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Malphite Build Guide by DixonTheGuideMaker

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💩 Complete Malphite guide by Dixon

By DixonTheGuideMaker | Updated on October 14, 2020

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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Biscuit Delivery
Time Warp Tonic

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Champion Build Guide

💩 Complete Malphite guide by Dixon

By DixonTheGuideMaker
Pros and Cons
- An excellent passive that allows you to absorb damage and significantly increases lane survivability at the initial stage of the game.
- A very good tank. Ideal vs full AD teams.
- Easy to learn and play.
- Skills do not require accuracy from a player (except for the ultimate).
- His ultimate is one of the best initiating skills in the game. Actually, therefore, Malphite is taken on the role of the main fight initiator.
- Many of the champion's abilities help very well during team fights.

- It's hard to play against long-ranged champions.
- It takes a very long time to recharge the passive and even minions' attacks set it on the recharge.
- He is very dependent on team and cannot change the outcome of a game alone. If your teammates are slow, there is a big chance to fail the ultimate and die alone among the enemies.
- Requires the player to be able to stand in a solo lane and periodically monitor the map.
Abilities Back to Top
thanks to the granite shield, Malphite can absorb a huge amount of damage. Please note that the shield is up only if Malphite does not receive damage for some time and at the beginning of the game you will have to wait a long time. It is especially difficult if the enemy is aware of this and constantly uses their basic attack to prevent the shield from quickly refreshing outside of combat. it is best to use the bushes or step back a bit to get your shield and get an advantage over the enemy. The passive ability is relevant absolutely at all stages of the game, since the strength of the shield depends on the maximum health of Malphite who actually buys a lot of HP-items.

is an excellent skill that allows Malphite to deal magic damage over a long distance and significantly reduce the enemy's movement speed. Please pay attention that Malphite not only slows down the enemy, but steals his movement speed. This creates a very large difference in movement speed between the enemy and Malphite. n some cases, you can, for example, use the ability on one enemy to accelerate youtself and catch another one. Same deal for monsters or minions. Very often the ability is maxed out in the first place, since it is very convenient to inflict damage on the enemy in the lane and control the distance between you and them.

quite an interesting skill that does not seem impressive at first glance, but overall the ability is good for Malphite and can even be maxed out secondarily. The passive part allows you to increase the hero's defense. And you need to pay attention to the fact that the effect is increased by 3 times when the passive ability Granite Shield is active. The effectiveness of the Malphite's additional shield becomes extremely high and some opponents will have to try better destroy those 10% additional health. The active part makes it possible to inflict splash damage. This can be used on the lane to quickly farm a pack of minions. Combined with Ground Slam, Malphite can destroy hordes of minions very quickly and push the lane easily.

for a small cost of mana Malphite not only deals damage around him, but also seriously reduces the attack speed of enemies. Of course, for some magician this is not so important, but believe me, this skill has a very strong effect on an ADC. The attack speed reduction effect works very well with Randuin's Omen. It is noteworthy that the increase in damage comes not only from AP, but also from Malphite's armor. The ability can be used in order to quickly clear out a crowd of minions when needed and of course the skill is very strong in team fight and does nice AOE damaged if combined with Malph's ultimate.

if all of Malphite's past skills seemed somehow simple to you, then you simply cannot say this about the ultimate. In fact, one successful use of the ultimate can end up a victory for your team. One jump into the crowd of enemies will lead to the fact that all targets will take good damage, they will be thrown into the air and then you simply reduce their attack speed with Ground Slam and inflict a lot more AOE damage. The ult can also be used as an escape tool through various obstacles. But of course it is better to use the ult to initiate a fight and not to escape. The long range of the ult allows Malphite to jump out of the most unexpected places and surprise the enemies. Of course Malphite will not be able to kill the enemy team with just one jump, but he can inflict serious damage and your team will finish the job.
Summoner Spells Back to Top
There are practically no alternatives when choosing spells. Flash should be taken in all cases and you should not rely only on the ultimate. Teleport shows itself extremely well when playing on the top lane. You will have the opportunity to quickly teleport to one of the lines and help your allies. Or you can quickly return from the base after the purchase of new items. Instead Teleport, you can try taking Ignite. In this case, you will have a better chance of killing the enemy in the lane, but you will be deprived of the opportunity to help your allies, which is usually what is expected of Malphite.
Skill order Back to Top
As a rule, Seismic Shard skill is learned first, since it deals the most damage, slows down the target and has a good range that allows you to safely harass the enemy. Previously players still maxed Ground Slam sometimes in the first place against some damage dealers with high attack speed, but in the end this option practically ceased to be used. It may seem that Ground Slam is maxed out in the second place without options and indeed most often players do this, but you should not forget the Thunderclap. In combination with passive you will significantly increase Malphite's defense and the attacks themselves will have splash damage. The only thing we will lose is the ability to greatly reduce the attack speed of the enemy, but in some cases this will not play a decisive role. Ultimate of course has to be learned immediately at levels 6, 11 and 16.

