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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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checking end game stats....

Last updated on February 3, 2011
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I am no pro, in fact, I am probably the opposite. I do not have to much skill when it comes to the game. If you are looking for a guide then by all means do not look at this... I am just putting the champions/builds I use to see end game stats and such. I will also explain why I use the things I do or at least try to. Feel free to add any helpful comments or feel free to troll.

I play Warwick as basically an off tank. I am used to playing tanks, so I don't like my champion's defense(Armor/MR) being like wet paper. With this build he also puts out a decent amount of damage(with elixirs end game about 278AD+42MagicDamage+4%TargetMaxHP Magicdamage). He has about 64% damage reduction from all sources, 3k life, and heals for 88-106-124 per hit(before damage reduction). He has 25% life steal, so 5% off from countering thorns.

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As you can see, the majority of my runes are magic resist. I do this because although I have 3 items in my build with MR, magic pen can easily eat through them. It sucks to go into a fight, then die without being able to do anything because Ryze sat on your face. My yellow runes are dodge because the build has a decent amount of armor in it and (in my opinion) dodging an attack is better then taking less damage from it.

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I play the defense tree because as I said earlier, I am used to playing tanks. Building this tree will give you about 9% dodge, 48 hp, and damage reduction. It also give you 4% ability addition ability power and 4% attack speed. I play jungle WW, and this mastery build adds 8% attack speed. If you prefer to lane(shiver) then you may want to go with the cool down reduction and 15%Magic Pen. I do not put point in the support tree because 4% XP is pointless late game.

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I get ((Cloth Armor)) and three ((Health Potion))s for the jungle. I get ((Madred's Razors)) when I get 700g to make jungling easier. Then I get ((Boots of Speed)) because thought you have ((Blood Scent)) rank 1, you still move slow if you target is not below 50%. Even if your target is bellow 50%, scent will keep you just fast enough to stay at the same speed as the target. The boots just push you over there speed. Complete ((Madred's Bloodrazor)) then finish ((Mercury's Treads)). I get Mercury's Treads because the Magic resist is a nice boost; You cannot Chase, Run, Deal damage, ECT. if you are stun locked or Crowd Controlled. I choose to build a ((Frozen Mallet)) after words. Frozen Mallet gives you a good amount of health, and extra damage. Also Although no one should be able to escape you because WW is an amazing chaser, The Frozen Mallet's Slow can make the chase a whole lot easier. Also if they are not bellow 50% when they start to run, this can help you push them over that mark and finish them before reinforcements arrive. The next item I build is ((Guardian Angel)), extra armor, extra magic resist, and the ability to get the f**k back up every 5 minutes is nice. I then build ((Wit's End)) because of the magic resist, attack speed, and 42 additional magic damage per hit is an additional 210 magic damage on your ult. Finally, I build a ((The Bloodthirster)) because its 60-100 extra damage, and 15%-25% Life Steal. With all the Elixir's, this gives you about 70 Life steal before armor reduction. With WW's Passive on top of that, it gives you 88-106-124 life steal. Your attack speed is about 1.75 end game, 2.3 with WW's w skill. This means , before damage reduction and crowd control, you can hit the target 23 times in 10 seconds. That adds up to 6394 attack damage, 966 magic damage, .92% of there max hp in Magic damage, and heal for about 2798 from life steal (again this is all before damage reduction, CC, and... the evil ((thorns)) ).

Item build change possible changes based on team comp.
The above item build is for a decently balanced team. I will add potential item changes based on different team comps. The changes are your choice depending on what you opinion is and team comp.
5 AD
((Mercury's Treads)) to ((Ninja Tabi))
((Guardian Angel)) to ((Randuin's Omen)) or ((Thornmail))
((Wit's End)) to ((The Black Cleaver)) or ((Stark's Fervor))
4 AD 1 MD(magic damage)
((Mercury's Treads)) to ((Ninja Tabi))
((Guardian Angel)) to ((Randuin's Omen)) or ((Thornmail))
4 MD, 1 AD
((Guardian Angel)) to ((Force of Nature))light CC or ((Banshee's Veil))heavy CC
5 MD
((Frozen Mallet))+((Guardian Angel)) to ((Banshee's Veil))/((Force of Nature))/ ((Hexdrinker)) of course 2 of the 3....