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Circumstantial Build!

Last updated on June 5, 2011
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Hey guys:) so this is my first guide detailing a League of Legends strategy and build and I will try to make it easy to understand, fun and short:) plz excuse me for the bad spelling I may have sometimes but I know u will understand.
So without further ado...... lets start;)

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Circumstantial Theory

Ok so Ive been playing for a long time now and Ive found out that the best builds are not those you copy from another player in guides but the ones that are asked for in each match. Im not saying that the guides are bad or not that good, Ive personally used many of them and they have helped me throughout my LoL experience and they are good as hell.
There are guides that even talk about the Circumstantial Build but not with this name, thats why I want to explain to you how to do your own builds and how to rape with them!

"Give a man one fish and he'll eat one day, teach him how to fish and he'll eat everyday"

So I dont really know if that quote is correctly written but you know what it means:)
This kind of mentality was the one that has helped me in my last 50 games or so. Think about it, how many times have you bought a champion without the slightest idea of what his or her item and spell build is going to be? Well no problem because we have our beloved friend Mobafire!! yeah ok so this was really good until I found a 250 armor stacked Malphite in the opposing team. Ill tell you what my team was: Anivia (me and fed as hell), Annie, Singed (my bro), Ryze and Tristana. So I was slicing him like a hot knife through butter and I stopped to ask him why did he have that amount of armor and he answered me back that he was a tank and thats what his build is like. He also called me a noob for asking:)
Truth is, this malphite had looked a guide that explained how to counter AD with malphite or something like that and I WANT to suppose that it had been helping him so far, but that was not what he needed in that match.

Circumstantial Theory dictates that you build your champion basing yourself in the match and not 100% in a guide. It also says that you need to start with a base. In the following chapters Ill explain this and every other aspect of the Circumstantial Theory with some personal examples.

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Ok so the first thing you need to know is The Base.
The Base is what I like to call, your model, your core if you will:)
This are your starting items, early to mid game if not just early game. I highly recommend using the guides of this site with new champions because they tell you everything you need to know about how to play him or her and by reading this you will have a very clear Base.
For example: Anivia.

This is my favorite champion and I consider myself to be kinda good:) Ok so theres a guide here with like 92% or so that I used when I first started to play her and I highly recommend it. I still use this guide, well, not exactly but I took my base from it, that being:
Start with Blue Crystal and 2 hp pots then go for catalyst, boots and mejai. these 3 items are my base or core meaning that I always buy them and then I go for what the match demands. Mejai is kinda circumstantial too actually.
Let me give you another example: Im Mid and I got my catalyst and my boots, but Im having a hard time with the enemy's vlad and I cant get that kill so mejai wouldnt be that good of an idea, it doesnt matter that my 92% guide tells me that i need mejai, you may even win buying those items but there are better ones for you right now. So I rush some magic penetration instead to slice vlad and PUUUM! there you go vlad is dead and now Im going to gank top's low health Shaco and Malphite with the help of my teammates. So now is the time for Mejai's Soulstealer:)
You get it?
If I had went for the mejai when I needed magic pen instead the result would have propably been like this: My teammates are doing good but they cant get any kills too and I dont do **** to this vlad... omg I want to kill him so bad that I tower dive and I sacrifice myself to kill him. Yay! I got one stack! but eventually that vlad gets equally fed and starts ganking my low health teammates while Im celebrating with my Stack. See what I mean?

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Types of Circumstances.

Ok so I hope you are starting to get what this guide is all about. remember to post your questions:) Ill now explain some kinds of scenarios.

You being the Tank or Offtank.

    The enemy team's AD carry is raping your team: Get armor. I dont care if your guide says to get so much magic resist that you eventually heal from Ryze's attacks!!!! I DONT CARE! you need that armor to counter that Vayne and then your team can get the other non-fed enemies. Thornmail is my favorite item against highly fed AD carries:) its great with some Health items cuz enemies will just kill themselves by attacking you:D

    The enemy team's AP carry is nuking you and your team: Get Magic Resist. Ok now you wanna get that MR;) Tell your team to get vanshies veil too, its almost a must. My favorite but expensive item against fed AP carries is Force of Nature and Vanshies Veil. With those two items they will literally tickle you.

