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Ryze Build Guide by Guest

Carry tier ryze

Carry tier ryze

Updated on November 24, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,460 Views 0 Comments
2,460 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryze Build Guide By Guest Updated on November 24, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



So, just another Mana ryze build? Well that's not entirely true, nor is it wrong either. This a good build for players looking to max out Ryze's potential carry power. While utilizing this build ryze can become very powerful and out shine many of the games other nuke champions. This guide is not traditional in the fact that it doesn't use boots, however don't let that dissuade you from trying it out. This build is a slight modification of another ryze build by JunSupport.

Please leave comments on the guide as i am always looking for ways to improve it.
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Ryze is a Ranged mage with strong nuking power. What makes ryze different from other nukes however is the fact that his spells gain power with his maximum mana. This means that by stacking high mana on Ryze with strong AP, not only can he cast multiple spells without having to worry about mana consumption, he can hit very HARD. Ryze is a very strong champion if he is allowed to be farmed. If you are playing Ryze it can be very easy to clean up low hp champions after a team fight, and you can assist strongly during a team fight with your aoe Ulti. What Ryzes Ulti does is it gives him a passive boost in mana, and when activated causes his skills to have an aoe and spell vamp effect. This when paired with his high damage output can cause enemy hp to be drained very quickly if they get caught in his Aoe from any of his skills, another use for this is in clearing out minions. With his ulti Ryze can clear a wave of minions with fair easy.
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For runes i chose to have the greater seal of replenishment, greater marks of insight, greater glyphs of intelligence and greater quintessence of potency and intellect. The greater seal of replenishment is a good seal for allowing ryze to have better lane staying power with allowing him to maintain a good Regen rate on his mana during early game. The greater marks of insight allow ryze to have a small amount of magic penetration which allows his attacks to hit through some amounts of defense during early and mid game. Next we have the greater glyphs of intelligence, these allow ryze to gain a nice 101.5 mana allowing him to stay in lane slightly longer during early game play and allowing his spells to start with a small boost in power. Finally we have the Greater quintessences, i chose both a potency and two intellect quintessences for this build. The quintessence of potency allows ryze to start a match with 4.95 AP, which doesn't seem like much but does allow an early game kill with a good player behind him. Next are the quintessence's of intellect, these quins. allow ryze to gain a small boost in mana (75 mana). When you combine the quintessence of greater intellect with the greater glyphs of intelligence, ryze starts the game with a nice boost of 176.5 mana, allowing him to do much more early game despite his low starting hp.
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Masteries, alright well lets see what we got.

6 offense:
4 in mental force and 2 in sorcery.

The 4 points in mental force allow Ryze to gain +4 AP, this combined with the quintessence of potency allows ryze to start a match with +8.95 AP. Next are the points in sorcery, these allow Ryze to 2% cool-down reduction at the start of the game allowing him to use rune prison at a slightly higher rate than normal during the first few minutes of the game.

24 utility:
1 in summoners insight, 3 in good hands, 3 in expanded mind, 3 in meditation, 3 in transmute, 4 in awareness, 3 in intelligence, 3 in perseverance, and 1 in mastermind.

So the summoners insight, this hand little mastery allows you to reduce the cool-down on Flash by a nifty 15 seconds, this can help alot in allowing you to get out of a tight spot or get into position for a nice gank. Next we have the 3 points in good hands, these will help reduce the time you spend dead by 10%, im not saying you will die, but its good to be prepared isn't it? Then we have the 3 in expanded mind this is a really nice mastery as it allows you to gain good amounts of mana for Ryzes spells, at level 18 it allows you to gain 216 mana. This can help you maintain power as you push on through the game. 3 points in meditation, this increase's your mana Regen by +3 per 5 seconds, this doesn't seem like much but when your farming lane after a gank that took up your mana, having that boost in mana Regen can help alot. Next in line are the 3 points in transmute. These points in transmute give Ryze added vamp to his ulti which allows him to heal himself while sending out damage. Then there is the 4 points in awareness, these points allow Ryze to gain a 5% boost in exp, with this boost it becomes easier to get to level six before the enemy to make sure you can get your ulti and start assisting your team strongly. 3 points in intelligence allow for Ryzes spells to have dropped cool-downs, meaning that if used correctly with his passive Ryze can use his spells in very quick succession. Next we have the 3 points in perseverance, these give Ryze increased HP and mana Regen which allow him to have greater lane staying power throughout the game. Finally we have the point in mastermind, this mastery gives you a 15% cool-down in summoner skills. this when paired with the 15 second reduction on flash, allow you to use this skill at a greater amount allowing for more potential kills and, safe escapes.
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For the item build for this ryze, ive chosen a setup that allows for a high damage output in exchange for having boots. This will allow Ryze to have a sixth item which will boost his mana, instead of boosting his movement speed.

This build includes these as the final items:
    Archangel's staff
    Banshees veil
    Frozen heart
    Nashor's tooth
    Rabadons deathcap
    Rod of ages

Early game:
> > >

Core Items:

Normal laning:
> > > > > > > >

End game items:
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Arcane mastery: Ryzes amazing passive skill.

This skill causes any ability to be used by Ryze to reduce the cool-down on the other skills by 1 second. When used correctly this can lead to massive damage output.

Rune prison:

This is a great skill to start the match out with. Not only does Ryzes rune prison stun a target, but it does upfront damage based on his maximum mana. This can be a very useful skill for locking down an opponent before unleashing your dps on them.


Overload is Ryzes, very, spam-able move. With a cool-down of only 2.1 seconds on full reduction and then paired with Ryzes passive this is an amazing spell for dishing out damage. Like his other spells, this gains power based on his maximum mana. meaning its a great spell for doing nuke damage, or killing blows on enemies.

Spell flux:

This is a nice little ability, that allows you do fire a magic attack which bounces from enemy to enemy or from Ryze to an enemy 5 times. This skill doesn't not rely on Ryzes overall mana, and use's AP like a normal skill. This skill is mostly good for using to get that Cool-down reduction on Ryzes other skills.

Finally we have Ryze's ulti:
Desperate power:

Ryze's ulti allows him to gain a passive boost in mana, and when activated Spell vamp and aoe effects. This skill can be used very quickly however if you use your cool-down reducing passive correct which makes up for its less than perfect effects. Being able to use your ulti almost 2 times a minute? That's extremely useful in a team fight, as it means you can deal out constant aoe dps to every enemy who stands in your way.
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Summoner Spells

Finally we have the summoner spells!

Alright so, Flash and exhaust. These are both great spells which can provide good assisting power to Ryze.

Flash is one of the most powerful summoner spells out there. Using this spell can be a great asset to you. When using this correctly you can get out of tight spots, or get in close to an enemy to land that nice kill.


Exhaust is a very nice spell. Being able to reduce any, and all stats on an enemy is always useful. Using this in combination with flash can lead to satisfying kills on players who are trying to run when they see you coming.

If you don't have the level for flash, don't worry about it grab ghost, its not as good of a spell but it does help just the same.
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Guest Ryze Guide
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Carry tier ryze

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