Some players completely ignore the Thunderclap ability, although it can be learned secondarily and even taken against heroes such as Jax or Tryndamere. Usually against such champions Ground Slam is better choice, since it reduces the enemy's attack speed and thus we can significantly reduce the enemy's combat potential. But for the early lane phase Thunderclap can be also useful. First of all, Malph's armor increases passively. Moreover, in combination with the Granite Shield passive the bonus armor becomes very significant and the enemy will have to spend time before he knocks the shield out off you. Secondly during the duration of the ability Malphite will be able to deal a lot of additional damage with his basic attacks. I think now you understand that Malphite has options for skill order and ideally you need to try different ones in order to know about the pros and cons of different skill paths.

I advise you first of all to try the first option Q>E>W and when you will be experienced Malph mainer then try to play at least a few matches with the second option.
Items Back to Top
Initial purchase of Malphite primarily depends on who will stand against you on the lane and what kind of game awaits you. If you are aiming for an aggressive game using skills and constant pressure of the enemy, then you can buy Corrupting Potion. In this case, you will have an additional source of health and mana regeneration. From the very first minutes of the game you can take the initiative into your own hands. But this option will not always work and excessive aggression can be punished. If this is your first time playing this champion then I would recommend using the Doran's Shield. This item will significantly increase the survivability on the lane and it will help you for a very long time.

After playing for a while, I would also recommend trying Doran's Ring start purchase option. This item allows to use Seismic Shard ability more often and deal more damage. When returning home for the first time, you can take Dark Seal and Corrupting Potion. With this combination your cobblestones will do much more damage and in general the enemy will start to fear you. But it doesn't work against enemies with a lot of sustain.

Very popular items for Malphite are Ninja Tabi, Frostfire Gauntlet and Abyssal Mask. These items are purchased in the vast majority of cases. If the team has much of magic damage or a lot of control, then of course Ninja Tabi is better to replace with Mercury's Treads. Frostfire Gauntlet combines very well with the main skills of the hero and significantly increases the combat potential. In addition, the gauntlet greatly reduces cooldowns, which is very important for us. The more often we use the ult, the more useful we will be in team battles. The Void Mask will be useful not only to Malphite himself, but also to increase the magic damage of allies during team fights.

All other items are mainly bought for defense and here you need to look at the composition of the enemy team. The most commonly used are Sunfire Aegis, Warmog's Armor, Adaptive Helm, Randuin's Omen, Thornmail, Spirit Visage and Gargoyle Stoneplate. The final purchase can be varied, since there can be a lot of combinations even with these items.
Dangerous champions Back to Top
An extremely unpleasant lane opponent. I advise you to focus on farming and mainly use abilities in order to finish off as many minions as possible. Killing Cho'Gath is almost impossible as the champion is very fat and can constantly maintain his health at a high level. Malphite will be more useful in team fights so in the long run you will win. The main goal is not to die in the first minutes of the match and not give Cho'Gath an extra advantage.

It is very difficult to oppose something to Nasus, since this champion restores too much health. Malphite simply won't be able to inflict damage as often to reduce Nasus's health to a critical level. In the future Nasus will most likely become very tanked thanks to the items and still have good damage. Better not count on killing this champion, but focus solely on farming. Malphite will be able to fulfill his potential in team battles.

There are not many good players on Illaoi, but they are still there. Illaoi's main problem is that this champion has a lot of damage and from the very first minutes of the game Illaoi can actively use her abilities. If you find yourself next to a large number of tentacles, then this can very quickly lead to death. I advise you not play aggressively VS this champion at the beginning of the game, but rather to farm quietly. And be sure to watch out for the tentacles and, if possible, destroy them. In team fights Illaoi can do a lot of damage, but Malphite will still be a little more useful because of his ultimate and the ability to initiate a fight from a long distance.

Maokai has very good survivability and you can't just kill him on the lane. Especially if the opponent plays carefully and uses his abilities wisely. I advise you to pay less attention to the enemy, and try to farm as much as possible and take out the maximum artifacts from the lane. During team battles, Maokai can do a lot of troubles and here in many respects everything will depend on the experience of the enemy. Maokai has a large number of different controls and can do great damage.

