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League of Legends Build Guide Author P.DiddyXD


P.DiddyXD Last updated on January 4, 2011
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Hey guys!

This is my fave malzahar build, tried and tested many times with an average of 16/3/12 and best of 28/2/26 (with majai stacks). Malzahar is such an awesome champ who can take on almost any champ 1v1 whilst doing some great aoe and dot damage in group fights. Some of the builds you may have seen will contain RoA or even lichbane, however i will explain why these arent needed and also my preferred item choices.

Summoner spells:

--> Ignite is an awesome finishing move in combination with ur ult (u can use it during ur ult channel) or alongside your malefic visions harassing (does some serious damage and usually helps land first blood).
--> Flash is so frickin awesome, gets u away from melee champs quickly, gets you outta stun range, and can be used over lots of terrain to make some miraculous escapes (especially near the river in summoners rift e.g. where the dragon or golem is). Its much better than ghost because you wanna get totally out of their range so they give up chase, whereas if you simply move away using ghost, most ppl will use their moves or ghost to catchup - its a psychological thing; most ppl just giveup chase when ur outta range or sight. Addtionally, you can always flash near some unsuspecting opponent and fire away your awesome ult (which most ppl will have no idea of its OVA 9000 RANGE!!! lol).


Hes a mage, duh, 9/0/21 for magic penetration and utility.


Not much to know, just max out malefic visions asap (becos its poison and will get u kills for sure, plus helps mana regen significantly - e.g. if there are creeps at ur tower, use it on the creep that is being targetted by the tower, and watch the visions bounce and bounce until ur mana bar is full again; mainly works when malefic is at lvl3). The basic ownage sequence is: Q, W, E, Flash, R, Ignite + if needed E ftw!


--> Red is magic penetration (good for first blood and overall damage)
--> Blue is cool down reduction (extremely useful becos you want to have your ult ready to use asap since it is also your only stun and thus your defence - the best defence is an overpowered offence!_
--> Yellow is AP (you can swap with mana regen if u want)
--> Quint is MR/5 (i find this very useful for sustaining malz even without golem buff).
Now, you can always use just AP runes for him, however unless you manage to always get golem, you hav mana issues. Plus you hav cd issues with ur ult which is just a *****. This build actually feels comfortable to play with cos you can just spam all your spells into your opponents face even more! Plus its more viable for longer games and team fights (rather than u burning out all ur mana and thus damage real fast).


1) Always start with amplifying tome becos u are pro (if not then go for tear if u cant handle the 'mana game') - this gives u great AP at the start for that awesome malefic visions/ignite first blood. Now if you do get first blood then get majais when you go back, however if you die or are not confident so far in the game, you can forget majais and use this later for your Rylais. Then of course get ur boots.
2) Make your tear of the goddess (TOG) just to 'stack' ur mana and improve ur max mana. Dont upgrade to archangel straight away cos u wont have enough max mana to generate enough ap and so it will be a waste of money in the short term. Instead, finish your boots; i like merc since i dont wanna ever get 'caught' (i always like to be the hunter not the hunted - which happens if you get slowed quite often), but if ur feeling badass or they just have MR already then go for MP boots i.e. the sorc shoes.
3) Get Rylais (bonus health, slowing ability lets u chase and kill really well, and of course AP!).
4) Finish ur archangels (yes now u hav heaps of mana and u will fully benefit from aa staff). Now if you are fighting heaps of melee, i recommend glacial shroud (which is often overlooked) however it provides both mana (420mana!) and armor (blocks melee better than just gettin health items or GA). You can get glacial shroud even earlier depending how much you get focused.
5) Abyssal scepter (if ur fighting mages) or zhonyas (if ur doing ok and can get the AP)
6) If the game still proceeds then finish Frozen heart (its only 1100 to upgrade and by this stage you'll be killing both champs and creeps quite fast, so its worth upgrading cos you get more armor against melee, and you get heaps of mana, and you can slow the atk speed of those gay melee *****es - and thus you can survive long enuf to spam ur spells and laugh as they die quick).
Note: the order of these items can and will vary depending on ur opponent selections, e.g. if they have mages then get abysal, or if they are heavy melee (yes u will hate shaco and twi and mf) then get Rylais and glacial shroud etc.

Common item theories:

Ok so now you ask about the common malz items i didnt mention; and here's why:
a) Lichbane - its a fun idea but honestly the amount of kiting you do with this guy makes it so hard to actually do a normal atk inbetween most fights. Trust me, its not worth the large cost becos u simply wanna either nuke the **** outta them from range or kite them and kill them using ur awesome dot spell --> malefic visions! (+ignite of course)
b) Rod of Ages - seriously u dont need this if ur pro malz, u learn to play without the health and mana, and u get far more ap (and cooler passives) from other items. I will say however that against irritating ults like karthus, a roa is worth considering (but even then i would rush zhonyas so yea its upto ur skill level i guess).
c) Deathfire Grasp - ah yes, most malzahars get dfg and for good reason too, its just frickin awesome. Personally it doesnt suit my playing style since i like to kite heaps and if i use dfg then they might run away rather than run towards me and my 'trap' (null void + ult + ignite + mf = win!). Plus sometimes its hard to use this item effectively in group fights so yea its upto u, but i find it both irritating and not as effective as the unique properties u get from other simpler items (e.g. abysal is brilliant becos u get the MR to survive the skillshots from other champs, you get a nice boost to AP, plus you can an aura of MP!, and all this for a rather cheap cost too).
d) / Hextech/Haunting Guise: umm, no dont bother, it doesnt build into anything useful and the 'small' passives are nothing compared to the legendary items you can and will build (however haunting guise could be used against a team that goes heavy MR).


Malzahar suffers from the 3 common mage problems: mana, melee, and more AP! So how did i fix these issues? Simple, all my items increase max mana (and u get the regen from the runes - so its rather clever synergy since u dont wana be buying mana regen items). Against melee, you can see that getting Ryalais to slow the chaser, and then flashing out of their range will always lead to your escape (hence why i love Rylais as both an offensive and defensive item - e.g. you can help your team retreat by casting null void, an aoe spell!, behind you and therefore creating a group-slow that slows all chasers). Also the addition of some armor from frozen heart (and the glacial shroud component) proves very helpful against harassing mordes or irritating xin.
Finally, the AP issue is debatable however since i always manage to land about 500AP (excluding majai stacks! which is on average about 12), you can see that you have plenty of AP to deal excellent damage right from the start without compromising mana regen or survivability. Simply getting AP items might seem 'powerhouse' however this is a team game and so unless you are getting fed, you will need to surive some fights (cos they can and will focus you) and if you run outta mana ur screwed. But by using this build ur both tough and dangerous with ur frickin awesome abilities and OVA 9000 RANGE ULT!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this guide, GL HF ALL!