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League of Legends Build Guide Author LeminLyme

Cho'Gath the Impaler

LeminLyme Last updated on December 31, 2010
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This is a kind of silly, but potentially dominating build. It's very annoying to get it successful and noone likes it till you get it to the second or third Warmogs, because your just not tanking as much as you could be. And who wants an AD Cho'Gath anyways? Well I do when I'm bored, and FYI, the Atma's gives about 145-170 damage by the last Warnogs. That plus Infinity Edge is a pretty dangerous dps. Not to mention the fact that your actually a tank, but you'll have over 400 attack damage and around 50% critchance. :D

Ruby or Pendant is a preference thing based on how you play. If you hang back alot, get a pendant. You'll regen all harassment between minion kills and the pendant. If your a pushy chogath who throws down the spikes alot, get crystal :P

From there on, you build as you want. I think it's a good idea to get Atma's after first Warnog cuz it'll allow you to start doing damage. Then you can go onto more Warnogs or Infinity's edge if you wanna get into the fights quick. You should have about 3500-4000 health after one Warmogs, so you'll be fine.

I take Tele and Cleanse for escape and entrance spells. I could go on about how oh tele helps you minimize away time, oh this and that and it's better then clarity because clarity cools down alot and tele gets you full and heals and items early, but really it's up to you. If possible, spec for your spells you take, that's why I take cleanse and tele really.

Finally, the agility pot can be activated after your inventory is full to make you a crit machine. So like 65~ish crit chance to crit for 1k+ on a Cho'gath? :] Hehehe

Goodluck with this build!~ Tell me if you get a successful round with it.

ohyeah, and farm hard, cuz it's an expensive build.

EDIT: Did some math that the site doesn't include in final stats

Total Health @ 18 with 6 Feasts and 4 Warnogs: 10096
Total Damage bonuse from Atma's Impaler from above: 201.92

201.92(Atma) + 128(Base Attack) + 80 (Infinity's Edge) = 429.92 (430 *****ezz!!)


did a lil' theory crafting to suppor the tank side of this build. The way how armor works in this game, for all physical attacks, consider yourself to have 15749 health.

Warning; Your 10k health is quite vulnerable to mage nukes. However, there is unlikely to be a nuke that can drop you in a single team burst. On that note, when you survive a fight, you will certainly regen back to full. Your regen rate is 128.4 per second, or 642/5 if your warnogs max.

Again, I'm speaking entirely hypothetical in maxing out 4 warmogs (400 minion kills in one game..?) On that subject, it may we wise to trade out a warmogs for a force of nature. Doing so will reduce your health by 1670, bringing you down to 8426, which is effectively around 10k~ with armor, and minus 30~40 off of your regen per second. However, this will cause magic to hurt you about 40-45% less, extending your health against magic damage by about 2000. I haven't done the calculations on the magic armor vs health.

Theory crafting for a fun build. Yay?