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crescendo to the win <3

Last updated on November 20, 2015
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Hi guys, my name is Bjorn and i'm here to write a guide about my favorite champion of the game: Sona.

I've played Sona since season 1 and i've seen it all including her godlike status multiple times followed by nerfs and then back again to godlike status to her rework etc. I've played hundreds if not a thousand plus games with Sona and i've grown very comfortable playing her. She is a very easy champion to learn as she only has one skill shot and her other three abilities do not require much effort to aim. Make no mistake, she may be an easy champion but she definitely requires time to master and that easily separates the mediocre Sona players to the great ones.

I've played the support role ever since i've started playing league of legends(me being the last of a group of 5 friends to join and hence given the support role). I quickly learned that support is one the most difficult roles and requires a lot of thought. Over time it became intuitive and I eventually started experimenting with different builds once I had the basics down. From that, I got to this build during season 4 which I've taken time to practice and it is very fun to play.

As of now, Sona has seen a resurgence to popularity in solo queue and must of it has been attributed to her utility and other supports falling out of the meta. So the next time you consider playing Sona, check this build out for some cool ideas.

Also listen to this to get into the right mindset when playing this version of Sona

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Pros / Cons

+Easy to pick up
+Excellent harassing abilities
+High base damage
+AOE stun ult
+Not a lot of aiming required
+Has a heal/shield
+Has a AOE speed buff
+Excellent late game consistent damage output (this build)
+Can stick to targets (this build) Cons
-Takes time to master
-Needs near constant awareness of power chord charges
-Mana hungry, especially early game
-Risky harass trading with medium range Hymm of Valor
-Very squishy

-Takes time to master
-Needs near constant awareness of power chord charges
-Mana hungry, especially early game
-Risky harass trading with medium range Hymm of Valor
-Very squishy

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This is what separates the good Sona players from the bad ones. A good Sona player will know to keep the charge at 2 and know which spell effect is needed for the third cast.

Power Chord Staccato - Is activated if Hymn of Valor as the last spell casted. Deals 50% bonus damage which makes this an excellent tool in lane for harassing. Late game has high damage output due to items built.

Power Chord Dimmuendo - Is activated if Aria of Perseverance was the last spell casted. Tagging this on an enemy champion will reduce their damage output by a decent percentage that can scale with AP. Extremely useful for counter engages and extended teamfights. Also has applications early in lane for extended skirmishes.

Power Chord - Tempo - Is activated if Song of Celerity was the last spell casted. This tags the enemy with a speed debuff that slows the enemy for a sizable percentage of their movement speed and scales with AP. This ability allows for the team to chase and disengage in conjunction with Song of Celerity's aura movement speed buff. Works even better in tandem with Iceborn Gauntlets.
Non aimable nuke that hits two enemies (prioritizes champions). This is your go to skill for the early game and is what gives Sona a fearsome reputation for early game harassment. The skill is fairly spammable with this build's emphasis on CDR and by being proactive and aggressive in lane, the damage converts into money with your support item. The partner aura is fairly useful as it adds some damage to your fellow laner's auto attack which allows for good trade potential. When grouping as five or four member squads, the aura bonus amplifies your teams damage output.
Heals you and the lowest health percentage teammate. Also the heal is increased the lower the teammate's health. The skill does scale with AP and in the late game, it heals for a ton which allows for extended sieges and turns prolonged fights in your favor. The percentage based healing is also nice to have which can bait your low health teammates and turn on the enemy champion that is greedy enough to go for the kill. On top of that, your aura gives you and your nearby allies a small shield that scales with AP. In lane, this aura is great for tanking harass damage and allowing for good damage trades, in the later stages of the game, this ability functions on the same level as locket of the iron solari and can give your team a great advantage in teamfights.
Simple small aoe speed buff, like having a talisman of ascension once every 9 seconds but the speed boost isn't as fast in the beginning. Honestly doesn't seem as cool when compared to the previous two skills but it is invaluable for chasing, engaging and disengaging.
AOE stun line skillshot. It has a fairly wide range so its very easy to land on 2+ enemies with a bit of aiming and positioning. Fights will hinge on this spell because it can be used to counter an engage, start an engage, or follow up on an engage. It also can be used to catch people out of position in groups and quickly lock them down to gain a number advantage over the opponents. Aside from that, the passive of this ultimate gives buffs to each of your auras.

