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League of Legends Build Guide Author navyxv

Competitive Kennen

navyxv Last updated on September 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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YELLOW RUNES ARE ENERGY REGEN. Mobafire does not have them.

After reviewing some of the top Kennen guides on mobafire I was amazingly shocked and disapointed, that not one of the top guides has it right.

This guide is for true Kennen played at high ELO in 5s. LoL at all those other attack damage kennen builds. In TT kennen AD/AS actually was viable, and Salcepulse (aka salce) was close to number one in 3s for a short time. 5s is a different story.

Optional items:
After your zhonyas you must decide on what you need. The items in the build are only a base line item setup. Every game will be different.


Do you need more survivability ? Get Guardian angel or banshees veil or Abyssal scepter, depending on what enemy team is and who is your biggest threat.

Don't need survivability and they are stacking MR? Get Void staff or abyssal scepter

Most of my games go like this after zhonyas: Abyssal scepter > GA > Mejais (AP champs will hurt you the most, since you got zhonyas and flash and ghost to get out AP stuns are gonna be your worst enemy), if I really dont feel threatened, i will jus go Void staff > GA > Mejais.

Important For Current Meta Game:

1. DO NOT GET MEJAIS EARLY AS A SOLO LANER. Enemy team will see this and make sure you die, and you will die eventually. This of course doesn't count if your someone like kassadin.

2. MOST GAMES WILL NOT MAKE IT PAST ONE ITEM AFTER ZHONYAS. And if it does, the longer it goes the less you contribute to your team through damage output, since tanks will start scaling Magic resist higher. If you want to sacrifice survivablity for extra AP to penetrate the late game magic resist, you will be extremely fragile and tanks alone will LoL at you.

Early Game:

Kennen is one of the strongest solo laners, exspecially in early game. You have two forms of early harass, your Q which is your star throw, your W which is your 4th hit gives them a lightning mark and when activated hits them at a long distance with a mark.

I intentionally didn't put up a skill order, as playing kennen solo lane you must know who you are going up against to pick the right skill. If your laning against someone your able to poke with your auto attack and get out reasonably un harmed then get your W (this would be someone like Vlad). Simply hit minions until your next attack will give your enemy a mark, attack the enemy with it and quickly press W. Repeat this and if u stun them harass with whatever you can while taking as little damage as possible. If your opponent is not someone you can auto attack then get your Q and try your best to land hits on them (someone like Teemo).
If for some reason you cannot harass, then simply farm.

Mid Game:

As a solo laner you must be aware of team fights that occur. If your jungler is in trouble our there are MIAs and you see them heading towards another lane due to a sentry ward head there immediately.
You should be very strong at this point of the game and can easily gank other lanes as well. You can have your jungler take over while you go gank, or you can choose to leave your lane. Most team fights will be you intitiating wih your E and throw a Q while your in E form then pressing your W for a stun, if possible save your Ulti for team fights if you know its a guaranteed kill with it (the enemies flash isn't up, etc) then just use it.

Late Game:

As long as you farmed decently well and are about even with kills compared to you enemies team you will be a force to be reckoned with. Your AoE stun in all seriousness is just like Amumus except with damage.
Team fights will start such as this:
1. When your tank initiates you either charge in with your E skill hitting as many people as possible while using your ulti or you can flash in and do the same. Press W immediately, with your ulti and hitting people with your E and W you should have a stun very similar to Amumus. Throw your Q. As soon as your abilities are on cooldown immediately hit your zhonyas or hit your zhonyas if they are all immediately focusing you. By the time the zhonyas is up you should have an ability off cooldown. Continue to hurt them, or flash/ghost or E out of there if it's too dangerous. Your team will hopefully have contributed a significant amount of damage in the duration of your stun.

At a certain point there will be a time in the game where tanks resistances / health will outdue the damage you can output. This will be around 40-60 minutes. Thankfully, must decent ELO games don't last this long as better players are more agressive and push when they have superiority. It's your job as a carry to make sure your team organizes and pushes when you have dominance. You do not want a 60 minute game, you are not a master yi or tryn.

A string ranked solo que and normal matches with kennen, currently 4-0 with Kennen in ranked solo que, rarely play him though.
I will update a how to mid against each champ section later.