basic attacks are your main source of damage, and your abilities are just there to support you as you auto attack your opponent to death.

This passive umbra blades allows you to have much more sustainability, in the Jungle and in lane, and its AOE can sometimes be useful for teamfights.

This ability duskbringer is essentially steroids for your attack damage and your movement speed. Doubled over as an excellent way to harass, this ability will make your auto attacks just that much more deadly. As a rule of thumb, I always max this first.

shroud When used at the right times, this ability can save you, oh so many times. I can't even imagine how many times it has saved me. If you are new to Nocturne, a good way to start is to always remember to use this when going into fights or when trying to escape. The passive of this ability also makes me take a point in it at level 2 if I am jungling, as the attack speed bonus will speed up your Jungle much more than if you take a point in Unspeakable Horror.

Unspeakable Horror In my opinion, this is one of the most versatile abilities in the game. This is your bread and butter to outdamaging your opponent, as during the fear he will not be able to attack. Also, this ability is perfect for chasing opponents, or to get an opponent off your tail.

paranoia This may very well be my favourite ability of ANY champion. This is the reason why Nocturne is considered the best ganker in the game. However, this ability does have more uses. It can be used to catch escaping opponents, run away from groups of opponents to a less damaging one, or as your key tool when you play as an Anti-Carry.

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The items

Dorian`s shield is good in earlygame, you'll get armor, health and healthreagan, so you can stay longer in lane for exampple
Infinity age mabye early to buy but it's a good item, you'll get much damage and crit.
I recommend Berserker`s greaves, it gives you 25 attack speed and some movmentspeed (not the fastest though).
Bloodthirster gives attack damage and life steal, but you shouldn't die, because the stats is based on the minion kills.
Black clever gives you damage, attack speed and a item passive. Your basic attacks reduce your target's armor by 15 for 5 seconds (maximum 3 stacks).
Frozen mallet you get health,attack damage and passive Your basic attacks slow your target's Movement Speed by 40% for 2.5 seconds. (30% for ranged attacks)
madred`s bloodrazor you get armor,attack damage,attack speed and passive Your basic attacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum health (maximum 120 versus monsters).

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When in a Fight

When in game, and trying to fight an opponent, a common skill sequence would be: Duskbringer, Shroud of Darkness, Unspeakable Horror, then a whole bunch of auto attacks. Then Duskbringer when its cooldown is done, if the fight lasts that long. You can also sneak in a few auto attacks in between the abilities.

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Summoner Spells

Excellent Summoner Spells for Nocturne

Flash will save you in many situations, and is one of your key tools when trying to escape.
Ignite another spell that can be used to secure kills if an opponent is trying to get away.

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All in all, Nocturne is, of course, my favourite champion. Please vote, leave a comment.
Bye and i hope you like it.