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Teemo Build Guide by MissIreneAdler

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MissIreneAdler

Crit-Mo: Carry Hard, Outfarm Everyone

MissIreneAdler Last updated on July 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction: Why Crit-Mo?

SO many Teemo builds, yet another one pops out...but I think this one is different (I did see another similar build, but I'd say this one may be more for true damage carry), because most Teemo builds on this website tend to fall out during late games, and Teemos cannot carry during late games! ESPECIALLY against a true damage AD carry from the other team. Plus, it's really boring going against another Teemo who have a similar why not?

I've always wondered...why can't Teemo build like Miss Fortune or Vayne? Totally possible, AND it's very effective. I'm still testing out 1v1 situations against true AD carries like Vayne + Kog Maw, but so far, the results are great against Ezreal, MF, and sometimes Vayne.

This build will not only out-damage another Teemo, but it will be used to carry out the team as an effective AD carry throughout the WHOLE game.


As usual, no matter how good you are as Crit-Mo, you can't always carry your team to victory (as demonstrated by 15/6 and 3/1), just like as any other champs.

Also, compared to one of the top guides, Crit-Mo does 200.19 damage. The speed is definitely compromised, at 111.08 (the top guide Teemo does 178.5 dmg with a speed of 152.922). I'm not bagging on other Teemo guides. In fact, I think they are great as well. :D I prefer more damage though.

And sometimes, you gotta reconstruct your build because of the opposite I'll go through that in later chapters. :)

*NOTE: I have NEVER went top solo lane as Crit-Mo...but I'll give it a shot some time in the future and add more to this build.

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Pros / Cons


1. Tons of damage
2. Versatile build throughout the whole game. Other build Teemos, although great, fall out as a true AD carry. This build will not.
3. The poison will finish the job if your crit damage has not.
4. Creep Score (CS) will be beyond most teammates (I usually get around 200-300, depending on how long the games goes on for).
5. Even if your team is doing badly, you should end up with a positive score. :P


1. Super squishy
2. Gets focused through mid-game to late game (but you can definitely counter against that, usually with a GA)
3. Could be difficult against other true damage champs if your build is not ahead of theirs or if you hesitate a moment.
4. Haven't tested out top solo (WILL DO).
5. Build is very costly.
6. If the team work is poor, Crit-Mo cannot carry. The good news is, your score should be positive, with an awesome CS. YAY

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Runes & Masteries


As you noticed, I like hardcore, pure AD runes. Why?

1) Your farm will be more accurate. If you hit a minion at a bit lower than half health, you should be able to farm off them easily. I end up with usually 250-300 CS, depending on how long the games last.

2) Your starting damage would be MASSIVE against other AD champs, thus giving you an early kill or good harass. I'll explain this more in the Skill Sequence.

Of course, you don't always have to build my insane pure AD runes. I sometimes like jungle-esque runes too for Crit-Mo because it gives him health and some form of defense, while giving armor penetration.

I feel like runes should be up to you...whether it'd be movement speed, AD runes, armor pen, etc etc...but PERSONALLY, I like pure AD page.


Ignite + Flash = GREAT

Exhaust + Flash = GOOD, especially if your whole team brings ignite and flash. -_-

Heal + Flash = Mediocre, but it may save you.

Teleport + Flash = Try not to, but it's better than other Summoner Skills that are not mentioned.

Everything else sucks.

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I can't say this enough, but last hitting is crucial for Crit-Mo, especially since his build is very costly, like any other AD carries. Farm as much as you can.

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Items: Why Crit-Mo?

1.: ****, I hate it when people get more than one Doran's Blade. Please just get one, k?

2. : Get this when you go back. Get some pots and/or ward(s) if you can.

3. a) : Hopefully, you've farmed enough to get this wonderful sword. Last hits are key!
b) HOWEVER...if you don't have enough, get instead. It should give you some gold passively, while giving you some crit. >:)

4. Finish the boots. I personally like, but if you're really struggling, get other boots that may give you some armor (or magic resist .

5. Infinity's Edge: Oh yes. Gimme some crit.

6.: By now, after getting some kills and being fed, you should be able to get PD, or at least , for it will give you some speed.

