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Corki Build Guide by Guest

Other Corki - Only a flying Yordle is a good Yordle S6

Other Corki - Only a flying Yordle is a good Yordle S6

Updated on November 15, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,157 Views 0 Comments
2,157 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Corki Build Guide By Guest Updated on November 15, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hey, im Radnaxel, some ****py guy who is stuck in Silver V. But here is a Guide, and you more likely will think: " why listen to me? ". Well I dont know why you should, but here is some help of using the new reworked Corki.
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Summoner Spells.

Teleport: Since Corki has a low lifespan and his Valkyre is the Ignite itself, he doesnt need anything else than more and more MOBILITY, as he already has with the Valkyre patch! +1

Flash: Yeah, thats it. Not much to it, you want it, you need it. Escape tool No.1 if you failed your Valkyre. +1

Ignite: Well Yeah, Bonus Damage always is good, but do you actually need it, when you are always able to Rocket your running enemy? Well its nice, but not very needed.

Heal: Yeah, Basic pick for ADC, is Corki an adc? NO he isnt. Hes Hybrid. Health always is useful, but since most mages in Midlane carry an Ignite, its quite a no-go to pick.
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Ability Sequence

Yeah, basic Corki is like: "hey im a Lane bully, when you dont have a stronger Poke than me, GET OUT OF MY SIGHT".

Passive: OP Just use it to Engage. The more guys you hit, the better. CARE: YOU WILL GET AIMED SINCE YOU ARE SQUISHY AFTER USING IT, So Flash or Valkyre out immediately, or just shred their armor and do a pentakill or simply suicide and give your team 5 kills!!!

Q Has a very high range and damage in comp with low cooldown. Hard to land, so you need Practice. Lategame you can Q a minionwave of Caster Minions in 1 shot.

W Basic Escape and Engage tool. Not much to it. Best use of escape: go near allies or towers. Best use of Engage: Cast it exactly in the path of your enemy, so he gets max damage. Especially useful in tight jungle skirmishes.

E Shredding armor + Aoe Damage. Its VERY useful when trading against bruisers and tanks, since it shreds armor, deals damage and IS NOT a Skillsot, and NOR an Autoattack. Max Damage output comes from this baby.

R Longrange poke of hell. Yeah, Poke, Poke, Finish off, Poke. NEVER use it at closerange, if its not the mega rocket, that deals bonus damage, sinde your basic attacks deal MORE damage.

Basic Combos:
Engage: AA all the time. W, E, Q
Normal Fight: AA all the Time E,Q
Poke: Q,R, AA
Finish off: SPAAAAM and Valkyre out into safety.
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Since you are a Hybrid, the new Masteries are like 100% Made for you.

2. You need Sustain, thats what you get.
3. Ur hybrid, More AP and AD in 1 Mastery? LOVE IT
3. Bounty hunter and Oppressor are somewhat very nice abilites. But since you dont have quite much cc, youll takethe first one.
4. Now comes something, I personally dont like. Armor Penetration, or more Magic damage? well I like both, thats why 3 and 2.
5. And now comes the GODLIKE Mastery for Corki. Deathfire Touch. Youll love it, youll want it. Its the best Mastery you can have on this Champ, since you have AP and AD it deals dmg from BOTH of it!!!.

1. Yeah, more CS ability.
2. Since your starting is Dorans blade and a Potion, this is quite useful, but I personally dont like it, no way around it :/
3. Increased Damage below 40% YEHAA since we poke like hell our enemy never is above 40%.
4. It sure is Dangerous, but Hey, Kill is a Kill and it can save you from some annoying Ignite, or help you do a Double-Tripple-Quadra or even PENTAKILL with the bonus Mana and Health you got.
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Item Talk

Since Corki is a Hybrid, and Guinsoos Rageblade is exactly made for Hybrids it has a high advantage + The Full stack Gold value is above 5k. I have no clue why nobody builds this Item, but its perfectly made for Corki. Well the way to build the Item is a bit harsh, but you will get through it. Since GOLD VALUE at 8 stacks = 5k +!!!!

Trinity Force, Must have for Hybrids, no can do. It provides everything.

Essence Reaver, More Mana for Spam? HERE YOU GO. More Cooldown for Spam? HERE YOU GO. More Crits? HERE YOU GO. Must have :D

Infinity edge: Yeah, AD, Crit, More Crit Damage + with Essence reaver 20% crit = 40% crit + 250% Damage, what more do you want?

Sorc. Shoes: Magic Penetration, You have more damage. Since there are no Armor Penetration boots, buy this. And buy the Boot upgrade for your Passive, Valkyre.

The Rest is up to you. Id recommend Lich bane, since you spam your abilites and are an autoattack champion like Twisted Fate.
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Ahh the runes, Take Magic penetration, Armor penetration and some Resistances, not much to it. Wont go through it anyways.

Its up to you :D
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Yeah, thats it. Hope you like it, dont forget to Vote up! And bye!

- Only a flying pig is a good pig - Porco Rosso - Aquaitance of Corki -
League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Corki Guide
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Corki - Only a flying Yordle is a good Yordle S6

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