    Your team is feeding so hard that they have both AP atomic nukes and their AD's make you pick up the soap, then you'll propably lose if you dont get your team to defend and feed with minions while you get both thornmail and force of nature. You gotta find the most fed enemy and focus to counter him or her first so after thornmail and force of nature get whatever you need to nullify that *****. Vayne and Xin are the ones making your team pick up the soap, get that Randimus Omen. Oh! but Veigar is literally making Hiroshima's atomic bomb look like a joke! get vanshies veil NOW!

    And so on:) when the ones fed are the tanks (belive me it happens), let your carries take care of the job you stick with what you need to make your team win.

You being the Carry.
Its really easy to use the Circumstantial Theory with carries, I already gave an example with anivia but here are some more.
    The enemy's Tank focused on you (AP carry) and hes got so much Magic Resist that it seems like you heal him: Get that Void Staff ASAP! get as much Magic Pen as you need so that Magic Resist becomes a joke to you. Dont forget that you still need AP to nuke but you know that:)

    The enemy's Tank focused on you (AD carry) and you just kill yourself with his or her Thornmail. Ok so you will still get badly hurt but you will kill that Tanky ***** with some Armor Penetration. Black Cleaver's the way. Make that tank look like a squishy carry! Maldreds Bloodrazor is a great item to slice through that 5k HP tank too:) Just be careful with this item because Thornmail can really hurt you!

    In case of hybrids its really funny actually, if the tank is getting armor, get AP and if hes getting MR get AD:) if he gets both or you are already more focused on one, just get the penetration you need.

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So the spells are a little for of what you are best at. Clarivoyance pro's use it even if they choose their carries. It can really help btw. For example Kassadin.
Kassadin is also one of my best champs and there are many different Spells for him that make many types of Kass.
The "I really want to kill you" Kass: Exhaust and Ignite. This Kass just Rifts in, exhausts, ignites and combo you. You will hardly make it if you were farming far enough from your turret or teammates.

The "You will never escape from me" Kass: Flash and Cleanse. Its true. You will never escape from him if you are alone. The Rift, Flash, Rift combo plus his "almost stun" slow will make you cry for a long time:) He is equally good at escaping btw lol and if you try to escape or chase him by stunning him... Cleanse will just make you ragequit.

The "Im everywhere and will get you if you are pushing my minions far from society" Kass: Teleport and Cleanse. This is the one I use. This Kass can defend from lane to lane and kill those careless squishies that overextend. He can easily escape from stuns and cc's with cleanse too.

The "I want that First Blood" Kass: Ignite and Cleanse. The title says it all.

So you get it right? theres not a must for every champion, the Spells will work as much as you know how to use them you just gotta practice.

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I just want to give everyone some tips that I wish someone had given me before.

    Tip #1: Change lanes if you are having a hard time with the enemies.
    Tip #2: Never ragequit. Im currently at the edge of a ban for that lol.
    Tip #3: Dont fight with your teammates, dont blame them, youll only make them mad and they will keep feeding. Try to talk them out of that attitude.
    Tip #4: If you are losing the teamfights and they are more fed, play defensively, gather your teammates and stay in your turrets feeding yourselves with those greedy bastards.
    Tip #5: Focus squishies. Kill those carries first.
    Tip #6: Leave Tanks for the last always.
    Tip #7: Brush your teeth.
Cant think of more but I might add more later:)

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So I really hope that you find this guide useful. Please comment and ask questions if you want:)
So we learnt many things today! Like:

Circumstantial Builds: Remember to get your Base or Core and then go for what the match demands! The more you know the champion the easier it will be to know what your Base should be.

Spells: Every Spell is good (not that sure with revive...) and every champion has many different functions with every single spell. Just practice:D

Thank you for your time remember that its my first guide:(
Good Luck!