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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Komodo

Corki's Relentless Barrage

Komodo Last updated on August 18, 2010
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Corki's Relentless Barrage

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This build will focus on Corki as a Laning Partner, so if your looking for a build in which you can use in mid, this ain't it.

This build will focus on the following attributes:
  • Damage, for tearing people a new one with gatling gun
  • Attack Speed, for rivaling ranged ability
  • Maximum Cooldown Reduction, for almost 0 cooldown Missle Barrages. (Other reasons explained later)


Hextech Shrapnel Shells:(Passive)

Corki's attack deals 10% Additional True Damage to Monsters, Minions, and Champions.

This is great for dealing damage against Tanks.

Phosphorous Bombs:
Damage 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+0.5 per ability power)
Cooldown 8
Mana Cost 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 130
Range 600

Corki fires a bomb at a target location. In addition to dealing damage, the blast reduces an enemy's chance to hit by 35% and reveals nearby stealthed units for 3 seconds.

Phosphorous Bombs uses a great deal of Mana and does not deal that much damage and the range isn't all that great. (For this build) Therefore, I chose not to level up this ability till Late Game. (With the exception of the 1 point used to learn it at level 3)

It's practical uses are hurting enemy's hit chances in teamfights and dealing additional AoE damage (If your willing to use the mana). Another use is revealing units in bushes and invisible enemies or wards to Allies. (That is, assuming you know their general location)

Damage 60 / 90 / 120 / 150 / 180 (+0.4 per ability power)
Cooldown 20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12
Mana Cost 100
Range 700

Corki surges to target location, dropping bombs that create a trail of fiery destruction for opponents who remain it's fire.

This move is great for escapes, and bombing over a teamfight (Careful, this is situational) to deal massive accumulating damage. The reason I level this up so fast is the reduced Cooldown and Increased Damage, this helps keep enemies off you, or at least deal some damage while running.
One more tip, you can use Valkyrie like Flash in the sense that you can fly over walls and other various scenery. This is good for quick escapes or surprise attacks.

Gatling Gun:
Mana Cost 60 / 75 / 90 / 105 / 120
Cooldown 16
Damage is equal to a Quarter of Corki's total Damage
Duration 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5
Armor Reduction 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
Range 600

Corki's gatling gun fires multiple shots every half second for a short period of time, dealing a quarter of his total damage and shredding the armor of enemies who are under continuous fire.

Here is Corki's epitome of Damage. The Gatling Gun is one of the Main reasons to use Corki. Dealing a Quarter of his total damage every 0.5 Seconds to a large spread of AoE.
Though be warned, the small range of this could cause the enemies to target you in team fights. Try to avoid the initial burst of damage in the beginning of a team fight.

Here is an example of this Mayhem if you deal 300 Attack Damage.
300 * 0.25 = 75 Damage Per Hit
75 * 2 = 150 Damage Per Second
150 * 5 = 750 Total Damage

Seven Hundred and Fifty! Thats not even considering that you could be plowing down 3 enemies at once.

Missle Barrage:
Damage 125 / 200 / 275 (0.3 per ability power)
Cooldown 1.2
Mana Cost 25 / 30 / 35
Range 1200

Corki fires a missile towards his target location that will collide with the first enemy it hits, dealing damage to units around the target. Corki stores one missile every 14 seconds up to 7 missiles total. Every 4th missile will be a Big One, dealing double damage with 100% splash damage.

Missile Barrage is one of the farthest limited range attacks in League. Missile Barrage itself is not really a "Special" as much as it is another of Corki's Abilities. The Damage is not that impressive but deals good AoE Damage. A Good use of this move is Enemy Harassment in your lane, as well as discouraging Enemies from getting close to you.
(Also good for last hitting Champions, but don't do this too much or your allies will get mad)

Summoner Spells

Why Teleport? Because you can.
Also, Corki is not the fastest Horse in the Stable. This makes staying in your lane a hassle when you want to come back after healing or buying an item. So to maximize your time in the lane, Teleport.
This is good for escaping as well.

  • They can't hit you
  • Good for running, combine this with your Valkyrie escape
  • Whats more fun than kicking a blind man?

Lane Strategy

You are Squishy, and you need to absorb this.

Don't be a wuss, but if it looks like your gonna be ganked, hug a Tower or a trusty Ally.
Stay away from occupied, or suspicious, bushes. Do not try to save your ally unless the enemy is on 5 hp.

As with all Champions who require hefty gold, try to last hit minions. Later, when you have increased attack speed, damage, and high level gatling gun, you can clear minion waves (Even ones as large as 30) in just a matter of seconds.

Only push a tower if you are completely sure you can get out of there. Meaning, make sure you can't get Ganked, or you have enough time to Teleport out.

Once you hit level 6, you can harass the **** out your Enemies. Getting them down to half Health using this, you can make them susceptible to ganks or diving. This is also a great way to take care of those pesky Tower Huggers.

Word to the wise - farm, farm, farm, and then farm some more.
An Itemless Corki is a dead Corki.
You cannot do anything if you are Under Leveled or behind in your build. If you are far in your build, your Enemies will regret their ignorance.
Do Not leave your lane unless you can farm better in another.
Do Not go for Ganks unless it is absolutely necessary and guaranteed.


Start off by buying.
The additional health will let you stay in the lane a little longer and increase your chances of living. Don't leave the lane until you can buy.
This will give you additional damage and health, along with a slow.
After that, your gonna need some boots, so pick up someon your next trip to the shop. All Major Damage Dealer enthusiast has to have at least oneso get one for yourself.

This item is situational.
If there is more than 1 tank, you should go withThe added armor penetration will cut tanks down where they stand.

Otherwise, you should go withThis gives you an amazing attack speed bonus along with capping your Cooldown reduction at 40%.

Then buy either aorIf your going for Trinity Force, it is a great overall boost for Corki, adding additional damage, attack speed, and movement speed.
If your going for Frozen Mallet, then you get a 100% Chance to slow, more damage and a little more health. (Plus it's cheaper)

The first of your Cooldown Items,gives you additional damage, armor penetration, and when activated, amazing boosts in movement and attack speed. Great for your initial burst damage or chasing.

Finally, the last items are interchangable. You can get eitheror
will help out in Team Fights by providing additional AoE. It also comes with good attack damage and regen bonuses.
has better damage and comes with an armor reducing passive, good for your Gatling Gun.

Or instead of those you could putFor obvious reasons. (Attack Speed, Damage, Lifesteal + a nice Passive)

This is the first build I have ever made.
Comments, questions, corrections are appreciated.
Flaming not appreciated.

Sources and Credit.
moiseman - For his neat Layout
League of Legends Wiki - For information discerning Corki's Abilities