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Chaos after Engage

Last updated on April 13, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Sinegd its you or them!

Okay friste of all, i want to say that Sinegd is like a counter to all champs, there some few champs there can be a pain in the ... but he can pretty much play vs all. if you are an experience Singed player you should try the friste build. i tryed it vs alot of champs there normaly counter sinegd and won the lane hard, only because the facts that you are full ap to start with and + his a easy farmer advance, so if you build full AP you farm even more easy. the hold point in this guild is. Not to buy mana, every time you buy mana, you only buy it for some extra time for your q to stand runing or to throw some more people. but the sercert is when you get to lvl 8-11 you dont really need mana that much, and its not that hard to trun off you posion. i know Singed gets HP for his mana, but lets face it... its useless. if you realy are in need of mana, because you cant kill them all without it, you should buy a tear, i normaly say you have to deserved to buy it. like you cant go and buy it the friste 10 to 20 min. because if you do, and you not ahead in your build, mana is waste of monney. but if you have your rylais scepter and some armor or mr mana is like noting to worry about and a small price to pay. or you could just buy mana pots insted, which i do. and remeber to trun off your q.

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Singed is Tank... but

Singed is tank but if you get 100% tank you get to weak and cant deal any damage in team fights, so the saveset think to do, most be to buy a Guardian or Angel and Thormail if you vs AD and Abyssal scepter and Banshees if you vs AP. if you like me and dont are in need of mana items you buy a Death cap insted of one of the items i just mentioned and get a Warmogs Armor after as the two last items. but its only if you vs more AD then AP, so only do it if you fell like you aint are in need of a GA or a Tear or Abyssal Scepter.

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When to pick Singed

Dont pick Singed if you Vs Kayle. Temmo. Riven. Nunu. and Darius.

They have all spells that make you dead in less then few min. in your lane and can easy punish you if you are trying farm. if you vs them you need a TP to gank bot alot and make you gold from kills and Assist

Pick Singed no matter what if you Vs. Poppy, Master Yi. Jinx. Yasuo.

You punish all of them so easy if they try anythink funny. cus most of them have to get close to you for dealing damage. and Jinx. have no escape if she miss with her stun.

Good advice if you are against.

Lee sin its you or him ulti and fight him all the time if you didnt feed him. you can focse him to go back and buy and heal. if you win trades.

Temmo dont let him puke you. if you have full HP and you can get a gank you win the lane. if you puked down and try to fight him you die and cant run from him so dont try its not even worth trying.

Darius... you lost :D nahh just kiding. you cant trade with him unless you supper feed. or els his bleed damage more then your poison so dont try if you not 100% sure of his death is insurance

Riven and her freking q auto attack, kills you in lvl 1 so dont ever try to trade or fight her alone. when fighting her. try to throw her when you know she wants to ulti. pretty hard but can counter it if you throrw frist

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Singeds weakness and goodness

Singed is weak if you aint geting used by your team really. or if they dont know how to play with him like his not a tank like amumu and gailo who just jumb in the middel of a team and then bang all ultied. you have to play him as a support in a kind of way. if you aint strong ofc that is. example never chase people let them chase you. and if you are trying to chase. stop after you get slowed or stun. if you or your team cant stop them, to a throw or slow.

The Goodness about him is his almost unstoppable to kill if you are in posicion. and can stop all team fights if they are chaseing your team just by runing with them in in S formation. and his role in lol is to punish all mistakes. so if you see one focuesing a wrong target. Thorw him! and make them cry you a river. or focues the strongest... mostly best

So short and good

Weak alone good with team
Weak with mana good with HP and AP

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Thank you for reading

if you fell like you need to know more about singed here is a other guide that helped me alot