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Corki Build Guide by Guest

Corki The DPS Carry

Corki The DPS Carry

Updated on November 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Build Guide By Guest 2,565 Views 1 Comments
2,565 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Corki Build Guide By Guest Updated on November 26, 2011
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this is my first proper build so it won't be in as much detail as the other builds you may have seen. this build is written to show people how i play corki.
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i use basic dps set up, the armour penetration can be swapped out for dmg or attack speed, because of gatling guns armour shredding powers,
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masteries can be swapped out as much as you want this is just how i use them
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I start of with a dagger so I can build my Berserker Greaves as soon as possible but if you are new to Corki or have not mastered his escaping skills I would recommend dorans blade, I know B.F Sword is an expensive first item but it is worth saving for and if you get a couple of early kills as I know corki can you should get it pretty early in, next you but a dagger or hopefully skip straight to the black cleaver, now you have some extra armour shredding powers, damage and attack speed, next I get the blood thirster, this is needed for survivability in big fights so your damage can keep your health high, next you get the sword of the divine for the much needed attack speed, now you can deal damage much faster, the fifth item I get is wits end, I get it for even more attack speed and the magic damage on hit effect. the final item is starks fervor i have never had a long enough match to get this but I have had an emblem of valour this item finishes of the set with even more life steal making you unbeatable in 1v1 or even 1v2
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Skill Sequence

I max out gattling gun first unlike a lot of Corki players because this is were the farming power and champion killing power comes from,

I only use valkyrie to chase and escape, and is not really needed for damage because to do damage it needs you to jump over them

Phosphorus bomb is good for scouting out brush and doing that extra bit of damage, but I warn you to not use it on minions because it will eat away at your mana

Missile barrage is a very powerful spell that can be used to chase to harass and even during fights I recommend that you use it on minions to build up for a "Big one" then use that on champs who are unaware of the power or who are injured and turret hugging.
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Summoner Spells

the summoner spells I chose are exhaust and ignite I use these when I am outnumbered or when I need to chase an escaping enemy champion.
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Thanks for reading my guide please comment and vote, don't vote without trying my guide out in a match.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author
Guest Corki Guide
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Corki The DPS Carry

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