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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Cho Gath , The perfect off-tank!

Last updated on October 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This build is dedicated to Cho Gath's unbeatable synergy.He is a heavy CC with big amounts of health, tons of damage and epic ulti.All in all, him my fav. champion. And i designed a build, that would make him unstoppable!.Tryndamere is a *****...compared to my gentleman!

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-You will die very hard!
-You will have tons of kills and almost no death,if not even NO deaths at all.
-Your gonna be huge!
-People are gonna ragequit cuz of you
-The sound of 'om nom nom nom' will be followed by 'LEGENDARY!'
-you will get your team tons of kills.and carry the game.
-Your gonna be the tank/carry/target/don't target champion.XD

-Mana issues early game
-They are gonna insult you :(
-Needs quite some time to master

(bassicly, all your problems are gonna be the enemyes insulting you and your family, some problems with mana untill you get catalyst and the obvious requierment of some skill.)

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Runes & Mastery

Cho Gath is a hybrid,so we treat him as a hybrid, taking magic pen runes and quintessenced adding deffences. also the 9-21-0 mastery build. This will make Cho Gath very hard to kill.The fact is, that full tank cho does way too little damage late game, and full AP cho gath dies too easy, and he won't get his 6 stacks that easily.

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Skill Sequence

Early and mid game, you will be stacking deffense and HP.So bassicly, you will take his W and Q and max them equally as shown at the start. Taking W 1st or Q 1st(depends on what u love the most).The ideea is that he will get more damage as he levels up, so u don't need to care about AP untill late game.

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You want to take the catalyst very very very soon. As soon as possible, at the point you take ur catalyst, the mana issues won't bother you that much.Then you take the boots. And most important, rush the darn rabbadon. Taking that item between early-mid game is essential, it will give you a HUGE boost. increasing you health, mana and AP.and with that it;s added the HP stacks from the ultimate!

Boots+3.Why won't i take tanking or magic pen boots?because they don't help you THAT much.I will explain at the skill chapter why and how.But having more speed on cho, is just what u need for the kills.

But entering the mid game,attacks will get harsher and that's why you want...deffense! and here comes the help from the mastery and runes, take Guardian angel, for 2 important reason.1st=Defense and the 2nd, will be shown in the next chapters ;). At the point of mid game,around lvl 10-14 you should have those if you played him properly ;).

Then, here comes your choice, if u really want more AP take Rylai's(mostly if they have tried to counter you buying HP and MR) or, buy a WARMOG. that would give you a huge boost HP, from around 3k to 4k and something. Again, what you think it's better :D.

Last item: Rabbadon, The item gives you tons of AP. and the passive that increases your max ap with 40% is perfect for you, boosting the AP you get from rod of ages ,Rylai's Scepter and Rabbadon!.

At the end of your build, you will have around 5K+ HP-170 armor-100MR-400AP-405 movement speed!And that's just mean.

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Summoner spells!

Take flash because...hey it's flash!It is very usefull in all cases!

Teleport:Why? because your early farming is quite important. as soon as u get the money for the catalyst. go back to your base(try use ur R on a minion if it's near ready or ready before leaving). Get the item, and head back immedeatly. at that point you will dominate the champion for certain if you are not arleady. getting heal and mana each level and having your boost from extra mana and HP.If u took some kills early on. you can try and stay untill u get boots and catalyst.

U can also take ignite/exhaust and etc. But if you can handle the Q , you don't need it.

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Skills ! Skills! Skils!

Passive:VERY GOOD passive for staying in lane,last hitting the minions and the catalyst will keep you going forever.Most awesome part of it.Is that the enemy is gonna get constantly harrased, his hp is gonna drown to a point he must play very passive,while in your case, you keep farming and having no issues of that kind whatsoever. If solo lane or with someone, you are gonna outfarm and zone them contanly. if they DARE come closer, W/Q them.Darn punks, disturbing a gentleman's meal!

Q-Rupture: Awesome ability, pure awesomness actually. Knock/Slow/quite some damage. This is gonna grab you lots of kills-for you, or the team.and besides that, life saver, Scenario: some champions are chasing you/teammate. Assume the path the enemy champions are gonna take,take factor they're speed, and put it in front of them, knocking them for a second and slowing them. giving you/friend time to gtfo. Mostly the enemy is gonna insult you if u do that. But what the heck, troll them with this :D.