Darius is one of the best solo lane champions and has the biggest damage early in the game. It is very difficult not to get hit by him, since the Decimate has a decent range. Clever Darius simply will not let you calmly finish off minions and you will receive damage every time you come close. Try to have as few bleeding stacks as possible, otherwise you will very quickly go to the base. It will be very correct if you ask your jungler for help. Darius has no escape skills so in case of a gang you will have a very good chance to kill the enemy.

After the global update Mordekaiser has become a very strong topper and he is very good against Malphite. Mordekaiser can completely ruin you life on the lane. He can also prevent Malphite from initiating a fight. At the beginning of the battle Mordekaiser can simply take Malphite with him to another dimension and kill him there. Moreover, all these reductions in attack speed are not for Mordekaiser since he will kill you with the help of his abilities. It is very difficult to give some practical advice for playing against him, since this champion has an answer to almost any action of Malphite.
Common game tips Back to Top
Mostly ppMalphite]] is taken to the top solo lane, since here the champion can calmly face a huge number of champions. In addition, Malphite needs farm and some artifacts. Previously Malphite was periodically taken to the jungle, but to my opinion this is not the best choice for this champion. In addition, there are a huge number of junglers who can easily outplay him. Some players also periodically try to put Malphite on the role of support on the bottom lane, but there are also a number of nuances here. First, there is no way Malphite can protect his ally. Secondly, this is a champion with a melee attack and this immediately imposes a number of restrictions. In fact, Malphite plays like a mage, but mana runs out very quickly. In addition, you also need to take into account the fact that you will have minimal farming and perhaps in team battles you simply will not have enough survivability. I advise you to try your luck on the top lane and if in the future you fall in love with this champion, you can try some other positions, but most likely you will return to the standard top lane.

It is better to spend the entire beginning of the game on the maximum farming. Malphite is heavily dependent on artifacts and if you waste your time, then in the middle of the game you will be useless. You can of course use the ult, but there is a good chance that immediately after that you will be quickly killed. Thanks to his Granite Shield passive Malphite is able to absorb a lot of damage and it really helps to stay in the lane a lot. Try to use the passive ability to the maximum and if the shield falls, it is better to move back and wait for it to refresh. In some cases, you can even skip a minion, but later lose less health. You need to understand that the main part of the damage at the beginning of the game Malphite does with the help of his ability Seismic Shard and it is especially better not to rely on basic attacks. Also, you don't need to rely on your shield too much. In the early game, Malphite is not that strong and even having an extra shield won't help against some enemies. Once again, it is better not to bully on the enemy, but calmly finish off the minions and not let the enemy do the same. The passive shield will be especially good if you max Thunderclap secondarily, but this option is not always used. Try not to hit the minions once again, but use your auto attack exclusively for finishing. If you start actively auto-sharpening or for example using the Ground Slam ability, then you will push the lane hard and find yourself in a disadvantage. Perhaps for some time you will really interfere with the enemy, because he will have to finish off the minions under his tower, but the enemy jungler will come very quickly and you will simply die. It is difficult for Malphite to survive during the gang, as the champion has no way to quickly retreat or you will lose your Flash and ultimate. Therefore, once again I want to draw your attention to the fact that it is better in the first minutes of the game to calmly stand on the lane and just finish off the minions. Even if you decide to play more aggressively and for example start using the Seismic Shard ability often then very quickly your champion will be without mana.

As soon as the game progresses to the next level and players begin to actively move along the lines you should not stay and try to push the line. First of all, Malphite is a team player, not a pusher. Even if you leave the line and the enemy demolishes the first tower this is not a disaster since during this time you can fully realize your skills and help in killing several enemies. It is worth noting that the ult has a fairly large cooldown, so learn how to choose the right moment to use it. The more you move between lanes and successfully help your team, the easier it will be for you in the future, but you shouldn't forget about farming either. Of course without the ultimate Malphite can do little, but this does not mean that you need to completely ignore team battles. You are a good tank and simply by starting the battle first you can give a good advantage to your allies. Malphite has good armor and extra health, which are the qualities of a good tank, so do your part and don't be afraid to die again. If you exchange your life for the life of an enemy damage dealer, then this is very good. In massive battles you should focus on weak magicians and primarily on AD champions. Malphite can reduce attack speed by 50%, which is very critical for the enemy. In addition, you can greatly slow down the target and prevent it from escaping to a safe distance. In words it all sounds very simple, but in reality it is far from easy to successfully break into a crowd of enemies. Nevertheless, you can learn to play Malphite and the champion himself is not difficult.

