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Last updated on February 19, 2012
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this build was created as a counter to tryndamere. you dont need masteries because this guide is so good and because cloth armor is so good. now lets get down to basics.

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you should take these runes because armor is op against tryndamere and he will never kill you

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if you had masteries on this build it would just be unfair. so put on masteries or you might get reported for hacking

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start with a cloth armor, and then kill a few creeps. on your first trip back, build a cloth armor. by this point you should be getting pretty tanky and you should be owning tryndamere. the armor works really well with your charm spell because it charms him close and then he tries to attack you but he doesnt do any damage. after you finish your first two cloth armors, build 4 more and you should be invincible.

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skill sequence

in this build you really wanna focus on your charm ability. it does great burst damage and is just overall your best ability. after you finish charm, grab your fox fires. you get this second because its kind of a sucky ability. after you max that, max your Q. you dont wanna put any points into your ultimate because if you do you might get reported for hacking again. you dont wanna get reported twice in one game.

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summoner spells

Heal - terrible...
CV - maybe might want to take this. so you can know in advance when tryn will spin at you.
promote - OP. take this 10/10 times.
smite - also op. take this 11/10 times. works well against the wraiths.
im not even going to list the rest of the skills because you only need promote/smite.

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so guys, with this conclusion you should be able to beat tryndamere 10/10 times. pick ahri, use this guide, and watch your elo soar out of this world.