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Critical Tristana

Last updated on November 25, 2010
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This is my attempt at a build that i haven't seen and am pretty good with. It is expensive and is slow to pick up steam, but when it does, watch out. One more thing, with being squishy, play defensively and just farm the creeps until you have a golden opportunity to kill or can safely go to base and back to your lane.. which hopefully is middle.

First off you will see that I've picked HEAL and IGNITE. Yes, you can call this noobish if you'd like, but lets face it, Tristana is squishy like a marshmellow.. or most of the children in America. Heal will save you from time to time when your foe least expects it or will keep you in your lane a little longer. Ignite will help you damage your foe early on and hopefully give you a kill or two early on or at the very least force them back to base and heal.


I think this is a pretty standard build, so enough said about this.


Marks: armor penetration
Seals: attack speed
Glyphs: attack speed
Quints: armor penetration

Armor penetration because i think it's more useful overall than 16 damage at level 18
and at the start, chances are you will bypass most of your foe's armor. So that ends up being almost 49 damage per shot at the start. It's not much but you are bypassing most of that 30 base armor.
Attack speed is needed for DPS (damage per second) characters. Being squishy, you need something to keep people from wanting to attack you. Trist doesn't have a stun, shield, or cloaking ability; she has attack speed. Maximize that. Not to mention, this will help you early game.
I am thinking of changing out the glyphs for health just to help stay alive early game. But lets deal with this first.


-DORANS SHIELD - health, health regen, and a wee bit of armor. Once again you're 1/3 s'more, you need the health. The regen is nice and is useful in the long run for laning

-HEALTH POT - it's cheap and can keep you in your lane longer

-AVARICE BLADE - get as many of these as you can. This build is expensive and the quicker you can rack up the loot, the better. Not to mention, critical chance is what this build is all about. I'll try to get 4 of them leaving the one spot open for either more health pots or possibly a vision ward if needed to combat the stealthy enemies.

Now you have about a 60% chance to crit. You aren't doing much damage but 2/3 of your attacks are double damage and you are collecting 2 gold every second along with the creep kills and those free minions (wolves, spectre's, golems) unless you have a jungler. Kill these guys when you are heading back to town.

Lets work that attack speed because you are a DPS.

We will be getting three PHANTOM DAGGERS as quickly as you can. I do realize that this will just about max out attack speed and render RAPID FIRE just about useless, but that's ok. In exchange, you get 92% crit chance and 60% dodge. Almost every attack is going to land you 250 damage and you get to avoid 2/3 of their attacks. PLUS you are no longer slow. If you wanted to, you could grab some BERZERKER'S GREAVES if you wanted to just to help you move along but I never have.

Next up is armor. WARMONG'S to be precise. This serves a few purposes. You are still about as meaty as an perpetual meth-head. Lets kick the habit and get you on a high caloric diet and get you up to about 3k hp. You can now tangle with some people confidently. You have regen and health and can outgun anyone out there.

Lastly is your damage. Sure, you have seen the light and kicked your meth habit but now you want to wage war on the drug dealers that have robbed you of your teeth and dignity for so long.
-ATMA'S IMPALER - with this little gem, you will not only max out your crit chance to 100%, you will also rocket up to about 160 or so damage if memory serves correctly. But I do want to say it's a bit higher than that. Either way, you are now doing about 400 damage per hit and if you use RAPID FIRE, that's 2.5 attacks per second. Simple math: 400 x 2.5 = 1000 damage every second.

-BLOODTHIRSTER - again this will serve two ends. The first is obvious, life steal. You are clean and sober lets stay that way by going to those NA meetings. Second, increase your damage. Best way to do this is to constatly kill those pesky creeps whenever you get a chance. Don't forget those free gold minions. A kill is a kill and it all counts.

Now you can substitue a BLACK CLEAVER for BLOODTHIRSTER if you think you need a little more armor penetration because you don't find yourself in need of lifesteal. You can even get this earler on between getting your daggers if you want. I personally would rather get the dodge and speed and let the crit chance do my damage.

That's it folks.