The end of the game is not very different from the middle. By this time many players already have many artifacts and everyone is trying to run in one large group. The main task of Malphite at this stage of the game is to initiate a battle at the moment when it is beneficial for your team (for example, if you see that you have an incomplete composition of the opposing team and some of the enemies are behind their group). Of course, the most profitable thing is to jump into a crowd of enemy champions and throw them all into the air, but this is not always the case. Opponents understand how your ultimate works and they will try to stay away from each other. For Malphite the most important thing is to choose the right target for an attack. That is, if you use an ult, then damagers, strong magicians and possibly supports must fall under its action. Don't focus on tanks and fat champions. This is not a priority goal for you. It is also worth understanding that at the end of the game each massive battle can end with the end of the game, since the revival of champions is very long and during this time more than one tower can be demolished. As long as your damage dealers are alive, you have a chance to win. This means that you should not be the first to leave the battle as you cannot do anything on your own. Sacrifice your own life, but give your allies a chance to deal with the enemy.
Malphite biography Back to Top
For more than two millennia, Shurima dominated the known world—an empire that reigned over countless peoples without challenge, and without threat.

Until the day Icathia fell.

From the moment the Void tore its way into the material realm, the armies of Shurima faced an enemy that could not only lay their grand empire low, but one that seemed to grow stronger the more they fought it. The corruption spread rapidly from Icathia’s ruins, boiling over the land and beneath the oceans, before its hideous tendrils reached the southernmost jungles of Ixtal.

Ne’Zuk of the Ascended Host was an Ixtali elemental mage of colossal power, and almost unrivaled arrogance. He went before the emperor, pledging to create a weapon powerful enough to take the fight to the Void, and eradicate it at the source of its original eruption.

After months of inhuman labor, Ne’Zuk revealed the Monolith—a floating fortress of living stone, maintained by the greatest elemental mages, and its ramparts manned by his fellow Ixtali god-warriors. The size of a city itself, the Monolith glided titanically toward the wastelands of Icathia, the lightning crackling from its magical inhibitors fusing the sands to glass beneath it. Ne’Zuk and his superweapon arrived at their destination, to face once more the howling infinite darkness of the abyssal realm, and the hordes of Voidborn monstrosities it had created.

The battle dragged into weeks. It was violence of a scale and intensity never before witnessed in Runeterra. Sorcery enough to raze entire civilizations, or render whole continents into naught but a memory, was unleashed upon the Void.

The darkness retaliated in kind. Its hideous energies gouged deep wounds into the living stone of the Monolith, whose surfaces became pocked and seared with unnatural malphite—from the Ixtali for “bad stone”—and leaving mineral-like scars. The fortress was pushed to the very limits of its design, struggling to self-repair and reknit its weakened superstructure… but even the incredible magics that held it aloft had a breaking point.

As Ne’Zuk fought to rally his Ascended brethren for one last, desperate charge, the unthinkable happened. Sagging for an instant, the Monolith crashed down to earth, cleaving through the bedrock of Icathia and opening the Void beneath to the skies.

Much of the fortress was lost within that gaping maw, vanishing into the silent nothingness beyond. The rest rained down as great ruins, littering a landscape already blackened by the terrible conflict that had been cut so abruptly short. Only a single Ascended survived—Ne’Zuk hauled himself from the wreckage, choking on the ashes of what was meant to be his grandest triumph, now his greatest folly, and fled for his life.

In defiance of all worldly reason, some disparate fragments of the Monolith endured, still imbued with something like magical life. The far-flung shards struggled to heal, to reform the whole to which they had once belonged. But the Void’s endless hunger leached away at them, rendering them as little more than inert shapes clawing feebly in the dust.

However, against all that had been lost, a single shard remained.

Buried deep beneath the surface, forgotten even by those that dwelt in the abyss, it slowly gathered in strength. It lived, until at last it awakened after uncounted centuries, and realized it was alone.

In all the centuries since that dark day, Malphite, the last shard of the Monolith, has become something of a legend in Runeterra. It has reputedly been sighted everywhere, from Targon to Zaun; heard sometimes as a tectonic roar in the deepest caverns, and sometimes as a quiet voice, humming to itself, that it might still remember the sounds of the world it once knew.

Despite the enormous span of its existence, the overwhelming drive enkindled by Ne’Zuk’s creation of the Monolith has not wavered. Now, Malphite knows it must soon rise to meet the resurgent darkness it once battled, as the Void awakens to threaten all of Runeterra once more.
League of Legends Build Guide Author DixonTheGuideMaker
DixonTheGuideMaker Malphite Guide

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💩 Complete Malphite guide by Dixon
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