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Build Guide by Hans Freudenhal

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hans Freudenhal


Hans Freudenhal Last updated on December 17, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So this is my first build so if you mark it down do me a favor and tell me why. I've played Gangplank for a while now and I've always found most Critplank builds somewhat unfortunate because you end up with 80% and still somehow never crit on enemy champs, and Tankplank I've never grown attached to because I never dealt the damage my team wanted me to as a Gangplank. So I went out to make a Crankplank build, I've seen comments on crit builds talking about adding Wormogs to it so I won't pretend this is the most original build but its the only one I see posted.

Marks of Malice: I really hope I dont have to explain why you want these
Seals of Fortitude: You will need these for the Tank side of Crankplank
Glyph of Clarity: These are because your Killing Moves/ Heavy Crits and general badassery will come from your abilities. Gangplank does not have much mana and you never want to be caught with your pants down, so for the helpful regen grab these.

Summoner spells:
Teleport: You will be feared on the map, so you will need some mobility to get to friends in need of your massive crits.
Ignite: This is mostly for adding some harasment on to your already scary Crankplank, but honestly could easily be replaced with flash if you are more comfortable with it for chasing down enemy champs.

A pretty Standard 21/9/0 if anyone has ideas to tweak it comment and let me know

Parrrley is where you will be doing your damage, you want that maxed asap. Remove scurvy should always be grabbed at level 2 to keep you out of snares. NEVER USE IT FOR HEALING, its expensive and really doesn't give enough health to make that much of a difference early on, its better to save it for when you are snared so you can get away and Parrrley them an other day. Raise Moral is nice for Damage and movement speed, but really use it for its active and robbing enemy champs from money and exp. Cannon Barrage is good, but I think whoever is firing those cannons is kinda on crack. It should never be your ace in the hole, its just too random, but use it as a scare tactic and to help in places that you are not in or team fights.

Here is the thing, this build is fairly expensive but deadly and GP has great cash farming with his Parrrlay it its ok. Start off with a Meki and Health potion. the second you get the chance sell the Meki and grab the Philosopher's stone and if you have the cash grab your first Averice Blade. Averice Blades are Crankplank's best friend. Very spendy build? Take some cash. Like Using crits? Take 12% crit chance. Yes Please. Now boots, either Ninja or Merc Treds. The Merc treds will be very useful for escaping snares, but thats what cure scurvy is for. So really its your choice, if the team is heavy magic, buy merc if not I would go ninja tabi. You should have a healthy cash flow at this point between averice blade philosopher's stone and parrley. Next item is our Tanky Wormogs, after you grab this the other team will be very confused because a gangplank just took actual punishment then dealt it back hard. Grab the BF sword and Cloak then build into Infinity Edge. At this point your runes will cover your mana intake and wormogs will have your health regen covered so well that silly stone and grab two averice blades. Now we start selling those bad boys, I know you might be attached at this point but there are some better items and the first one you should grab is Atmas. Atma is the Crankplank item, Crit chance AND Armor? Not to mention health into physical damage (Parrrley is physical damage as well). Next Upgrade into a Yomumu's, Much needed CD for your ult, crit chance, AD, and armor pen. If the game is still going finish it off with a Phantom and you'll be critting every hit and taking hits like a pro and the other team wont know what hit them then laughed off their hits.

This really is a build that works for me, and very likely not everyone but I play fairly aggressive. Things to learn about playing a Crankplank, you need to know when your parrrley will actually kill a minion, if not you just wasted the chance for extra money and something else probably just got the last hit. Your ult is very dangerous, but use it sparingly because team fights can come out of no where and sometimes halfway across the map.

Thanks for reading and please comment and help me out if you like the build