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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author starcraft232

Crit/Lifesteal Miss Fortune

starcraft232 Last updated on November 20, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Before the game starts, request mid. If you can't get mid, then request to go with someone with a disable/hard slow (Sion, Taric, Pantheon (He's a bit squishy though) Nunu, even Jax works for this.) This guide is written specifically for mid, but I'm sure it would work in lanes as well. You'd just get your stuff slower.

Start off with a Doran's shield and a health pot. This, coupled with your mana regen runes should set you up for midding until at least level 9-10. Whenever your ult is up, wait until you A) Have enough mana, and B) There is a wave of minions pushing into the lane. Even if the enemy champion is not nearby the minions, ult the wave and get the gold. Remember, this is the laning phase. Getting kills is a plus, not a must. Also, your ult's cooldown isn't that long.

If an enemy champion is in your lane, examine your situation. Ask yourself the following questions: Is the enemy champion at below 25% health? If so, double up the minion nearest to them. Is said enemy acting strangely bold for being at this low health? If so, then this is probably a gank attempt. Watch your ***, and if you are pushing a tower, back off. Is my enemy attempting to recall? Again, analyze your situation. If they are recalling in the open, this is probably a gank attempt. Back up a bit. If, and ONLY if you have warded the river bushes, Go ahead and harass them. Enemies find it exceptionally dispiriting when you repeatedly cancel their attempts to recall. If they are at 3-4 bars of health and your ult is up, make it rain on their heads and then ult them. Make sure to get a minion wave in with them, or else you're liable to having wasted quite a bit of mana and having nothing to show for it. Once you have 1850 gold, start winding things down, finish off the last minion wave being sent to you, or wait for 2200 gold, and go back.


This is where your gold quints kick in. With them and your gold mastery, you should tend to get all your items quite a bit quicker. It's basically the equivalent of an avarice blade's worth of gold production. Pick up your items and quickly move back to middle lane. If the champion in middle is MIA, call it and head to the lane that needs the most help. If there is no lane that needs your help, head back to middle and farm. Wait until you have around 800-900 gold and start making your move back to your base. Same procedure as last time.


Finish off your boots and buy a few wards with the leftover cash. Depending on how your laning is going, you should expect a gank soon from either their jungler or an uncalled MIA. If you can, Move around to the Dragon/Baron sides of the river and throw the wards into the brush from the farthest distance possible, and, if you should find there are no enemy champions in them, go ahead and go back into your lane. By now, wither your or hopefully their tower should be damaged quite a bit, and now that the areas is warded, you can start making some riskier moves. Keep in mind that wards are not a substitute for map awareness. Just Keep an eye out for any champion that may have gone missing. If you see that one has, or, more commonly, If a lane has been pushed (the first tower is down) expect a gank from that lane. If your flash is off cooldown, wait for a lull when you are only autoattacking to place your cursor behind you. If they come from behind, or if they hit you with a stun, pop it to get back to your turret. At this point, teamfights are starting and you should have gone back for at least your infinity's edge, if not your recurve bow for your last whisper. During teamfights, stay towards the back and fire on the squishiest target you can see (more often than not, this is their melee DPS or ranged DPS.) If none are available, pop your ult into the center of the fight, and watch the enemy team panic to get out of it's reach. Immediately follow this up with a double-up or two, then make it rain to either slow runners or delay chasers.


The enemy team should have wisened up and started focusing you. If not, enjoy your multitude of free kills. Remember, if you have red buff, then start gunning down their mages who will struggle to get away, often fruitlessly. Your ult should be saved for the inevitable team fights. If they start attacking you, pop ghost and run. If they keep at it, flash over the nearest wall that is in your base's direction, and run back. If they have a teemo, Don't walk through any bushes. If they're aced, pop the active on impure shots and push some towers with your tank. If the tank's dead, push a lane and take the tower with minions. Eventually, you should reach the nexus, and past that it should be the game. If it isn't watch for a come from behind victory. Never let your team get aced. The only way you lose is if your team loses as well.


I prefer them over the standard DPS quints (Flat health/Crit/Armor Pen) because they allow you get your build faster, and cause you to get quite a decent amount of gold (I've found it's equivalent to three assists every 10 minutes) even if you aren't fed. In other words, you can still be a credit to your team if you don't get many kills. Dying to the other team, on the other hand, isn't good, so try not to do it too much (I usually allow myself a limit of 2 deaths early game, mainly because you can be expected to stop chasers, and they may kill you for it.)

Otherwise, Miss Fortune is a bit like other ranged DPS heroes, except for the fact that she can easily out harass her opponents. Good luck and happy hunting.