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Hecarim Build Guide by mad cabbage

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mad cabbage

Charging the Cavalry (lane)

mad cabbage Last updated on April 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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well... Hecarim is a pretty cool guy, i like to build him into a speedy tank, able to run in tank some damage as well as dead a hefty bit in return then is able to run away to safty without being worried about anyone trying to chase as he will (guaranteed) leave them in the dust. this guide i understand may not appeal to the more competitive type but i have a lot of fun with this build.

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early game Hec is sort of non existent with this build, i advise to play safe and farm until you get wriggles and triforce, with that being said if you see an opening and are able to fight and win take it.
mid game is where you start to pick up, team fights breakout and the laning phase is almost over, here is where Hec shine, his high mobility really helps going between lanes. Look for ganks often and initiate with E or R and then when everyones in activate w because you will be healed for a lot more cause of your friends damage.
Late game is pretty much the same as mid but you can take more of a tanky role or if your carry sucks go for a carry/dps sort of role. target squishies/carries knock'em back, make em flee hit your W and spam your Q. *READ* you must be cautious with you team comp, fill what role your team needs, think you can go for a carry role but you have no tank? no. you will lose. play what needs to be played, thats one of the best things about Hec, he can fit so many roles

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for my runes i go for armor/mr, dmg and speed, why? armor and mr for the tanky stuff, dmg for just that little edge and speed quints because of that extra mobility and dmg at start.
my mastries are set up 8/13/9 with the physical dmg in offensive, a bit of armor/mr and health regen in defensive and enough to get longer buffs and speed in utility. all of these make Hec into a speedy little bugger that deals a fair bit of dmg.

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Why use PD and not something more tanky?

I understand people disapprove the use of PD on hec but i really enjoy it, it works well with his passive and also allows for a more DPS/carryish feel.
PD= Movespeed+crit+AS+dmg= WIN!
but again if your team needs tank, go for tank item instead you must be a team player.
PD is good, but you needs be in right position to buy and use it.

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Hec not Jungle?

as i said before this is more of a for fun build, its not meant for really competitive play, yes his kit suits jungle and hes very good but there are already soooooo any jungle guide so i decided to make a lane guide.

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Hec is a mobile, tanky, dps/carryish sort of thingy mibob, that can fit multiple team comps and adjust ingame to suit team needs. dont dis the guide cause its not serious enough, LoL is about having fun, which is what this guide can bring, so pls enjoy and feel free to leave any comments below.

Yours Sincerely Mad Cabbage.