W-Feral Scream:Does damage and silences enemy. This is very usefull as in fighting Fiddle/karthus and so on champions.You can also save your team buy stopping karthus ulti or just do it in fron of them so they won't flash or use any ability to get close to your m8s.again, usefull for kills and life saver.

E-Vorpal Spikes:very nice for farming.And helpfull for getting kills early and when you get the rylai's.

This 3 abilites are all AOE. 1 knock-1 silence doing damage,grabing kills, and saving friends.(not so much the vorpal spikes but hey! still awesome XD)

R-FEAST:The best part of it all, this is just late game, your R is gonna deal around 1k true damage, and give u 900HP at full stacks.You must ALWAYS use it as finisher, or keeping the number of fest stacks on by killing the minions.This and the passive will keep you alive in lane, scaring the enemy as you grow.

I will explain how to use them in another chapter, called COMBOS!

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Fear Factor

As strange as it sounds, fear...counts in the gameplay of cho gath! And here is the 2nd good part of the feast and Guardian angel.

At the point you are huge, and having guardian angel...the enemy will bassicly be SCARED of you. Who the **** would engage big momma with 400AP, 2 CC-es Guardian angel on(and immagine the particle effects of it) slowing you, and moving at 405. and darn 5k HP.

-They will not feel secure even under turret!Because they are NOT!)

-They will **** they're pants when you Q in fron of they're path. They know they are dead.

-They will gtfo when you silence them,It's like big momma telling you to freaking close the game and freaking start doing your homework.

-They are gonna QQ and start insult you as hell when you R- them. There are many noobs who keep autoattacking cho gath....and a gentle man cho gath like me, will whatch they're hit points while also autoattacking.and when feeling it Q+W+R=insta death.

Also, when u ultimate someone,under turret or w.ever do an /all OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

annoying them and making them angry, by having them lose it. Start arguing/ragequiting .The match is half won.

(I must give credit to a person i read in build of the ideea of pissing them off with the 'om nom nom and the fact that the game is half won by having them rage quit and argue.thank you good sir, awesome tip and all credits to you ;) )

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Combos and Scenarios to use your abilities.


meele: you are gonna make those meele the start of the game, be chill, farm like the enmy is not there, if the meele guy, get's close to ur minions, bam! autoattack him.and make him get out of that place, Move from ur meele to your minion caster, last hit the minions, and when u get the chance, give him an autoattack and move out fast.(if he gives u another hit when u run from him, give him one again ;) ) . and try get him away from minions.If he start attacking you, looking to rly damage you(not neceeserly kill) give him a W.And Q between him and the path to his turret.His gonna run away in fear, and if u get the chance.Kill him or take him by ultimate. also, occassionaly try W him and Q BEHIND him. it is very important to Q behind him.He will start getting damaged, and EVEN if you have got some punishment too. It doesen't freaking matter that much. you got passive and ulti, he doesen't ;)

Ranged/against 2 champions/2vs2 in lane:Most of the time, try reserve your W and be very patient and carefull with your Q. If they get where you want them.Aka blocked by your minions/they're minions Q behind them towards the path of they;re turret. then rush to them and W .your friend is gonna come too, and do some damage, best case scenario:2 kills if u do it properly.

Ganking: aka a teemo yelling 'OMFG PLEASE DON'T EAT ME!!!!Q.Q'

-From brush: Do a Q under them and between they're turret. and rush to them.W and R the guy that has his HP low. And don't forget your teammate too. he can come and help you.

-Flanking:Rush towards them, and be carefull on they;'re route.calculate they're speed. and do a Q on they;'re path. Immeadeatly that u do the Q. do your W in the same spot. and rush in for the kill with R.(if they're not dead by then)

It is very important to aim the Q and also be patient with it. Don't place it immeadeatly as you are in range and they are standing still.because it can be dodged very easily.Always place it on they're escape routh and path.If you are not determined yet which path they're gonna not use it untill then. if you cannot get like in the situations exposed, don't use it untill u get the chance.If you want the kill. do not waste it like that.Be a gentleman, what the heck!