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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Cheap and Easy.

Last updated on February 20, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've recently taken up Eve and all i see are AP builds and what I play couldn't be further from that so I figured I would put my 2 cents in. If your gonna flame at least attach a reason to it. I would love input on why I'm wrong or if you like it and even how to improve.

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The runes I take are pretty straightforward. They are all about doing fast burst damage to tanks and squishy alike. Armor pen lets you kinda of have you way with tanks. Once your ArP is high enough the only number that matters to you is HP.

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Eve's main job is ganker. So Mo Boots are an obvious choice. You normally complete them and a mana gem right around level 6 and the combination makes ganking easy from that point on. I personally wait till I have my full sheen to start looking for ganks.
The trin force is when Eve starts to shine. The passive on T-Force makes hate spike spam much more appealing. Everytime you use hate spike your next melee attack will do 150% more damage. Once you have this, you should be doing nothing but looking for ganks that will allow a push.
Next item Stark's Fervor gives you survivability and a MASSIVE increase in dmg to the point where most champs will crumble in less than 2 seconds. And shortly after you pick up The Brutalizer and it makes it even faster. Eventually this brutalizer will turn into a Ghostblade but for now we want Last Whisper.
Last whisper is pretty much your stopping point. Short of an impossibly fed tank, (and even most of them) you will kill people in average about 3 seconds. That paired with a 2 second stun pretty much means no one can withstand your barrage.
At this point it becomes situational, I put the black cleaver up there because it's the next logical choice for this build. However sometimes the enemy champs composition might require other items. It's not always cut and dry so be careful and learn to adapt.
I put in Sword of the Divine and P-Dancer next. If you are absolutely face rolling and have no need for defense or health or anything cause they suck that much and jsut won't surrender get these and finish the Ghostblade. Having items like Frozen Mallet will allow you to dive and just be careless. But a sloopy Eve is a dead Eve. Never forget unless you build her to take a hit, she will die just as fast as you kill people. Her advantage is a free 2 seconds.

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I feel the only mastery I need to justify for this build is greed. Greed is an enormous gold boost and a fed Eve is a destructive Eve. Hate spike with minion damage boots helps you lane extremely well and combined with Greed you mass money up very fast.

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Skill Sequence

Hate spike, hate spike, hate spike! This spell is your bread and butter. Not Shadow walk. Not Ravage. Not Spite and Malice. Hate spike. This spell with no AP cranks out an absurd amount of damage. Hence the many AP builds with Lichbane. The AP builds are not lost on me. I think they are very viable. Just not my flavor.

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Summoner Spells

I've come to realize if you don't take ghost you suck.... It's true. Ghost is essential. Everyone has it so everyone needs it to counter it. It's an endless cycle of very fast champs chasing down other champs with ghost... But it's useful beyond that. Eve is a ganker. What do gankers need? Speed. Wether I'm chasing you down or running to a gank I need to do it fast.

Exhaust is optional. It makes early ganks easier and team fights a breeze. An exhausted phys carry late game is a useless lump of sh*t. It's a universally good spell for ganking, escaping, chasing, and team fights.

If these aren't your fave, swap them out. I'm not your daddy. Make your own choices, thats what seperates you from the sheep.

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Q&A Pre-emptive strike.

Smite on eve... It's amazing. I don't like to take the time to ninja buffs from people. It's easier to murder them or just get it yourself. Having smite would require me to take the time to put up a ward and then go back and steal it... Thats like 400 gold and a level worth or farming wasted on stealing a buff. I'll pass.

Ignite. Smite I understand ignite is garbage. It's a spell that kills people who are careless early game. Cut and dry. It's not a skillful use of a summoner spell. If your greedy take it. It will get you kills but ghost and exhaust make this spell seem meager IMO.

Revive Eve build is fail. LoL. So fail.

All summoner spells have their perks. They are all useful on some champ in some way. It is of course always preference. But I like to min max and these spells I feel are what I need.

First off I like AD. If my character melee's then clearly she was made to hurt people in that fashion. Now back to me min maxing, I feel Eve is better melee than she is AP. Just as I play my Poppy AP and hate it. It's what I have to do. Eve's Ravage is such a game changing opener that how you build her is almost irrelevant, she is the unseen carry. And late game her stats just don't matter. She will break you. It's what she does. Eve breaks people.