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Corki Build Guide by Relayte

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Relayte

Corki - Moustache OP

Relayte Last updated on March 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, this is my first Mobafire guide, featuring Corki, the Daring Bombardier. Corki is probably my favourite AD carry, as he mixes physical damage with magic damage from early to mid game, and becomes and auto-attacking MACHINE in the late game.

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Pros / Cons

- Great damage output all game (half thanks to his amazing passive).
- Great escape and chasing skill.
- AoE damage
- Deals magic and physical damage.
- True Damage
- Great Poke
- HAS AN AWESOME MOUSTACHE. (probs the best in the game)

- Squishy
- Item Reliant

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I take 21/0/9 masteries, taking all the offensive AD masteries in the offense tree and 9 points in the utility tree for the extra mana and mana regen. This is pretty self explanitory...

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Flat AD quints helps with his damage, and the armour pen marks help even more. The mana regen seals and glyphs are used because Corki has big mana issues, but its all worth it because he does amazing poke damage, and we don't want to be wasting our money on a Manamune, because there are way better items to get. Manamune can be used if your new to Corki and don't know how to manage his mana.

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells I recommend you to take are Flash and Exhaust.

Flash is a great all round spell and can be used for escaping or chasing if Valkyrie is on cooldown.

Exhaust is great for 1v1 or for stopping an opponent from escaping.

Other viable summoner spells are:
Cleanse - Versing a CC heavy team? Take cleanse so you can Valkyrie away.
Heal - An awesome summoner spell for early game heal baiting, or saving your or an allies lives.
Ghost - Good for chasing and escaping.
Ignite - For safely igniting the enemy and not having to worry about chasing.
Teleport - Great for backdooring, or ensuring that your always in every fight.

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Hextech Shrapnel Shells - A truly AMAZING passive that deals extra TRUE damage to your targets. It helps you shred through tanks and deal a TON of extra damage.

Phos. bomb - is his main poke and damage spell. It does moderate magic damage and REVEALS THE AREA for 6 seconds and reveals enemy champions (but not stealth). Great for scouting.You will be maxing this first just for that extra poke damage in lane. If you reach late game you won't find yourself using it that much.

Take one point in Valkyrie at level 2 and max it last. You only want to use this for the Utility. Its great for escaping over walls or chasing after a fleeing enemy after they've flashed. You can also use it to initiate in lane, but it isn't recommended to use it to initiate a team fight as your squishy.

Gatling Gun - is a pretty amazing spell and you will be maxing this second. It deals moderate physical damage in a cone in front of you for 4 seconds and LOWERS THE ARMOUR of enemies hit by it. You don't use it so much for the damage, but more for the amazing armour shred. It synergises well with the Black Cleaver.

Missile Barrage - Deals decent magic damage and is great for poking in lane. You will be using this skill mainly for sheen procs though.

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The two early Dorans Blades are great for early game, giving you the extra attack damage, health and a bit of lifesteal.

Berserker's greaves for the extra attack speed as you do want to be attack pretty damn fast.

Now, Trinity Force is an item that is truly AMAZING for Corki. He can use every single stat it gives him effectively. The extra AP gives him a slight boost in damage from Phos Bomb, missiles and Valkyrie (lol), the extra attack damage gives him extra damage on his AA, the AS and Crit chance are great for him too, as he will be an insane auto attacker late game, the health and mana give him a bit more durability and sustain, and the movement speed is great for everything and everyone. The chance to slow enemies is also really helpful. But, the SHEEN passive is really want you want. This will increase your damage output by a TON. Corki is one who will spam his missiles while AA in between, and the sheen passive gives you 50% extra damage on your AA. So you will be getting the sheen proc everytime the cooldown has refreshed.

The Phantom Dancer is great for Corki. Extra attack speed and crit chance, and move speed.

Bloodthirster gives you extra AD and survivability, with the lifesteal.

Black Cleaver works great with your Gatling Gun. Pairing them together for maximum armour shred. Can be replaced for Last Whisper if they have a ton of armour.

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Chapter 8

Well, thanks for taking the time to read it and I hope it has helped you in playing Corki.
And remember, make sure you buy that urf skin, its the BEST. ;)