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Corki: Flying Ace Extraordinaire

Last updated on December 2, 2010
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First off, this is my first REAL guide. That Garen.... thing... was when I was level 7 and roflstomping every game with spin-2-win. Constructive criticism is greatly apreciated, as well as any info that can be given on making my guides look cleaner.

After reading several Corki guides and deciding to actually try the guy out, I realized that everyone was going about the whole thing wrong =D. Corki's mid and late game is really dependent upon farming minions and getting those early kills to get you ahead. Both of these things are made possible by two things: effective health and mana. My item choices as well as my skill order reflect this.

OK, we'll start with summoner spells.
Remember that summoner spells are 99% personal preference, so you don't HAVE to use mine if you're used to your own setup.

I take exhaust for its utility.
It's a blind so you come out on top against other physical carries, I take the mastery point in it so it makes me hit harder, and it's a great slow to get those last couple shots in for the kill or to kite an enemy back trying to chase you.

I take teleport because its just freaking awesome no matter what.
It lets you backdoor towers, prevent people from backdooring your towers, eat a HUGE minion wave for massive moneys, or jump out of a bush that you placed a ward in for that sweet double kill outta no where.

For masteries I run a 21/0/9 taking all the extra damage possible, teleport and exhaust, and experience gain so I get my missiles faster.

I max Phosphorous Bomb first because it is one of the best nukes in the game. As long as you are in range, the bomb goes off almost immediately after you click, it has a fairly large hitrange, well out of the area of the skillshot circle, and is a decent blind to boot. Many guides will take 1 point in this until after Gatling Gun is maxed, but Gatling Gun needs that late-game AD to be really effective, whereas Phosphorous bomb has high base damage by itself.

I take 1 point in Valkyrie at 4 for an escape/chasing mechanism.

And the then the items. So many choices.

I like to start with a Doran's Blade because while I wait on my minions to whittle theirs down so I can get easy last hits, I like to shoot lots of nice big bullets into the enemies' foreheads. The lifesteal and health keep me from dying early on.

On my first trip back I like to have saved enough for at least my Tear of the Goddess and Boots of Speed. If I just couldn't save enough I start on my Tear, buying Meki Pendant then Sapphire Crystal.

When I finish my Tear and Boots of Swiftness, I work on upgrading the Tear into a Manamune. By the time I have it, I usually have enough mana from spamming Missile Barrage to put me at about 160 AD.

After the Manamune, I buy another Doran's Blade for the awesome stats it gives.

Brutalizer is the last Core Item in my build. It gives decent damage, armor pen, and cooldown reduction so I can spam my Missile Barrage and Phosphorous Bomb like no other.

After Brutalizer, it just depends on what you need. If you want to go ahead and upgrade your Brutalizer into a Youmuu's, go right ahead. I usually work on a Bloodthirster at this point for the awesome lifesteal and damage it gives. In case you need something defensive, Frozen Mallet is good, and so are some of the armor. I can't tell you how many games I've played that I've been the main focus of the enemy team so I bought a Randuin's Omen for the AoE slow and armor. The CDR was just a bonus =D.

As far as Gameplay goes, you should try to get mid lane (or solo top if you have a jungler) in 5v5s or top lane in 3v3s so you can solo and get your Missiles ASAP. They REALLY make a difference in your laning.

Harass with your auto attacks between last hits, punishing your enemy with a nice big Phosphorous Bomb nuke if they let you get in range. Eventually, (if your enemy is smart) he will stay back and try to just last hit. You can't really do to much at this point until you hit level 6. At that point, start using the insane range on Missile Barrage to snipe your enemy at their tower. If everything goes your way, you will either get a kill or force them to base and heal. Time to make a decision. Either keep pushing and farming to outlevel your enemy, or base home yourself to buy with all that last hitting money you have. I usually do both because I take teleport and can be back in lane in 15 seconds. When you get your Manamune, it's a good idea to start ganking and racking up those kills. The more fed you are early game, the harder it is for you enemy to shut you down late game.

Try my build and tell me what you think. I'll probably be updating this when I learn a little more about formatting >.> but for now, this is it =D.