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Carry Renekton

Last updated on November 29, 2011
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Renekton if not one of the most fun champions in League of Legends Renekton is a great all around champion. The reason I am making this guide is becasue I ahve seen him try to tank/AD too many times and more then half the times it fails. My build is all out AD you may think it leaves him way to squicshy no if you no how to execute his skills correctly you well go Legendary in almost every game. Sorry if I need more correction First Guide Ive ever done.

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The Runes I chose for him were Armor Penetration, Attack runes, and Critical Dmg runes. The reason why is with the armor penetration his skill Ruthless predator well own early and late game no matter what with that skill you can literally three hit people in game. As well the critical runes well benefit you when you have finished Phantom Dancer you well be critting people like crazy. The attack runes beneift you with you skill ruthless predator and cull of the meek.

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Now with your items its an all around good item build the starting ones are boots and three health potions. It keeps you in the lane much longer whether you are soloing top which should alway be you if you have a jungler. Or if you are Mid me I love mid renekton you can just about own anyone mid. Or if you are laning with someone. I would say stay in your lane as long as you can until you are forced to go back to your nexus. From there you would transition into Ionian Boots which are awesome consdering your skills cooldown. If you still have enough buy an aarice blade for the gold gain and the critical chance it gives you. Then go back to your lane. Stay on your lane till you take out the turret or they take out yours. ONce you go back finish up Ghostblade. With ghstblade you can pretty much chase and team gank. After Ghostblade transition to Black Cleaver. The reason I like Black Cleaver is becasue of your 2 or three hit ruthless predator. It well Instantly lower their armor. With the armor down yu can just ghostblade if you havent yet during the fight and chase them down. After Black Cleaver start making your infinity edge. After Inifinity get your Phantom Dancer I usually get zeal after BF Sword just to get my atk speed, crit and movement speed. By the time you are done with those items game should have been done if not go ahead and buy sunfire cape some people likes to get it early but with this build you dont need to with the dps you are pushing out.

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How to implement Renekton Correctly

With renekton the only way to carry or own with him is to use your skills properly. You are very dpeendent upon your rage. If you are laning by yourself play safely and definsively. Make last hit creeps so you opponents creeps will go to you and you just farm off the creeps. Always pay attention to your rage meter. If you feel that you can take on the champion. Wait until you are at 50 and then slice in stun which well result a three hit with 1.5sec stun and if they had pushed out to far chase and dice in and cull of the meek. More then half the time early game you won't kill them unless they are like ashe or kat very squishy. But it does make them back off. Now with you doing that be careful because more then half the time they well start to gank you. Once you have finished Ghostblade assuming your done with your boots. Thats when the fun starts. Push you lane turrets and from there start ganking. Renekton is probably one of the best gankers in game. During ganks if you feel that the team is down for the fight ult up slice in cull of the meeks dice to the dps or ap champions and stun them first. As Renekton you never take on tanks always get teh DPS or the APs. with your coold down riduiculously fast on ruthless predator you should have no problem chasing champions. Always turn ghostblade on never forget about it Ghostblade can either win you team fights or cost you team fights. By the time you get black cleaver the game should be with mid or late game. With black cleaver and ghostblade you can solo almost anyone except tanks like singed. Once you finish Black cleaver two things you can do either initiate team fights and aim for the DPS and APs or let your tank initiate and then aim for the dps and ap. Just remeber always ult and ghostblade in during team fights.

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This is my build guide for Renekton please dont hate by posting useless post on it instead help with advice. The reason I build Renekton this way is becasue it works for me and it can make or break a team. If you can use this build correctly in every game you well dominate and go legendary. This is a carry renekton remeber that you cannot tank a whole team you must be in team fights or 1v1 against champions. Here is proof that it works ignore the frozen mallot i got bored and went forzen mallot later on

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