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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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Chosen of the moon ☽

Last updated on July 18, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Choosen of he Moon

I made this build guide for those who "tryhard" to overcome and survive the bronze league.
Items are not sorted very good, but if you understand your opponent choosing item will not make any problem and I'll explain item buying order in coming chapter.

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Glyph and Quints Ability Power runes with Marks for Magic Penetration will highlight Dianas power, and Seals for Mana regeneration will serve for a longer and tricky fight. However with this runes you have no bonus defense and you'll need to be careful and choose right time to attack and shut down your opponent. Read more about fights in Tactics chapter.

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Use of abilities

Crescent Strike - with AP runes boost, this ability will be strong enough to "scare" your opponent, try to strike him often from farthest point. Best moment is when he's around or hiding behind his minions, wait for his minions to have low hp, make him to stand behind them and take some XP from minions and damage your opponent.
Pale Cascade - When you farm nearest minions (melee minions) with basic attack wait your opponent to use ability on you, use Pale Cascade before it hits you. Damage dealt to you will not be enough for him to attack you again, and you will gain time to farm more while he's waiting for his cooldown.
Moonfall - it will help you to slow your enemies and bring them closer to you. This effect more on melee enemies in early game, i suggest to not use it against ranged especially if they have stuns (remember that you have no defense runes).

Lunar Rush - This ability should be used first when you hit level 6 (Do not use Crescent Strike before Lunar Rush, becaouse after Crescent Strike your opponent will be ready for "run away" or a hard strike in order to shut you down).

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Aggressive Fight - this will help you to fast shut down your enemy or eventually teleport back to base, and let you free farm.

The right moment to attack your enemy is when their jungeler is on top/bot lane and no one of enemy team is missing, so you have nothing to fear of. Try to trick him that you are just farming, let him use an ability on your minions and surprise him with Lunar Rush. Immediately after Lunar Rush use Moonfall, Pale Cascade and wait Diana to hit him with Passive attack (bonus magic damage). Your opponent will likely Flash or Stun you. But he'll not going to be so far, strike him with Crescent Strike. If your enemy is weak you can use Ignite after Moonfall - if not wait for your Crescent Strike to hit him. If he's on low HP throw Ignite, if not DON'T CHASE A KILL.

Save - If in the middle of your aggressive fight opponent hits you hard and you are on low HP, don't overlook for a kill. Try to save your life, Pale Cascade will buy you some time to back off and run to your turret or safe place.

Defensive Fight - in case your opponent counter you or it's hard to deceive him wait for your jungeler.

There is nothing wrong if you can't handle your opponent, ask kindly your jungeler to help you with kill. It is very easy for a jungeler to help Diana on mid, since she can jump and slow enemies.

While your jungeler is far from your lane, doing his own "bizz", there is your friend turret. Defend turret as much as you can, farm minions with Crescent Strike. Move along and try to hit your opponent often just to let him know that you are still here who can deal damage too.

When jungeler is near your lane act like there's nothing you can do but defend your turret or you can fake teleport. Make sure that he's behind your opponent to make a "sandwich" tactic. Use you Aggressive fight skill, and let your jungeler do his job.

General - Early game

Aggressive and Defensive fight, those are two kind of fights that you have to mix in one match.

Before you know which one to use you have to test your opponent. Annoy the enemy by hitting them often with Crescent Strike. Move along and occupy his attention on "what will you do next". If you don't fear go near him and use Pale Cascade, do some damage and move back. Now you will know his ways of defense and offense.

General - Level 6 and Higher

The best way to fear your enemy - If you follow the instruction and use "Annoying the enemy", he will surely back off and play defensively. Clear your lane, make him teleport back in base and go on Adventure.(If you make sure your mid opponent is pushed back and you cleared your lane don't waste your time waiting him to come back.)

Adventure - Jungelers are on hard quest, taking buffs on your and maybe their side, help all the lanes and not fail. You must admit it's hard to cooperate with all laners and make every move work fine and make it successful.

Talk to your jungeler and try to make some great moves together (gank top/bot), or if your jungeler for example is on bot and your top lane asking for assistance, go on on help top.

Even if you're not jungeler, you will help your team a lot plus you will gain assist or maybe a kill.

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Starting Items

Dorans Ring - This is best starting item mixed with runes i suggested. It gives you HP, a little bit of AP, and Mana Regen.
Health Potion - While "testing" your opponent he will deal some damage to you surely, regenerate your health before you hop for a fight.
Warding Totem - Ward your lane to make sure that enemy jungeler will not surprise you with a huge "rawr" or something like that.

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Movement and Must Have

Boots of Speed - Ugly UGG boots. (joke)

Sorcerers Shoe - You will need this boots not as much for +45 movement as much for Magic Penetration that is helpful in early game. (Around lvl 6)

Enchantment Homeguard - Enchant them in late game, when you alredy built you items.

Void Staff - No use of much AP when you have no Magic Penetration. So make place for this item after buyin one of these babys:

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Choose One

Rabadons Deathcap - This one will hurt your enemy for sure. +120 AP and 30% Incrase AP passive. Buy this item If you know how to deal with your opponent, he's weak and easy to kill.
Zhonya Hourglass - +120 AP, +50 Armor and a great Active that keep you off from enemy for 2,5 sec. Buy this if your are playing against AD champ, or having urge to help ganking in early game.
Deathfire Grasp - +120 AP, 10% CD reduction, and Active dealing dmg on targeted enemy for 4 sec. This one help if you want to clear lane fast, and poke enemy often. (more often :D)

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On which Defensive item you will buy depends of your gameplay too, not just opponents. Check out the whole situation, if enemy team gank mid often, if not how mid laner plays, and how can you avoid death.
Abyssal Scepter - Magic Resist,AP, and reducing MR on enemy. I'd always take this as def item if enemy is scary AP player, but I'm still able to fight with jungeler.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter - Huge HP, AP, and reduce movement speed to enemy, great item to servive fights.

Rod of Ages - HP, AP and Mana and 2 Passives stacking up for HP,AP and Mana. I would reccomend this one in "Must Have" but this is best item when you are pushed back and you dont have bunch of gold to spend on expensive items.

Liandrys Torment - AP, HP, Magic Peneration and Passive dealing dmg. Truly great for a defensive plays and able to fight back after you've being pushed to your turret. Kinda great if being ganked a lot by enemy team.

Banshees Veil - HP and Magic Resist with Shields and HP regen. Truly defensive items, recommended for you pushed back lane and safety comeback.

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Boost and Def

This items goes after built APs, Defs and Must Have item.

Nashor Tooth - Attack Speed, AP, +20% CD redu. and bonus Magic Damage on hit Best.Item.Ever. for Diana. If you are far ahead your opponent, kindly buy this item and terror you enemy team.

Guardian Angel - This one will help you to survive the team fights. You should be focused a lot by enemy team, because you are supposed to deal bunch of dmg.

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Example end build

Here's how not to blow team fights and CD on Guardian Angel: Team Fight Chapter.

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When your team is ready to team fight move along with them (not much ahead or behind), poke enemy team with Q (Crescent Strike), wait for enemy to attack your team jump onto ADC, or MID laner, use your E (Moonfall) and W (Pale Cascade) wait them to FOCUS YOU and after they take your 50% HP use Zhonya Hourglass. They will not know who to focus next after your team kills ADC or MID laner, panic lil' bit, run around. After your Zhonya Passive goes down, throw Q (Crescent Strike) on enemies, jump to next enemy, fight them with Dianas Passive, use shields (Es). That'll be that.

Thanks for reading my Diana Guide I hope it will help you. Feel free to comment and discuss. -T3rina