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Carrying with Dr. Mundo- Indept early game, experienced tric

Last updated on September 28, 2015
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Hello everyone,
First let me say I only play Dr. Mundo.
If league was a RPG Dr. Mundo is my main character carrying me battle after battle.
I play Dr. Mundo day in and day out on every patch no matter how good or bad it is.
Alot of standard guides out there,
Here are some tips for early game carrying and a few hidden tricks maximize the use of Mundo.

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How to actually do it

Step 1-Early camp : Forget about Q get W and take a Raptors. As long as you have Defensive Mastery Page you dont even need the pot :) (Use pot for Wolves)[/b]

You can even double jungle early to help team more.

Step 2-Back buy tele: Back, buy 5 pots and tele back to lane. If you are doing everything right you should start channeling right before the second waves reaches your turret.

You can also have your top laner leash you if you want to play mid and want be tele back to lane on time.

Lets take stock of game. You have 1 level on your laning opponent, 3-4 more pots. And you still have about 3-5 minions from that first wave. You come to lane with huge advantage. Very few top laners can start a camp solo and most can be outscaled.

Step 3- Trade and poke: Land as many Qs and Es as possible.
Q trading and farming with Mundo is obvious, but the usage of E is what is going to define whether you lose or win lane. No one is expecting you to be able to have kill pressure. But with early level 3 or 4 you can. Poke as much as you can and let them push. You are really looking for that close range Q E combo.

Step 4- Kill or zone: Once they are low enough you can just flash in and kill; if you lane your Qs they can be permanently slowed. Jungle helps :)

Zoning with Dr. Mundo is one of the best top lane. Once a wave is pushed towards you you can stand in front of their caster minions and Q the opponent away. His superior health regen allows him to trade poke and zone while staying healthy while his low damage autos allow him to CS without pushing the lane.

Since using W early wastes too much health, use it as another tool to farm. Treat it as a level adc auto attack and activate it to get last hits.


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