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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Chaotic Theory-Crafting: Shaco

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on September 18, 2010
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Hello again. More Chaotic Theory-Crafting, but this time with the funny man of LoL. Shaco, the Demon Jester.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

Simple 21/0/9 build. Melee friendly in offensive, and XP and Greed in Utility

I choose Teleport and Ignite. Of course chasing and securing the kill early game. Nothing like a fed killer clown.

Other spells that work great for Shaco are Flash, Cleanse, Ghost, and if you Jungle Smite.


The 3/5 skill here is Deceive. Love the bonus dmg early game.

@ LvL2, Two-Shiv Poison. Glass Cannon opening and some knife throwing practice as they run. Gotta love it.

@ LvL6 get Hallucinate and wreck havoc. Two insane clowns backstabbing everyone. Ahhhhh. Good times.


Marks & Glyphs I went with Crit Dmg. Im working on making full use of Deceive's guaranteed crit. Its going to be fun early game with all fun ganking ;)

Seals I went for Dodge here. Working on crit and avoidance. Shaco is no Jax, but if you cant hit him, he cant ever die, right?

Quintessences I choose ArP. The core of his burst dmg. Lower Armor means more dmg. More dmg means higher crits. Higher crits means higher crit dmg. Gotta love the snowball synergy.


Long Sword= +10 dmg
Long Sword= +10 dmg
Tier 1 Boots= Speed +1
Brutalizer= +25 AD. Passive 10% CDR and 15 ArP
Averice Blade= 12 crit chance. and 5G per 10sec
Ghostblade= 30 AD and 15 crit chance. 15% CDR and 20 ArP. Active is a smaller Highlander.
Ninja Tabi= Speed +2, 25 armor, and 12 dodge
Vamp Scepter= 12 Lifesteal
Executioner's Call= 15 crit chance 18 LS. On hit: deals 4dmg over 8sec. Active is a healing and regen debuff
Recurve Bow= 40 Attack Speed
Stark's Fervor= 20 Attack Speed. Aura gives 20% Attack Speed, 20% LS and 30hp5s. Gives -20 armor to nearby enemy champs.
Long Sword= +10 dmg
Brutalizer= +25 AD. Passive 10% CDR and 15 ArP
Cloak of Agility= 18% crit chance
Zeal= +20% Attack Speed +10% Critical Strike +8% Movement Speed
Phantom Dancer= +45% Attack Speed +30% Critical Strike +20% Dodge Chance +15% Movement Speed

As you can see, these items add crit and ArP. Tabi for the Dodge, and you got a nasty Shaco.

Items that can be swapped out Sheen, Bloodthirster, IE, Manamune, etc. There are alot of things that can work with Shaco.

Game Play

Early Game
This one place that Shaco can shine. With the crit dmg power, and ArP, he will make short work of someone should he get behind them. Taking Deceive first you can easily set up a gank, and poof behind the focus as they run. That makes use ot his passive, Backstab. I start building Ghostblade first. It gives great dmg, ArP, CDR, and crit chance. This is all great the build, and is cheap. Cheap=/=weak. Early game this is a great item. And with Shaco's mobility, Deceiving beind a target, activating Ghostblade, and wail away. With Jack in the box early you can set up the kills that much easier. If you have to chase, Ghost, Ignite, or Two-Shiv Poison. Problem solved. By the end of this game, you shold haev Ghostblade, and building Executioner's Call. The great thing about Ghostblade, is if you play smart you can take the dragon at LvL6. If you play TT, dragon at 6 is always fun.

Mid Game
If you are staying strong in game, start building Starks. Nothing like a armor debuff to add to the insane dmg that you are already doing. Ghostblade, EC, Tabi, and Starks should be completed by late game. Again cheap items dont mean they wont work. They will carry you to late game, and if you want to get IE, Bloodthirster, etc, well the smaller items. They will help pay for those big nasty items.

Late Game
You should have the build pretty much done. Staying true to the assassin that Shaco is, watch for wards. Get some Oracles and stealth sight wards, and keep up the ganking. Ghost will help with this. Teleport is good too. Keep the jungle buffs on lock down. Lizard and Golem buffs are Shaco's friends. Get the Phantom Dancer finsihed and you will be popping up in team fights, dodging attacks, moving like lightning, and be gone before they know what happened.

1v1 & Jungling

Shaco is great 1v1, but he can be squishy so pick your fights. If you make too much of a name for your self, wards and Oracles will be everywhere. This makes 1v1 harder, but it can be done. Remember that you want to open behind your target. This means more dmg. And with the build, more dmg is good all the way around.

Jungling is something that Shaco is good for. Stacking Jacks will help you early game, and will make getting gold and buffs easier. Jungling is one place that Shaco can be dangerous. All the cover, blind spots from walls, and brush make anyone a target for Shaco. This is where wards come into play. You can Teleport to wards, so if someone is taking a buff just port in and stop them. Its the side splitting hilarity that is the Demon Jester.

Ganks & pushing as a team

Whose one of the best Gankers in LoL? Shaco is near the top. He is rivaled by Eve and Twitch, but he is on top. Wards with Teleport give you insane mobility so palnt them in all the right places. Since Shaco is one of those insane gankers, try in on those jungling champs if you are feeling brave enough. Sit in the bushes and wait. Watch as they attak, swoop in for the buff or when they get low the kill, and just walk away like nothing happened. The joys of ganking.

In pushes, you will get focused, so just pop in and out. Of course pop your clone and head in. The thing about the clone, is it get the same buffs you do. So if you have Starks, it will have Starks, and there will be double the buffs and debuffs. Thats a sick twisted sense of humor, dont you think? Just stay bank, wait for the fight to start, then get involved.

Friends & Enemies

Stunners again are the best thing to pair with. This will allow for max dmg and will work well with the slowing of 2SP. There are some support champs that will work well with Shaco, Zilean for one. The speed buffs, the ult, the increased experience is nice too. Janna for the bubble and increased speed. Kayle's ult makes Shaco harder to kill, and can save him.

Everyone hates you. Know this now. They will see you and get Oracles and wards. They will try to keep you locked down. A fed or well geared Shaco is a game breaker.

Hate him or love him, Shaco is a barrle of laughs. He'll know you dead with his antics. Literally.

Rate it, comment, help me improve.