7. : Just like a true AD carry, get this baby.

Now, this is where things get complicated. Other teammates will notice that you're the carry, and they will focus you like a mofo. Maybe they figured it out by now, but they will try to bring you down. This is where the following items should help you survive and keep the team fights continue.

8. NOT AN OPTION ---> : I ****ing love this item, especially when I get focused. The other team will finish me off, only to realize that I'm busy reviving. By the time they realize this, your team should be able to get some damage done. When you revive, you would quickly chase them with your fellow teammates, OR B back to your base (only if you have a Karthus and he hasn't died yet...which, by the way, he SHOULD be, ESPECIALLY if he's fed, but...anyway).

At this point, you should be selling either your boots or Avarice Blade for the following options:

9. a): WHAT?! Another one?! Are you ****ing kidding me?! No. Moar crit, moar betta. AND you get movement speed, which is INSANE. However, to make room, you might have to sell your boots, OR your Avarice Blade.

b) : Extremely good for a hardcore AP carry. Plus, you get some extra health, so why not, right?

c) : Gives you some armor, health, reduce incoming dmg, and more damage to others. Why not.

Other items like Madred's or Thornmails, I tend to stay away from. I haven't found the need to use them so far. Wit's End is good too, instead of a second Phantom Dancer, but I absolutely love the pure CRIT you'd get from two PD, so...

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Skill Sequence + How Crit-Mo Does It

1. Blind first, but this will not be the focus of your skill sequence.

2. Poison. Very crucial. Max it out as soon as you can.

3. Movement Speed. I prefer Q over W because later, if you build Phantom Dancer, you won't need W as much.

4. Obviously Shroom the whole map whenever it comes up. I find it really frustrating when Teemos don't. It's a great way to gain control of the map for your team, so do it!

How I usually start:
1. Blind them.
2. Basic attack right away. One or two hits should be enough.
3. Now, if the other champ's health bar is 4 bars, and you do Blind + hit + hit, it should be enough for you to get a instant kill after you get ANOTHER hit + ignite.
4. If not, just keep last hitting and farming as much as you can~ If your support is a tank, get him/her to initiate. If your support is a healer, you should initiate and harass as much as possible. If your bot lane partner is another AD carry...well, good luck.

By now, the opponents have realized you are the AD carry, or they are affected by global taunt of Teemo. Whatever the case is, you should be able to out-damage the enemy by the time you have your IE + PD. Blind + hit + hit + hit + hit + Blind + hit + hit, etc etc.

But be careful of when you use your Blind. Some champs may not need a blind to out damage you!

Wait, you're still in the game? What a loser! I kid. Sometimes, the game may take longer because of many reasons...but you chose to continue. GOOD FOR YOU!

Hopefully you have your GA by now, because at this point, the opponent team will focus on you...but if your teammates are helpful, they will take advantage of this moment as you are reviving, to hurt the other team. You can choose to either chase after them or go back.

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Team Work

1. Never initiate. Have you ever heard of an AD carry initiate?

2. You can definitely TAUNT or BAIT the other team. ;)

3. Don't go for the tank, go for a carry, whether it'd be a range or a melee. Basic rule, IMO.

4. Never be in the center of everyone else. just gets confusing. :/

5. Have a tanky person to get an oracle if there is another Teemo. Shroom huntin' time. :P That way, YOUR team gains control of the map.

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It's getting repetitive by now, so I'll keep it short.

Crit-Mo is basically like other AD range carries, like Caitlyn, Ezreal, Vayne, Kog Maw, Tristana, Miss Fortune, etc etc. The damage output by Crit-Mo is just as good as most AD carries, if not more.

Sometimes, you will lose the game...not because you're a noob at Crit-Mo build or you can't Teemo for ****, but rather, the team play is poor. I mean, look at my scores. -_- 15/6...! Yet still a loss. Or sometimes, the other team just has better champions with crowd control (CC). At this point, do your best, but don't be devastated if Crit-Mo doesn't win you games. Like I said, it's just like any other range AD carries; you can only carry so far...