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As mentioned earlier, the most unique aspect of this build is the items built. As this build takes on the qualities of a mage (think Orianna), you need more gold but the utility you get out of it is exponentially greater. Also, you get to build blueeeee

The best choices for Sona if you have good positioning and a good sense of her Hymn of Valor range. Every stat synergizes with her kit and her playstyle. You get a lot of gold if you take advantage of these items. Rush Frostfang as soon as possible.
Final upgrade for the above two items, it gives you a crucial 10% CDR as well as some good AP. It also gives you a nice active AOE skillshot slow. Use it to set up your ult, use it to peel, use it to chase. Very versatile. Much Blue.
To get to 40% CDR as soon as possible, buy the boots of lucidity. Towards the end of midgame, you'll have items that give you more CDR but with boots, it's already capped out so switch out these boots for swiftness which gives better mobility and a small edge against slows. Both items are blueeeee
With Chalice getting nerfed in the preseason, I've come back to building tear (I did it all throughout season 2). In this CDR heavy build, you can consistently get to 750 stacks in 25-30 minutes. The item solves your mana issues in the mid to late game while finishing it into Seraph's allows you to get AP for your spells and the shield active which allows you to take more damage or bait yourself.
Good ol money saving item for supports. I usually buy it after tear and frostfang and I buy regular wards before Sightstone. No need to upgrade this because ruby sightstone is a waste of money. Plus it isn't blue (wink wink)
I get sheen if the tear stacking game is a bit slow or I get the item a bit later than usual. Sheen is great for adding some extra damage in the mid game and it allows you to be more than just a healing machine. I upgrade the iceborn gauntlets in the late game as stats benefit you both offensively through the AP and mana converted to AP with Seraph's and defensively with the armor bonus. The utility comes from the passive aoe on hit slow after each spell cast which is perfect for a spell spamming champion like Sona. The passive plus Power Chord Song of Celerity bonus has excellent chase/kite synergy. It's also blue :D

Last slot item choices
Get this to go FULL BLUE. Also is great against burst assassin's like Leblanc or Zed, the one true bane of squishy supports like Sona.
Another blue item, this one is more useful against health tanks like Udyr or Cho'gath that can't gap close reasonably well. The percent damage will eat away their health bar while you kite them with Song of Celerity and Iceborn Gauntlet
A nonblue item choice but very potent. It gives you a massive AP boost sending you from 300 ish AP to 500+ AP. Since all your spells scale with AP, you and your team will get a lot out of Rabadon's
A more support item that rewards certain team composition. If you have auto attack reliant champions like Tryndamere or Master Yi on your team, Ardent Censer will boost their auto attack speed. Extra CDR, AP and movement speed is also a plus for Sona
Brings Sona into the burst assassin realm instead of incremental damage mage. While Lich Bane offers more damage than Iceborn Gauntlets, it trades away the defensive stats and the crowd control on hit passive. It also means keeping Ionian boots of lucidity instead of cashing those in for boots of swiftness. I would consider buying lich bane if the entire enemy team is squishy. Otherwise, I stick with Iceborn Gauntlets which lets you peel and kite tanky champions while still offering good damage and defensive stats.
Trinket Choices
Default start. You only get one regular ward and this supplements the vision and allows you to have better coverage in lane. Switch it out after you get a sightstone for one of the two below.
If you're dominating the game, and every lane is winning. Buy this to continue snowballing and shutting down the enemy's vision while you guys take all the objectives
The blue trinket :D. Buy this when the game is relatively even and you don't want to get caught out and bursted down trying to check an important objective. Did I forget to mention that this is a blue item ;)


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