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critical damage

Last updated on November 25, 2010
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I will start out by saying this is an expensive and slow build but if you are having a good game, not dying and your team is doing well, you will be a welcome addition late game. On with the description of my madness...

ARMOR PENETRATION marks and quints because when Trist starts out, she's really weak and to counter that, why not just pierce the armor instead of the little bit of extra damage which you won't need later.
ATTACK SPEED. This becomes a little less usefull later in the game, but early on, you could use it to help farm the minions and outgun your opponent (hopefully).
** I am thinking about tweaking this to change the Glyph runes to health **


HEAL because you're squishy like a marshmellow
IGNIGTE because extra damage and keeping them from healing is always nice. Not to mention has gottem me plenty of kills


I tend to get DORANS SHIELD and HEALTH POT at the start. Why? Because Tristana is squishy and the extra health at the start along with the healing it gives is a welcome addition. The HEALTH POT is useful for when you need that little extra health just to stay a little bit longer or save ya.

I will tend to focus on getting THREE (3) PHANTOM BLADES as quickly as possible. You are probably asking yourself why. It's because with three of them, your attack speed will be just about maxed out making your Q ability (Rapid Fire) null and void for the most part which saves you some mana which won't be that important. But what will be important is the 92 % crit chance. Even with a wimpy 100 base damage, that's 250 damage each and every hit... or nearly every hit.

Next up is WARMONG'S ARMOR. Sure you are getting it late game, but by now, you will be able to outgun everyone and if you are playing smart, you will ROCKET JUMP right on your foe, EXPLOSIVE SHOT, RAPID FIRE (just for absolute max) and then BUSTER SHOT to victory. Don't forget your IGNITE and HEAL.

Now you have 3 PHANTOM DAGGERS and a WARMONG'S ARMOR. Keep killing those minions every chance you got and those free gold minions (wolves, spectre's, golems..) to keep your health climbing

Lets get you some damage..

Work your way to ATMA'S IMPALER. With this gem, you will rocket to about 162 damage. That comes out to about 405 damage per hit ALL THE TIME. Because now you do have 100% crit chance.

Lastly pick up BLOODTHIRSTER for lifesteal