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Cho'Gath The way of the terror

Last updated on October 20, 2012
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He is an very cool champion with overall many awesome techniques to both initiate and escape.
He is also one of the league's best farmers, with all of his skills AOE'ish

Carnivore (Passive) :it granst hp back for eatch minion he kills (based on lvl)

Rapture: It's one of the cool moves witch he has, it makes it shoot spikes in an AOE out of the ground witch knocks everyone up in the air for alomost half a second, this is the reason he have a good initiation and also the great escape.
It's a good skill with a lot of damage but i take a point early and max it last. (if invading you should start with q)

Feral Scream: It's a somewhat huge AOE silence witch have a lot of damage.
the silence is what will mess up for most burst champions top.

Vorpal spikes: it's extra damage on your auto attack, it fires spikes in a straight line, and it deal magic damage to everything it hits. i take a point first to insure that i get lasthits.

Feast: This is the reason i think Cho is as strong as he is, it's an True damage with scales 1/2 on AP, and if you kill a champion (or minion) with Feast you will grow and get extra life, it stacks up too 6 and grant extra life each time. (you lose half the stack if you die)


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